Huawei unveils a new MateBook series powered by Windows 10

HUAWEI MateBook X in folded position with Microsoft and HUAWEI logos

HUAWEI MateBook X with Windows 10

Powered by Windows 10, these devices come built-in with Cortana* – your digital personal assistant who can help you complete tasks, set reminders, and more – as well as comprehensive protection with Windows Defender. One also has a touchscreen that allows you to do everything from marking up webpages in Microsoft Edge, to drawing in the Photos app or adding notes to your map with Windows Ink.

Let’s take a closer look at these devices:

The HUAWEI MateBook X with Windows 10 

HUAWEI MateBook X with Windows 10 in a range of colors

HUAWEI MateBook X with Windows 10 in a range of colors

The HUAWEI MateBook X is an efficient, fanless device with a stylish design, powered by Windows 10. Though compact, the HUAWEI MateBook X includes a choice of powerful 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 or i5 processors and a screen with Corning Gorilla Glass and eye comfort technology. The device also features Dolby Atmos Sound System with a speaker system co-designed with Dolby, so you can experience surround sound, as well as immersive overhead audio from built-in speakers.

The HUAWEI MateBook X leverages Huawei’s smartphone fingerprint technologies, integrating a fingerprint sensor into the power button.  Working with Windows Hello, a new feature in Windows 10, users can instantly sign into the device with their fingerprint. Even more, the device’s built-in MateBook Manager* facilitates effective connectivity between Huawei smartphones and MateBooks, while 802.11ac and 2×2 MIMO support ensures a faster and more reliable Internet signal.

The HUAWEI MateBook E with Windows 10

HUAWEI MateBook E 2-in-1 with Windows 10

HUAWEI MateBook E 2-in-1 with Windows 10

The HUAWEI MateBook E is Huawei’s next-generation 2-in-1 device: an elegant notebook with an Intel Core i5 processor, a 2K display touchscreen, and Dolby Audio Premium technology.

Available in Titanium Gray with a blue Folio Keyboard, and Champagne Gold with a brown Folio Keyboard, the HUAWEI MateBook E has a touchscreen that allows you to use Windows Ink or draw on and highlight webpages in Microsoft Edge, and a new Folio Keyboard with an adjustable angle of up to 160 degrees.

The HUAWEI MateBook E supports a superior audio experience with Dolby Audio Premium technology, and uses independent, encrypted chips for fingerprint authentication, enabling higher security and privacy. The HUAWEI MateBook E is equipped with various optional accessories, including a brand-new, multifunctional MateDock 2 and a MatePen.**

The HUAWEI MateBook D with Windows 10

HUAWEI MateBook D laptop with Windows 10 in Space Grey

HUAWEI MateBook D laptop with Windows 10 in Space Grey

The HUAWEI MateBook D is a dynamic, 16.9mm-wide notebook with a 178-degree viewing angle, made of aluminum alloy material, and available in three colors: Space Grey, Champagne Gold and Aurora Blue. It uses a full-size chiclet keyboard, and features Dolby Atmos Sound System with speakers co-designed with Dolby.

With a choice of either the 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 or i5 processors, select models of the HUAWEI MateBook D also feature NVIDIA GeForce 940MX Graphics with 2GB GDDR5 video memory for gaming. With Windows 10, the HUAWEI MateBook D is equipped with the Xbox app and Direct X12, and can take advantage of Xbox Play Anywhere. It’s also built with everything that’s new for PC gamers in the Windows 10 Creators Update, including a better gaming experience on Windows 10 with Game Mode and built-in game streaming.

The new trio of MateBooks will begin shipping over the summer of 2017.

Device pricing for Europe***:

Device Specs Price


i5/8GB/256GB SSD 1399 €
i5/8GB/512GB SSD 1599 €
i7/8GB/512GB SSD 1699 €


m3/4GB/128GB SSD 999 €
i5/4GB/256GB SSD 1199 €
i5/8GB/256GB SSD 1299 €


i5/8GB/1TB HDD/NV 940 MX 799 €
i5/8GB/128GB SSD+1TB HDD/NV 940MX 899 €
i7/8GB/128GB SSD+1TB HDD/NV 940MX 999 €

To learn more about the devices Huawei announced today, please visit

*Some functions will launch this fall
**Availability of accessories may vary according to location
***Pricing will vary across markets.

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See What’s New with Windows Ink in the Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows Ink is about transforming the way we think about computers, from a tool that is great at getting things done, to one that harnesses your personality and your emotions into the things you create. It’s about bringing back the human aspects that a mouse and keyboard (and even touch) cannot express fully, it’s about making personal computers more personal, and an extension of yourself, not just a tool. We want you to feel empowered to create from the moment you pick up the pen, and have the confidence that Windows understands you, knows what you want to do – by understanding your handwriting, your words and your expression. This is the journey we’re on.

With the Creators Update, Windows Ink is now better than ever! When used with the Surface Dial, it allows you to discover new ways to work and interact with Windows. With Windows Ink, we continue to make it possible for you to do more than with pen and paper. Applications like Photos and Maps have added incredible inking functionality in the last year, and continue to evolve and expand. With Paint 3D in the Creators Update, Windows Ink can now create 3D objects! As we evolve what Ink means to users, we’re also introducing new Smart Ink capabilities to Windows Ink. These capabilities allows developers to understand the ink that is being laid down by the user, using AI to help create, connect and complete user actions on ink. We’ve also improved and added features to the building blocks for Windows Ink, introducing new stencils and adding tilt support to create a richer drawing experience.

Devices that support the Pen on Windows have also doubled in the last year, and is on track to double again in the next year! We’re seeing high demand not just for devices, but also for applications that support ink. To make it easier to find compatible pens, Wacom has partnered with us to develop the Bamboo Ink Pen. This pen will be in market in summer and supports almost all Windows PCs that are pen-capable. It features the Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP), which is based on Surface Pen technology. In addition, we are also excited that the Surface Dial is now available in more countries, like Australia, Canada and New Zealand, giving more people an opportunity to try this incredible new input device. In addition, new hardware from our OEM partners, like the Dell Canvas 27, are shipping soon and takes advantage of the same RadialController APIs that are used for the dial. As a developer building for the Surface Dial today, it means that you are ready for all the new hardware that our OEM partners will bring to the ecosystem.

The progress we’ve made with Windows Ink would not have been possible without the feedback and passion you developers bring to us. With over a thousand inking applications in the store and growing everyday, with well over half of the top 10 paid store apps being ink apps, there is incredible enthusiasm and interest in this space. This is an incredible opportunity that you have embraced with us, and it inspires us to do more in each Windows release.

What’s new with Windows Ink platform?

Ink is the ultimate way humans can express themselves, it opens up new opportunities for application developers to differentiate, and helps make their applications stand out. From the latest fads like adult coloring books to simple games like tic-tac-toe, to applications that help you organize your life, there is just so much opportunity to build the next big thing in the inking space. We also know that people who use Windows Ink are more satisfied with their experience, what they look for, and buy more inking applications. From the platform perspective, we have 2 ways that we help developers:

  • Make it as easy and quick for a developer to add inking into their application by providing controls that can be dropped in quickly into any application and get Windows Ink support.
  • Provide the most flexible platform building blocks for developers to innovate upon. This gives you the flexibility to choose where to start developing for Windows Ink.

Introducing Smart Ink

Let’s start with a new building block that developers have access to in the Creators Update. Introducing Ink Analysis, this is the first of our family of Smart Ink capabilities that we are bringing to the platform. Smart Ink brings AI technology to not just understand what you write, but also helps connect the dots to what you may want to do. With Ink Analysis, it starts simple, with recognizing shapes and making that square you drew more perfect, but it can also do much more, like understanding you wrote words in squares and making it into an org chart using understanding about your organization. Our goal is to understand user intent and empower developers to turn it into rich digital constructs, as well as to leverage understanding from all parts of the system. Ink Analysis allows any developer to understand the ink they capture, whether it is handwriting, shapes, phone numbers, stock symbols, lists, document structure and more.  This is the same technology we debuted in Sticky Notes in the Window 10 Anniversary Update, and now it’s available for you to use! We can’t wait to see what you can do with this technology.

Here is an example of how to use Ink Analysis to recognize shapes.  For this snippet, we’ll use DirectInk to handle rendering the ink strokes.  Start by initializing an InkAnalyzer and connecting it with InkPresenter:

private void Initialize()
    inkAnalyzer = new InkAnalyzer();
    inkCanvas.InkPresenter.StrokesCollected += InkPresenter_StrokesCollected;
    inkCanvas.InkPresenter.StrokesErased += InkPresenter_StrokesErased;

// Whenever the user draws a new stroke, you copy the stroke into Ink Analyzer’s stroke collection
private void InkPresenter_StrokesCollected(InkPresenter sender, InkStrokesCollectedEventArgs args)

// When a stroke is erased in InkCanvas, remove the same stroke from Ink Analyzer's collection.
private void InkPresenter_StrokesErased(InkPresenter sender, InkStrokesErasedEventArgs args)
    foreach (var stroke in args.Strokes)

Next you want to feed strokes to the analyzer. Commonly this is done via explicit user action (e.g. the user clicks a button) or after the user has been idle for a while.


The result is a tree representation of the whole document with different kinds of nodes, such as paragraph, line, list, word, and drawing. If for instance you want to find all the shapes in the ink, you can with the code below:

IReadOnlyList<IInkAnalysisNode> drawings = inkAnalyzer.AnalysisRoot.FindNodes(InkAnalysisNodeKind.InkDrawing);
foreach (IInkAnalysisNode drawing in drawings)
    var shape = (InkAnalysisInkDrawing)drawing;
    switch (shape.DrawingKind)
        case InkAnalysisDrawingKind.Circle:
            // The user drew a circle. You can replace it with a perfect circle that goes through shape.Points.
        case InkAnalysisDrawingKind.Rectangle:
            // The user drew a rectangle. 
            // You can find the full list of supported shapes here.

If you want to learn more about Ink Analysis, you can watch the BUILD 2017 recorded video Enable Natural Pen Interaction by Using Ink Analysis to Better Understand Users’ Ink, download the Ink Analysis sample on GitHub or check out the Ink Analysis API Reference.

An improved Ink Toolbar

In the Anniversary Update we created a customizable set of inking tools, Ink Toolbar and Ink Canvas, that any developer can add to their own application with only two lines of markup.

<InkCanvas x:Name=“myInkCanvas”/>
<InkToolbar TargetInkCanvas=“{x:Bind myInkCanvas}”/>

Many of Microsoft’s first party applications have incorporated the inking tools to create engaging user experiences. For example, Photos added a calligraphy pen and the ability to draw on any photo in the gallery. Maps added a feature that lets you measure the distance of a route drawn on the map. Edge browser added inking on webpages. It has never been easier to add Windows Ink to your applications.

In the Creators Update, we continue our commitment to improving these controls! If you already use them in your applications, these improvements will benefit you with no additional work!

In response to users, the Creators Update introduces a new stencil, the protractor. This new stencil makes it easy for you to draw circles and arcs of any size. When drawing an arc, the protractor displays a readout that tells you the precise angle of the arc. You can also resize the stencil with just a pinch/zoom gesture with your fingers.

We’ve also made the ruler stencil better! Like the protractor, it now provides an angle readout that shows the ruler’s angle with the horizontal line. The ruler also snaps to 0, 45 and 90 degrees for easy access to the most common angles being used by our users.

You asked for an improve stroke preview in the Ink Toolbar, and in the Creators Update, we have it! We’re also make changes in the Ink Toolbar to work better with High Contrast themes, by automatically showing only colors that meet visibility requirements for the current user profile.

New Exciting Inking Capabilities

Today we announced the new Surface Pro and the new Surface Pen. Together they enable the next generation of inking capabilities that truly make writing digitally as natural as pen on paper. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Low latency Ink that virtually eliminates lag when you write
  • Tilt support to capture an additional dimension in digital inking
  • Ink that captures the entire spectrum of your expression with 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Effortless inking with half the activation force required to being inking

Our customers have asked us for these capabilities, and they are finally here! From a developer perspective, if you already use the Windows Ink platform, all these capabilities show up in your application automatically! There are no changes required, and you are ready for the new Surface Pro, with the new Surface Pen.

Low latency Inking is a unique addition to Windows Ink. It is the result of a close partnership between hardware and software. The Pixelsense Accelerator chip in the new Surface Pro, is the first device to run Windows Ink acceleration code natively on hardware. This is how we achieve a new milestone in inking, virtually eliminating lag between the pen tip and the ink that flows out of it, creating the most natural writing experience with Windows Ink.

Tilt is another great addition to the Inking experience. The great news is, in addition to the new Surface Pro/Pen supporting this new capability, Wacom Pens that feature tilt will also “just work”! Tilt allows Windows Ink to model natural pencil sketching that response to the tilt of the pen. This support is now built into the pencil brush on the Ink Toolbar. In the above diagrams, we demonstrate how the pencil brush can be used to shade lines (on the left) and to draw arcs of varying thickness depending on the degree of tilt (on the right).

As mentioned above, tilt integration happens automatically if you use the Ink Toolbar. However, if you are not using the Windows Ink platform to render ink, and want to build your own brush that responds to tilt, you still can! There are two properties, TiltX and TiltY (respective angle of tilt against each axis of the screen plane) which are included with pointer input messages. You can access the tilt values from the PointerPointProperties included with Pointer input events, or the POINTER_PEN_INFO struct from WM_POINTER input.

These improvements automatically show up on any application that uses the Windows Ink controls, and you can be confident that we’ll continue to evolve and improve them in each release of Windows.

What’s new with Surface Dial and RadialController?

The Surface Dial introduces a new input paradigm to computing. It was designed alongside the Windows Ink experience, allowing it to truly shine when used together with a Pen. We’ve seen many experiences built to harness the new capabilities the Surface Dial brings, and are also seeing new hardware emerging, and adopting the RadialController standard. In response to your feedback, we’ve added more capabilities to the RadialController experience in the Creators Update.

First off, are some new button events for RadialControllers. These new events, Pressed and Released, combined with existing events for rotation and screen contact, will allow you to track complex interactions such as press-and-rotate or press-and-move. The example below illustrates a simple way to capture a press-and-rotate action.

_radialController.ButtonPressed += OnButtonPressed;
_radialController.ButtonReleased += OnButtonReleased;

private void OnRotationChanged(RadialController sender,
                               RadialControllerRotationChangedEventArgs args)
    if (args.IsButtonPressed)
        /* When button is pressed, you can do modal interactions, fine-grained changes */
        /* Otherwise, do the normal rotation behavior */
private void SendHaptics(SimpleHapticsController hapticController)
    var feedbacks = hapticController.SupportedFeedback;
    foreach (SimpleHapticsControllerFeedback feedback in feedbacks)
        if (feedback.Waveform ==

You also now have access to the Haptics engine in the Surface Dial hardware. Using SimpleHapticsController—a new object that uses the HID Simple Haptics specification—you have the power to directly send feedback to the user. You can use this to customize the feel of your menu, adding a new dimension to the experience. This object is available in the arguments of all radial controller input events.

In cases where you may want to suppress the radial menu to prevent it from blocking UI, we now have new properties ActiveControllerWhenMenuIsSuppressed and IsMenuSuppressed to let you configure when the menu is available or suppressed. When a menu is suppressed, it will not appear on press-and-hold interactions for the foreground app. Your app can listen to a new event during menu suppression to give the user an indication the menu is blocked, or build an alternate experience. Here is a code sample for this functionality:

RadialControllerConfiguration config = RadialControllerConfiguration.GetForCurrentView();
config.ActiveControllerWhenMenuIsSuppressed = myController;
config.IsMenuSuppressed = true;
myController.ButtonHolding += MyController_ButtonHolding;

User input running on a UI thread can sometimes lead to performance bottlenecks. With the Creator’s Update, radial controller interactions can now be handled on an off-UI thread using RadialControllerIndependentInputSource. Below is an example on how to get additional performance using this method.

RadialController controller;
Windows.UI.Input.Core.RadialControllerIndependentInputSource independentInput;
CoreApplicationView view;
view = CoreApplication.GetCurrentView();

var workItemHandler = new WorkItemHandler((IAsyncAction) =>
    independentInput = Windows.UI.Input.Core.RadialControllerIndependentInputSource.CreateForView(view);

    controller = independentInput.Controller;

    controller.RotationResolutionInDegrees = 5;

    controller.RotationChanged += Controller_RotationChanged;
    controller.ScreenContactStarted += Controller_ScreenContactStarted;
    controller.ScreenContactContinued += Controller_ScreenContactContinued;
    controller.ScreenContactEnded += Controller_ScreenContactEnded;
    controller.ControlLost += Controller_ControlLost;
    controller.ButtonClicked += Controller_ButtonClicked;
    controller.ButtonPressed += Controller_ButtonPressed;
    controller.ButtonReleased += Controller_ButtonReleased;
    controller.ButtonHolding += Controller_ButtonHolding;
    controller.ControlAcquired += Controller_ControlAcquired;

    // Begin processing input messages as they're delivered.      
action = ThreadPool.RunAsync(workItemHandler, WorkItemPriority.High, WorkItemOptions.TimeSliced);

In addition to all the API additions above, you can now customize and easily add new menu items on the Radial Menu. Under “Wheel Settings” in the settings app, you can add application specific menu items that trigger keyboard combinations. Imagine customizing the controller to send your favorite shortcuts in Visual Studio, Photoshop or even when browsing the web!

The Surface Dial continues to excite users and developers alike, with these new enhancements, both developers and users have more control and flexibility in their experience. We invite you to join the numerous applications that have already delivered a great Surface Dial experience, like CorelDRAW, Autodesk’s SketchBook, Silicon Bender’s Sketchable and Algoriddim’s djay Pro. We can’t wait to see what you can do with this unique new form of input on Windows.

Join us in making Windows Ink better!

With Windows Ink and the Surface Dial additions in the Creators Update, we believe we’re just scratching the surface of what Windows Ink can do in people’s lives. Our commitment is to invest in areas that can help you innovate and remove all the barriers to our users using, loving and needing Windows Ink. This involves a spectrum of efforts, from the hardware we build by ourselves and with our partners, to the next SDK additions we make to power you app. As we continue this journey, we invite you to lend us your voice, your ideas and your feedback. Help us help you make the next great application and help us help you change the world. Tweet your ideas using #WindowsInk, email us at or tweet us at @WindowsInk. We would love to hear from all of you.

Thank you!

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Announcing Windows 10 China Government Edition and the new Surface Pro

Today in Shanghai, China we announced that with strong support of CETC and Microsoft, CMIT, our joint venture has now developed Windows 10 China Government Edition for China government customers and Lenovo will be one of the first OEM partners to preinstall Windows 10 China Government Edition; introduced the most versatile laptop—the new Surface Pro—with up to 13.5 hours of battery life; revealed the new Surface Pen, twice as accurate as the previous version with more fluid writing, drawing, and tilt; celebrated the launch of Microsoft HoloLens in China; and shared that Project Scorpio will launch in China later this year.

It is an honor and privilege today to be in China—the center place of some of the world’s most life-changing inventions like paper, the abacus, and the world’s first movable type printing press. These inventions have empowered each of us to be more creative and productive.

The Windows ecosystem is thriving around the world thanks to the many contributions from teams in China–silicon engineers, systems engineers, software developers, so many other technology partners.  Every day our Chinese partners Lenovo, Xiaomi, and Huawei are building new devices and experiences that light up Windows 10 for our customers.  Together, we’re inspiring a generation of creators to do more, create more, be more productive, and have more fun.

Today, we made several Windows 10, Surface, HoloLens, and Xbox announcements to empower the creator in each of us.

Windows 10 China Government Edition

Windows 10 China Government Edition

For more than two decades, Microsoft has had the distinct honor to work in China, learning and advancing technology together. Over the last two years, we have earnestly cooperated with the Chinese government on the security review of Windows 10. The Chinese government has the highest standards for security. The tools they choose to use for productivity and creativity must meet the highest levels of quality.

Today on stage I was honored to welcome Ms. Beth Xu, CEO of CMIT—the joint venture between Microsoft and CETC—to share that CMIT has developed a version of Windows 10 specifically for the Chinese government and state-owned entities.

Three government customers are the first to pilot Windows 10 China Government Edition – at the national level with China Customs, at the regional level with the City of Shanghai (EITC), and the state-owned enterprise with Westone Information Technology.

The Windows 10 China Government Edition is based on Windows 10 Enterprise Edition, which already includes many of the security, identity, deployment, and manageability features governments and enterprises need.  The China Government Edition will use these manageability features to remove features that are not needed by Chinese government employees like OneDrive, to manage all telemetry and updates, and to enable the government to use its own encryption algorithms within its computer systems.

We also announced that Lenovo will be one of the first OEM partners to preinstall Windows 10 China Government Edition on new devices.

It’s an honor to have this partnership with the China government, CETC, CMIT, and Lenovo.

Windows 10 is the most secure version of Windows ever, and we’re humbled that governments around the world like the U.S. Department of Defense, the Australian Health Department, and the Italian Ministry of Defense are choosing Windows 10 for their security, and now the Chinese government has a version of Windows created specifically for it.  We are committed to work tirelessly to meet their needs.

Introducing the new Surface Pro—the most versatile laptop

The new Surface Pro

Surface has always been about empowering people to be more creative, collaborative, and productive. We were inspired to create the 2:1 category with Surface Pro 3, to redefine the ultimate laptop with Surface Book, to transform the desktop into a digital canvass with the Surface Studio, and to deliver the perfect balance of portability, performance, and elegance with Surface Laptop.

Today, we unveiled the next generation of the iconic Surface Pro line. The new Surface Pro delivers up to 13.5 hours of battery life—50% more battery life than the Surface Pro 4 and 35% more than an iPad Pro. It’s more than 2.5 times faster than Surface Pro 3.

Surface Pro is not only a powerhouse laptop, but also a mobile creative studio with a vibrant 12.3” PixelSense touch display that supports the Surface Dial and the new Surface Pen – the fastest pen ever. Twice as accurate as the previous version, the new Surface Pen when coupled with the new Surface Pro, sets the industry standard for faster, more fluid writing and drawing.

We are making the creative power of the new Surface Pen available in the world’s most powerful productivity suite: Microsoft Office. Today, we showed off new inking features in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that include a customizable gallery of your favorite pens, pencils, and highlighters that roams with you as a personalized setting across Office apps and devices, along with support for tilt and shading with the new Surface Pen.

These capabilities will begin to release to Office 365 subscribers in June, including the more than 100 million monthly active commercial users and 26 million consumer subscribers. Additional inking experiences will continue to roll out in the future, including the new Microsoft Whiteboard app, which offers a limitless canvas for creativity and collaboration with simultaneous inking between multiple people across the world. With Microsoft Whiteboard, people will be able to collaborate on ideas and projects across an expanded set of ink-enabled Windows 10 devices later this year, with exclusive capabilities for Office 365 subscribers.

The new Surface Pen

Starting at $799 USD, the new Surface Pro allows people to customize their experience with an array of color-on-color options for the new Surface Pro Signature Type Cover, the new Surface Pen, and the Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse.

The new Surface Pro will launch on June 15, 2017, in 25 markets. Pre-orders for the new Surface Pro and Surface Pro Signature Type Cover begins later today in select markets at Microsoft Store,,, and where available. The new Surface Pen will be available in the coming weeks.

Surface Studio is coming to 12 new markets. Preorders for Surface Studio and Surface Laptop begin today in China and start shipping on June 15. To celebrate the launch of Surface in China, one of our important consumer partners,, will run a Microsoft Super Surface Day on their website and mobile app on May 24 in China. and Microsoft Surface will also be featured in New York’s iconic Times Square.

HoloLens launches in China today

HoloLens is now shipping to developers in China

At Microsoft, we want to empower creators to break down the barriers between physical and virtual worlds.  That’s why we built Windows 10 to be the most complete platform across the broadest range of mixed reality devices and experiences.

In December at WinHec in Shenzen, China we announced that HoloLens—the world’s first untethered holographic computer with endless possibilities to unleash people’s creativity—was submitted for government approval in China.

Today, I had the pleasure of announcing that HoloLens is now shipping to developers in China.

Since 2016, over 22,000 developers have imagined over 70,000 transformative concepts on Hololens, leading to over five million hours where people were immersed in holographic experiences.  On behalf of the Windows Mixed Reality team at Microsoft, I want to welcome China developers to the family. I can’t wait to see the wave of new creativity you will unleash.

Project Scorpio coming to China later this year

Project Scorpio, the most powerful console ever, will be available this year for Xbox fans in China.

We were honored to be the first company to bring a next-generation game console to China in 2014 with the launch of Xbox One. Today we announced that Project Scorpio, the most powerful console ever, will be available this year for Xbox fans in China.

Games perform better on Project Scorpio. With 40 percent more power than any other console and True 4K gaming, we can’t wait for fans in China to get their hands on it later this year.

I’m also excited to announce that we’re bringing the next season of the Forza Racing Championship, the most inclusive racing competition in gaming, to ChinaJoy in Shanghai this summer. Forza is the highest acclaimed, best-selling racing franchise of this generation, and has been a fan favorite since launching in China.

And finally, I’m happy to share that NetEase—our partner bringing Minecraft to China—will offer two more betas in July on the way to a beautiful Windows 10 and Xbox One experience.

With Windows 10, Surface, HoloLens, and gaming we want to inspire a new generation of creativity everywhere in the world.  I can’t wait to see what you will create next.



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Meet the new Surface Pro

The Surface team never stops growing and learning. We listen to our customers, asking them what will help them better create and be more productive. Their input guides us to discover and build new ways to streamline and enhance creative processes – helping people use one device instead of two, eliminating the need for pen and paper, removing barriers so their ideas can flow freely.

We know that customers love the flexibility and versatility of the Surface Pro. In fact, Surface Pro 4 users are more likely to recommend their device than iPad and MacBook users.** But we’re not complacent – we know in order to live up to the expectations of our customers, we must continue to improve and better deliver on our promise on performance, mobility, and versatility – while improving what people already love about the iconic Surface Pro line.

And I think you’ll be very excited to meet the newest member of the family – the new Surface Pro:

Meet Surface Pro

The new Surface Pro is gorgeous. The design, the clean lines and curved edges are beautiful to see and touch. Surface Pro continues the iconic look and feel of previous Surface Pros, but has been completely redesigned from the inside out. We’ve optimized every millimeter, with over 800 new custom parts and used 99% of the space inside the device – to give people exactly what they need to work and create anytime, anywhere.

You can leave your charger at home because Surface Pro is packed with up to 13.5 hours of battery life.*** That’s 50% more than Surface Pro 4 and 35% more battery life than an iPad Pro. From home to work and back again, Surface Pro is there for you. This is a powerhouse laptop with 2.5 times more computing performance than the Surface Pro 3 and 1.7 times the compute of iPad Pro. The improved Surface Pro hinge has a full 165-degree range of motion, letting you immerse yourself in “Studio Mode”, an angle inspired by the Surface Studio, perfect for writing, sketching, and drawing on the go.

The new Surface Pro

The new Surface Pro is our lightest Surface Pro ever, starting at just 1.7lbs and 8.5mm thin. It’s lighter than the bag that you carry it in.

With a powerful 7th generation Intel Core processor it can handle almost anything you throw at it, but even with all that power, you can be as inconspicuous as you want with Surface Pro, it’s the quietest Surface yet, with no fan on the Core™ m3 and the i5 devices. In fact, this is the first i5 ever with fan-less architecture. And at an unprecedented 18dB, even the core i7 can’t be heard. So, if you’re working at home, you don’t have to worry about your family getting disturbed by the noise of a fan while they’re trying to watch a movie.

Surface Pro is not only softer acoustically, it’s also visually softer. Our cameras are designed to fade into the bezel giving Surface Pro an inviting, sleek, and streamlined look.

Surface Pro’s high-resolution 12.3” PixelSense™ Display with 267ppi and 3:2 aspect ratio went further this time. Surface Pro’s PixelSense Display has an impressive 50% more pixels than a 12” MacBook. We developed custom silicon, the PixelSense™ Accelerator, to really enhance color. Your colors will be more vibrant, precise, and impactful than ever before, and just like with Studio, we’ve provided a color-switcher, so you can go from SRGB to enhanced color in seconds.

The advancements in battery life, performance, pen and ink aren’t the end. We wanted to ensure Surface Pro was a transformative device – so we also have added LTE Advanced, available in units shipping later this year. This combination of performance, battery, sleek design and LTE has never been done before in this light and thin of a package. Now people can work, study, and collaborate online, from anywhere.

Tools that help you create and be more productive

At Surface, we believe that creativity fuels productivity, so we build devices and accessories designed to help you bring your ideas to life and put them into action.

Not only does Surface Pro work with on-screen Surface Dial, it was also designed with the new Surface Pen, our most natural and responsive pen yet, with over 4096 pressure points, only 21 milliseconds of latency and new tilt functionality. It gives people, from artists to mobile professionals, a more fluid and real-to-life inking experience.  Over two times more accurate, with four times more pressure sensitivity than the original Surface Pen, we engineered Surface Pen to be the fastest pen ever*****.  And with the lowest parallax in the industry, we bring your ink and your content closer to your fingertips.

When all combined with our PixelSense Accelerator, the writing experience feels like writing on paper, picking up every expression of the pen and reacting to the subtlest of artistic movements. Artists can paint on Surface and feel like they are painting on parchment, as Surface Pen has almost no latency and gives you the ability to do tilt and shading on Surface Pro. For those at work, you will feel like you are taking notes in your Moleskin notebook with your favorite pen.

Never has there been a digital pen like this one. We couldn’t be more excited for Surface fans to use it, and to help you coordinate your personal look, Surface Pen is available in Platinum, Burgundy, Cobalt Blue and Black.

This device ships with the latest Creators Update from Windows, so you can take advantage of the new 3D and inking tools available in the update while businesses can easily run the programs they need including the full Microsoft Office suite and legacy desktop software.

The new Surface Pen and Office transform the inking experience

The new Surface Pen is only as good as the software behind it, which is why we’ve worked with Office to create new inking features that take full advantage of the hardware technology within Surface Pro and Surface Pen. These include customizable pen tips that roam with you across all your Office 365 apps, regardless of device, and amazing support for tilt and shading across all Office 365 apps.

We’re also excited to announce a new app, Microsoft Whiteboard on Surface, which enables simultaneous collaboration and live multi-device inking across the family of Surface devices. It’s a magical experience that you have to see to believe – it will change the way you collaborate at work and with family and friends.

This is just the beginning of the integration you see between Surface and Office moving forward as we look at more ways to make Surface fans more productive and help enable them to work the way they want. Read more about our partnership with Office in Kirk’s blog here.

The best Surface Pro keyboard. Ever.

With the new Signature Type Covers, you get the best Surface Pro keyboard ever, delivering a high-quality scissor mechanism to provide you a consistent and stable typing experience, with 1.3 mm of key travel for faster and more accurate typing. Typing on the new Signature Pro Type Covers is easier, more, comfortable, more accurate, better sounding, and easier to do without looking than the MacBook and iPad Pro.

Luxurious Alcantara® material covers the new type covers. The improved keyset for a laptop-class typing experience and enhances the natural allure and warmth of Surface Pro. The soft touch feel helping you immerse yourself in your work.

The new Signature Type Cover is available in three rich tone-on-tone colors to match your personal style: Platinum, Burgundy, Cobalt Blue. The Alcantara® fabric is treated with a high-performance polyurethane coating to resist spills, which means the fabric is not only soft and inviting, but also easy to care for.

Finally, we know there is a time for creating on the go and there is a time when you need to be back at home base. Using Surface Dock, you can easily turn Surface Pro into a full desktop workstation with up to two 4K monitors and four additional USB ports.

Surface Pro and Surface Pro Signature Type Cover are available for pre-order today and will ship on June 15th worldwide; Surface Pen will be available in the coming weeks****. Surface Pro starts at $799.99 USD.

*Comparison of Surface Pro (excluding Type Cover) vs. 12” and 13” laptops and 2-in-1 (excluding keyboards).
**Customer Usage & Satisfaction Program, Study of device users weighted across seven countries by internet population (US/UK/DE/FR/CH/JP/AU), conducted by IPSOS, recruited through online panel vendors, commissioned by Microsoft, 74764 participants (1708 Surface Pro 4 users, 1000+ of all Apple devices), collected Oct 2016-Mar 2017, Measuring top 2 box (4/5) of a 5 point scale from not at all likely to extremely likely, significant at a 90% confidence level.
***Up to 13.5 hours for video playback. Testing conducted by Microsoft in April 2017 using preproduction Intel Core i5, 256GB, 8 GB RAM device. Testing consisted of full battery discharge during video playback. All settings were default except: Wi-Fi was associated with a network and Auto-Brightness disabled. Battery life varies significantly with settings, usage, and other factors.
****The new Surface Pro will launch on June 15, 2017, in 25 markets including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Span, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, the UK and the US. Pre-orders for the new Surface Pro and Surface Pro Signature Type Covers begin today in select markets at Microsoft Store,,, and where available. The new Surface Pen will be available in the coming weeks.
*****When compared to other Windows, iOS, and Android implementations

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Windows 10 Tip: Watch a video while using another app with mini view

Did you know that, with the new mini view feature in the Windows 10 Creators Update, you can now keep an ever-present small window on top of what you’re doing?

With the Windows 10 Creators Update, watch a video while using another app with mini view

This means you can do things like watch your favorite show, carry on a Skype conversation or control your music, regardless of what else you’re working on. Go ahead, have your movies keep you company while you’re cranking through the PowerPoint presentation.

Here’s how it works:

Launch the Movies & TV app and click a movie, trailer, or TV show to start playing it. Click the “Play in mini view” button in the bottom right-hand corner, and the “Leave mini view” button when you want to exit.

The mini view will stay on top of any other windows you have open. You can click and drag to move it around your screen, or click a corner and drag to resize the window.

Have a great week!

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Earn more money by moving to the latest advertising libraries

Make sure your apps are updated to use the latest versions of the Microsoft Advertising SDK.

The latest advertising SDK versions, which are MRAID 1.0 compliant, support richer creatives experiences. These SDK versions can also send user signals such as advertiser ID, age, gender, geo and other behavioral signals to advertisers (subject to user’s privacy preferences). This enables advertisers to identify the same user across different apps and websites, and as a result can target them better.

Advertisers today seek these capabilities and are willing to spend more money on ad inventory that supports them, so this will translate into higher revenue for you.

The latest Advertising SDK versions for UWP apps also support new ad formats like Interstitial Banner, Native Ads and Playable Ads, which deliver higher eCPMs and can drive up your revenue even further!

Also, Microsoft recently removed support for older advertising SDK releases that do not support a minimum set of capabilities, including the ability to serve HTML5 rich media via the Mobile Rich-media Ad Interface Definitions (MRAID) 1.0 specification from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

For more information on how to upgrade your apps to the latest advertising libraries, please refer to this article.

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HP reveals new Windows 10 devices built for creativity at Cannes Film Festival

Today, at the Cannes Film Festival, HP Inc. revealed the new premium portfolio of Spectre x2, ENVY x360, and ENVY laptops powered by Windows 10, designed to deliver the performance, design, and innovation that empower today’s generation of digital creators. Each of these new PCs ships with the Windows 10 Creators Update.

Powered by Windows 10, these devices have all the features you need to be productive wherever you are – including Windows Hello for logging in quickly and easily, Microsoft Edge for fast and secure browsing, your digital personal assistant Cortana,* comprehensive protection with Windows Defender and more.

The Spectre x2 is HP’s first luxury detachable designed for Windows Ink, and includes a precise pen curated by the artist community to bring digital creations into the world in unique, new ways. The new ENVY x360 and ENVY laptops bring extraordinary performance in every millimeter, empowering users to change how they work, live, create, and play without compromising style or function.

Let’s take a look at these devices:

HP Spectre x2 with Windows 10

  • 13MP rear camera, 5MP WDR wide-view front camera and an IR camera for logging in quickly and securely with Windows Hello
  • Its exceptionally durable kickstand is designed to stand up to everyday use and has the ability to function flat up to 165° degrees, optimized for using Windows Ink and able to adjust to any lifestyle
  • A CNC-machined aluminum chassis with an aluminum over plastic soft-covered keyboard and dark ash silver coloring with a copper kickstand to achieve more precision in each curve and contour for a refined design
  • A full-sized keyboard with 1.5mm key travel and glass trackpad
  • A brilliant 12.3” diagonal 3K2K (3000×2000) display with 6 million pixels
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life and HP Fast Charge technology, allowing you to go from 0% battery life to 50% on a 30-minute charge
  • Pricing and Availability: The HP Spectre x2 is planned to be available in June at, starting at $999.99 and at Best Buy – see for pricing.

HP ENVY 13 and ENVY 17 with Windows 10

  • A durable metal chassis offered in natural silver and silk gold alongside a sleek angular lift hinge allows for the fan to easily circulate air while making it a more comfortable typing experience, combining form and function.
  • Offered with a UHD display providing over 8 million pixels, quad speakers and an HD WDR camera with wide viewing angels, creating and entertaining is a seamless transition.
  • The optional HP Secure Pad with embedded fingerprint reader enabling Windows Hello allows you to login securely and easily
  • Bringing the ability to multitask with ease via the latest Intel Core-i3, Core-i5 and Core-i7 processors, while optional dedicated graphics from NVIDIA means better resolution, response rates, and colors in the display for those editing photo or video.
  • Pricing and Availability: The HP ENVY 13 is planned to be available in June at, starting at $1,049.99. The HP ENVY 17 Laptop is available at, starting at $999.99 and at Best Buy – see for pricing.

HP ENVY x360 with Windows 10

  • A micro-edge display, unibody aluminum chassis and fluid geared hinge provide quality and durability in any mode or any color – offered with Dark Ash Silver and Natural Silver.
  • Windows Ink combined with a high precision N-tig stylus makes it easy to take notes, markup webpages in Microsoft Edgedraw in the Photos app or add notes to your maps seamlessly, while the UHD IPS display option gives over 8 million pixels for watching videos or detailed editing.
  • The latest Intel Core-i5 and Core i-7 and AMD A9, A12 and FX processors, with the ability to configure with up 16GB of DDR4 memory
  • Pricing and Availability: The HP ENVY x360 15 is planned to be available in June at, starting at $899.99 and at Best Buy – see for pricing.

For more information on the HP Spectre x2, HP ENVY x360 or ENVY Laptops, along with datasheets and images, visit the Online Press Kit. For more information about other HP news at Cannes Film Festival, visit

*Cortana available in select markets.

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