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March 2018 Windows security update – Expanding our efforts to protect customers

Earlier this month I shared news on Microsoft’s continuing efforts to help protect our customers against the Spectre and Meltdown hardware-based vulnerabilities. Today, we are announcing the expansion of devices covered by Windows security updates by removing the anti-virus compatibility check for Windows 10 devices, expanding the availability of Intel microcode updates in the Microsoft Catalog, and adding coverage for x86 editions of Windows 71 and Windows 8.1.
Expanding availability of Windows security updates based on broad anti-virus compatibility
Our recent work with our anti-virus (AV) partners on compatibility with Windows updates has now reached a sustained level of broad ecosystem compatibility. As we’ve previously detailed, some AV products had created compatibility issues with the Windows security updates, by making unsupported calls into the kernel memory, which required us to make AV compatibility checks to manage this risk. Based on our analysis of available data, we are now lifting the AV compatibility check for the March Windows security updates for supported Windows 10 devices via Windows Update. This change will expand the breadth of Windows 10 devices offered cumulative Windows security updates, including software protections for Spectre and Meltdown. We continue to require that AV software is compatible and in cases where there are known issues of AV driver compatibility, we will block those devices from receiving Windows updates to avoid any issues. I’ll share more details in the weeks ahead on AV compatibility for older versions of Windows, as we further our goal of broad ecosystem compatibility. We recommend customers check with their AV provider on compatibility of their installed AV software product.
Expanding the coverage of needed updates to address Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities
Today, we are also significantly expanding the Intel validated microcode updates we are making available via the Microsoft Catalog. The expanded set of Intel microcode updates covers a broad set of the latest generation Intel platforms including Skylake, Kaby Lake, and Coffee Lake devices, and is available for Windows 10 version 1709. We will continue to broaden the number of Intel microcode updates available via the catalog as they become available to Microsoft from Intel. A full list of available Intel microcode updates by Window 10 version can be found in KB4093836. We continue to partner closely with chipset and device makers as they offer more vulnerability mitigations2.
We are also adding to the breadth of Windows updates to help protect against these vulnerabilities. Today, we are adding software coverage for the Meltdown vulnerability for x86 editions of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 and we continue to work to provide updates for additional supported versions of Windows. You can find more information and a table of updated Windows editions in our Windows customer guidance article.
Staying up to date
As always, we emphasize the importance of installing the latest Windows updates when prompted on your device, so you are on the most secure version of Windows 10, which is version 1709 (Fall Creators Update). As a reminder, Windows 10 version 1607 (Anniversary Update) will reach end of service and receive its final security update on April 10, 2018. If you see a reminder that the latest version is ready to install, we recommend you follow the steps to pick a time that works best for you or update immediately. If you have not received an update offer on an older version of Windows 10, you can always choose to install the Fall Creators Update from the Software Download Site. Servicing timelines for each version of Windows 10 are shared on the Windows Lifecycle Fact Sheet.
1 Windows 7 version SP12 Customers should check with their CPU (chipset) and device manufacturers on availability of applicable firmware security updates for their specific device, including Intel’s Microcode Revision Guidance.  

Windows 10 Tip: Clear your workspace in two simple steps

To close out all the windows besides the one you’re working on, select and hold any open window, then give your mouse a back-and-forth shake. All the other open apps will automatically minimize to clear your workspace.

You can also clear up a messy desktop quickly. Press and hold (or right-click) on the desktop, select View, and then clear Show desktop icons. To see them again, re-select Show desktop icons.
In case you missed it, check out three ways you can personalize your desktop with fun themes and colors!

Windows 10 in S Mode coming soon to all editions of Windows 10

Some of you may have seen a discussion around our plans for Windows 10 S on Twitter today, and given some additional questions I’ve received, I thought it might be helpful to share more about our plans with Windows 10 S.
Last year we introduced Windows 10 S – an effort to provide a Windows experience that delivers predictable performance and quality through Microsoft-verified apps via the Microsoft Store. This configuration was offered initially as part of the Surface Laptop and has been adopted by our customers and partners for its performance and reliability.
Since that time, we’ve received great feedback from customers and partners on Windows 10 S. Customers love the security, faster boot time, better battery life and consistent performance over time. Our partners have brought to market more than 20 devices with Windows 10 S enabled. We have also heard feedback that the naming was a bit confusing for both customers and partners.
Based on that feedback, we are simplifying the experience for our customers. Starting with the next update to Windows 10, coming soon, customers can choose to buy a new Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro PC with S mode enabled, and commercial customers will be able to deploy Windows 10 Enterprise with S mode enabled.
We expect the majority of customers to enjoy the benefits of Windows 10 in S mode. If a customer does want to switch out of S mode, they will be able to do so at no charge, regardless of edition. We expect to see new Windows 10 devices ship with S mode, available from our partners in the coming months, so check back here for updates.
We hope this new approach will simplify and make it possible for more customers to start using Windows in S mode: a familiar, productive Windows experience that is streamlined for security and performance across all our editions.

State of Decay 2 releasing May 22 on Windows 10 and Xbox One — Pre-orders start today

State of Decay 2’s Standard Edition will be available for $29.99 and fans can also purchase State of Decay 2: Ultimate Edition for $49.99. State of Decay 2: Ultimate Edition includes 4 days early access beginning May 18, along with two add-on packs: “Independence Pack” and “Daybreak Pack” (available at a later release date) on both Xbox One and Windows 10. Gamers who pre-order between now and May 21 will also receive some exclusive in game pre-order items.
State of Decay 2 is the ultimate zombie survival fantasy, where it’s up to you to decide how to survive in an open, post-apocalyptic world. Featuring unique survivor characters with their own backstories and motivations, expanded options to manage your community and develop your base. In addition, State of Decay 2 features one of the most requested features from the community: cross-platform co-op, where you and up to three of your friends can survive together on Xbox One or Windows 10.
Pre-order the Standard Edition for $29.99 and Ultimate Edition for $49.99 today!

State of Decay 2 can be pre-ordered starting today at your favorite retailer’s site or at the Microsoft Store through the following links: Standard Edition and Ultimate Edition. Starting this week, fans can check out exclusive first reveals of State of Decay 2 on IGN throughout the month of March here, and stay tuned to Xbox Wire and Major Nelson for all the latest State of Decay 2 news!

Windows Insiders get first look at new privacy screen settings layout coming to Windows 10

Today, our Windows Insiders will get the first look at the new privacy set up experience coming to Windows 10 this spring, and we’re excited to hear what they think. Windows Insiders are among the first people to experience the new ideas and concepts we’re building in the next version of Windows 10. In return, we get to hear what they think, to help us make Windows the best it can be for our customers.
This spring, Microsoft will release an update to Windows 10 that will include changes to the setup experience for privacy settings. This new design conveys focused information to help our customers make focused choices about their privacy and offers two new settings for Inking & Typing and Find my device.
For our Windows Insiders who install today’s build, they’ll be able to experience this new set up for the first time. Not everyone will experience the same setup, however. For example, some will review their settings through a single screen set up where selections such as ‘Find My Device’ and’ Inking & typing’ are independent selections.
New single screen set up layout.
Others will receive seven individual screens, each dedicated to a single privacy setting with the recommended Microsoft selection for the best Windows 10 experience distinguished by a dotted line. They will need to select a choice and then click accept to move to the next screen.
In this example, Find My Device is shown on its own screen during set up. Microsoft recommends selecting Yes, depicted by the dotted line box, to allow us to use the device’s location data to help the customer find the device if it’s lost.
New single screen for ‘Find my device’.
These customers will also now be given a separate screen to enable improved inking and typing recognition. By enabling improved inking and typing, customers help us improve suggestion capabilities of applications and services running on Windows such as handwriting recognition, autocompletion, next word prediction and spelling correction in the many languages used by Windows customers.
Enabling improve inking & typing recognition allows for improved text suggestions.
By offering multiple experiences to our Insiders, we’re able to hear multiple points of view, along with preferences on the best set up experience that showcases privacy set up choices. We’re excited about the new Windows 10 update coming this spring that will deliver these new privacy set up experiences. All customers can review and update their privacy settings at any time in Start > Settings > Privacy.
Windows offers previews to people who sign up for our Windows Insider program so they can provide us feedback while the product is still in development. By better understanding how they use Windows 10, and listening to their feedback, they help us build better products that more people and organizations will enjoy.
If you’d like to join our Windows Insider Program and provide us feedback, you can find out more information and join at


Graphics-wise, the Windows Edition includes many of the latest cutting-edge technologies, allowing for gameplay with an even more beautiful picture quality than Xbox One. With HDR support, the image quality can be output at 4K resolution and a maximum framerate of up to 120 FPS (Frames Per Second).
Windows Edition includes integrated Nvidia Gameworks technology, adding incredibly high-quality graphic expressions to various parts of the game, as well as support for Windows Sonic so you can experience more immersive audio with the flip of a switch.
The other striking thing about the Windows Edition is that the game features have been expanded to meet the needs of PC gamers, including first-person view, mouse and keyboard controls and customization support for PC gamers, as well as support for 21:9 wide-screen display support, cloud-sharing and more.
To read more about the magic of FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION , as well as the challenges the team overcame in its development, head over to Xbox Wire!

More K-12 schools in the US are choosing affordable Windows devices, according to Futuresource

We believe that every student deserves an education that unlocks their limitless potential. This is why Microsoft is committed to helping schools make the most of their budgets with affordable, easy to manage devices that are safe and secure, and equipped with Microsoft365 Education software that helps deliver better learning outcomes and saves teachers time. These Windows 10 devices are available at competitive prices and don’t force schools to compromise on features that will help students learn. With devices optimized for education, students can get access to cutting-edge tools like touch, inking, and 3D as well as free accessibility technology like Learning Tools, which in a recent study has shown to improve reading comprehension.
Futuresource report reveals growth for Windows share in K-12 education
Today, Futuresource released their quarterly market report for Q4, revealing Windows share grew an additional 6.5 points year-over-year in US K-12 education for devices under $300, marking the highest share in four years in this price category.
Recent announcements illustrate our continued commitment to deliver devices and experiences that are affordable to schools. For example, in January at Bett in London we expanded our device and learning experience offerings with the introduction of new Windows 10 devices starting at just $189, building on our education device portfolio with new 2-in-1s under $300 and notebooks under $200. To make it easier for schools of all sizes to access Microsoft Education, earlier this year we also announced lifetime device licenses at just $30 per Windows laptop or 2-in-1, with qualified purchases eligible to receive free Professional Development led by certified Microsoft training partners.
The power of teachers with the right technology
I continue to be inspired by the educators using technology to empower their students in the classroom. We know the impact that personalized tools can have in helping students of all abilities improve critical skills like reading and language while ensuring that every student can contribute their voice in a truly inclusive classroom. Learning Tools improves reading, writing, and comprehension for all students and levels the playing field for the one in five students who have a learning difference.
Most recently, we captured this story from a teacher at the City of Westminster College in London, who is using technology to better communicate with students who have hearing impairments.

For educator Esam Baboukhanas, the question he needed to answer was: how do you make sure everyone can use their voice, especially when they don’t speak aloud? His student, Kabir, has a hearing impairment and is accompanied by a sign language interpreter in classes. Yet neither Baboukhan nor most of his students are versed in British Sign Language (BSL), so communicating with Kabir had always meant relying on his interpreter.
“The way I teach needs to take into consideration everyone’s needs in my class, including Kabir’s,” says Baboukhan. Baboukhan looked for a technology tool that could help bridge this communication gap. As soon as he introduced Windows and Microsoft Teams into the classroom, Baboukhan knew he’d found the right tool to help all students collaborate more effectively.
This is just one example of the positive impact technology can have on learning for both teachers and students.
More schools choosing Microsoft as their technology partner
The leaders, creators, and innovators of the future are sitting in today’s classrooms, and technology is changing the way these students work, communicate, create, and learn. At Microsoft, we are working hard every day to give educators the tools they need to unlock limitless learning for all students so they can achieve their wildest ambitions in life. With the extensive growth of our product portfolio in the past year, we’re proud and humbled to see more and more schools choosing Microsoft as their technology partner. Here are a few recent milestones:
Every month, more than one million new Windows 10 devices are being used by students in K-12 and higher education.
OneNote has grown more than 75 percent in the last year, and more than 18 million new student notebooks have been created in OneNote since the start of the school year.
Microsoft Learning Tools usage is growing at an incredible rate with more than 10 million monthly active users across Word, OneNote, Outlook, Microsoft Edge, and Office Lens2 and is supported in more than 30 languages. Learning Tools has been shown to increase reading speed and comprehension for students of all abilities, leading to test scores that are 10 percent higher than students who did not use Learning Tools.
Our greatest goal is to empower students to reach their full potential and we will continue to work hard to deliver innovative technology for students and educators around the world to unlock limitless learning with Microsoft Education.

More K-12 schools in the US are choosing affordable Windows devices, according to Futuresource
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Healthcare is getting safer, smarter and more secure with HP’s new lineup of Windows 10 devices

The new HP Healthcare Edition portfolio announced at HIMSS is powered by Windows 10 and includes an ultra-slim notebook, All-in-One (AiO), and premium clinical review display, all built to address the unique needs of healthcare providers: enhanced patient safety, streamlined workflows, and robust data security features.
The HP Healthcare Edition portfolio is safer to use in patient rooms by being built with special coatings and specific materials designed to resist deterioration from harsh germicidal wipes, making them easy to clean and disinfect after every shift, every day.
The portfolio is also tested to meet stringent EN/IEC 60601-1-2:2015 standards which define electrical safety conditions for medical equipment. Meeting these standards mean the devices are not oversensitive to radio frequency interference, nor will it produce electromagnetic emissions that interfere with other medical equipment and systems. These devices also deliver an optimal, collaborative telemedicine experience with Vidyo Ready and Skype for Business capabilities for superior video calls and conferencing, as well as built-in BIOS-level protection and robust, optional multi-factor authentication features to provide maximum device and data protection to comply more easily with HIPAA requirements.
Powered by Windows 10, the notebook and AiO also ship with features including RGB/IR cameras and FIPS 201-compliant fingerprint readers that light up Windows Hello for fast and secure login, comprehensive protection with Windows Defender and more.
The HP EliteBook 840 G5 Healthcare Edition Notebook

The HP EliteBook 840 G5 Healthcare Edition Notebook is an ultra-slim notebook for healthcare that features integrated dual-band RFID and biometrics for single sign-on authentication with Windows Hello. Clinicians can save time electronically prescribing controlled substances with the optional FIPS-201 compliant fingerprint reader, or logging in with the IR camera and Windows Hello. The notebook comes with HP Easy Clean: a quick and easy sanitization application that disables computer input devices such as the keyboard, the touchscreen and the touchpad for a set amount of time, making it is easy to clean. The notebook also features an integrated privacy screen and is optimized for an intuitive collaboration experience with audio boost and noise cancellation features, as well as an IR/RGB camera for optimized audio and video calls.
Availability: HP EliteBook 840 G5 Healthcare Edition Notebook is expected to be available in May.
The HP EliteOne 800 G4 23.8 Healthcare Edition AiO

The HP EliteOne 800 G4 23.8 Healthcare Edition AiO has an integrated dual-band RFID and biometrics for single sign-on authentication so clinicians can save time logging in using Windows Hello with the optional FIPS-201 compliant fingerprint reader or the optional IR camera. This AiO also features HP Manageability Integration Kit which makes it easy to implement HP’s security features across clinical organizations, and provides audio boost and noise cancellation features to minimize background distractions from noisy environments, as well as a dual-facing pop-camera to simplify patient registration and badging.
Availability: HP EliteOne 800 G4 23.8 Healthcare Edition All-in-One is expected to be available in June.
The HP Healthcare Edition HC270cr Clinical Review Display 

The HP Healthcare Edition HC270cr Clinical Review Display has an integrated RGB webcam and IR sensor so clinicians can login easily with Windows Hello. This 27-inch diagonal, 3.7-megapixel clinical review display is DICOM Part 14-compliant with features for more accurately viewing medical images, such as automatic backlight monitoring and auto image rotation. It also arrives with USB-C that supplies up to 65w power delivery for connected devices.
Availability: HP Healthcare Edition HC270cr Clinical Review Display is expected to be available in June.
To learn more, please visit

Windows 10 Tip: Three ways you can personalize your desktop with fun themes and colors

Windows 10 is all about letting you express yourself and create. Today, we’re going to show you some of the ways you can personalize your PC– whether it’s changing your desktop background to puppies, flowers or skylines, turning your taskbar pink, or enabling Windows Spotlight so beautiful photography will show up automatically on your lock screen. Here’s how:

Download a desktop theme from Microsoft Store

Choose from endless options to make your PC yours, including hundreds of wallpapers, sound options, and custom accent colors. Themes include photography, art and illustrations from creators across the globe – such as plants and flowers, landscapes, animals, natural wonders, and more.
Simply open Settings, select Personalization, Themes, and then Get more themes in the Store.
Once downloaded, click on Launch to open your Settings screen. You’ll find it alphabetically in your Themes list – just click on it to make it your new theme.  That’s it! Download as many themes as you’d like.
Or – create your own
In the “Background” setting, choose your picture, background effect and fit.
To create a custom theme, open Settings, select Personalization and then personalize your desktop by clicking on Background, Colors and more.
Enable Windows Spotlight images on your lock screen

You can easily enable beautiful photography to show up automatically on your lock screen with Windows Spotlight images. Windows Spotlight updates daily with images that highlight beautiful scenery from around the globe. They’re also used to help you get the most out of Windows, including sharing tips and tricks.
To enable Windows Spotlight images on your lock screen, simply head to Settings, select Personalization and then Lock screen and where you see the Background drop-down menu, select Windows Spotlight.
Have a great week!

Mobile World Congress 2018: Five things you can do with Lenovo’s two new Windows 10 PCs

This week at Mobile World Congress, Lenovo introduced their newest 2-in-1s: the new Yoga 730 (in 13-inch and 15-inch models) and the new 14-inch Flex 14. These new devices will start to become available at select retailers this April and range in price from $599-$899.6
Here’s five ways they make working on-the-go easier than ever:

#1: Take one with you – they’re convertible and lighter than ever
The new Windows 10 convertibles are lighter than before, so you can easily take them with you wherever you go. Shedding 13 percent of its weight, the 15-inch Yoga 730 is just 1.89 kg (4.17 lbs) and 1.12 kg (2.47 lbs) for the even more compact 13-inch model. At 1.6 kg (3.53 lbs), the 14-inch Flex 14 won’t weigh your bag down, either – it’s 11 percent thinner than before at just 17.6mm (0.69 in).

#2: Save time & effort with Cortana
Cortana[1]  is available on your Yoga 730 to help you with everyday tasks by just using your voice[2]. Say “Hey, Cortana,” and she’s ready to provide you with helpful information, check your calendar[3], give you a preview of your day across work and life, and take care of everyday tasks and reminders.

#3: Log in with your fingerprint with Windows Hello
Both the Yoga 730 and Flex 14 come with a built-in fingerprint reader, so you can quickly and easily log into your device with Windows Hello. When you’re on the go, feel at ease with Lenovo Vantage and its Wi-Fi monitoring security features. Lenovo Vantage combines several apps into one to help you identify secure Wi-Fi networks, migrate files and settings from one PC to another and get system diagnostics and support.

#4: Charge your device for 15 minutes and get two hours of battery with built-in Rapid Charge[4]
The Yoga 730 offers up to 11.5 hours of battery life on the 13-inch model and up to 11 hours on the 15-inch in FHD.4 Running from meeting to meeting on a busy day? With Rapid Charge, in just 15 minutes you can get up to 2 hours of usage of your Flex 14 and 13-inch Yoga 730 to help power through your day without worrying about plugging in.[5]
#5: Write on your touchscreen with Windows Ink
The new devices come with up to a UHD touchscreen display on the Yoga 730 and a FHD touchscreen display on the Flex 14, with razor-thin borders, so you can swipe, pinch and tap to browse the web with Microsoft Edge. You can also use the optional Lenovo Active Pen 2 with 4,096 levels of sensitivity to write, draw or annotate with Windows Ink for a pen-on-paper experience.

Five things you can do with Lenovo’s two new Windows 10 PCs
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Additional features of these new devices include:
Engineered with up to the latest 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processors, up to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 discrete graphics (on the 15-inch Yoga 730) and comfortable full-sized keyboards, the new 2-in-1s are more than up to the task for content creation on the go.
Up to a UHD (3840×2160) display, JBL speakers and Dolby Atmos on the Yoga 730 make for more immersive entertainment experiences.
Connect the Yoga 730 to a 4K display through the laptop’s blazing-fast Thunderbolt 3 port to increase your productivity or share your holiday photo slideshow.
From its thinner and lighter design to the long battery life, the new Yoga 730 and Flex 14 with Windows 10 offer remarkable performance and portability to help you get things done in a way that feels most natural and convenient to you.  Discover more at, or head over here for more of our partners’ news from MWC.
Pricing and availability: In North America, the 13-inch Yoga 730 will start at $879.99 and the 15-inch model will start at $899.99, both expected to be available on and select retailers starting April 2018. The Flex 14 with Lenovo Active Pen 2 included will start at $599.99, expected to be available on and select retailers starting April 2018.[6]
For information on pricing and availability in other markets, visit
[1] Cortana available in select markets; experience may vary by region and device. Cortana skills only available in the U.S. Microsoft and Cortana are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.[2] Requires a microphone within your device, enabling Cortana to hear you when you say “Hey, Cortana,” and enabling above the lock screen. Learn more at [3] Requires connecting your email and calendar services to Cortana, and permissions for her to access calendar and email from above the lock screen. Learn more at[4] The 13-inch Yoga 730 has up to 11.5 hours of battery life in FHD and in UHD. The 15-inch Yoga 730 has up to 11 hours of battery life in FHD and up to 9 hours of battery life in UHD. The 14-inch Flex 14 has up to 10 hours of battery life in FHD. All battery life claims are approximate and based on test results using the MobileMark 2014 ver 1.5 battery life benchmark test. Actual results will vary and depend on numerous factors including product configuration and usage, software, operating conditions, wireless functionality, power management settings, screen brightness and other factors. The maximum capacity of the battery will naturally decrease with time and usage. See for additional details.[5] Charged in power-off mode, using 65-watt power supply.[6] Flex 14 is marketed as Yoga 530 outside of North America. Not all Yoga 530 SKU options will be bundled with a digital pen. Prices may not include tax and do not include shipping or options and are subject to change without notice; additional terms and conditions apply. Reseller prices may vary. On-shelf dates may vary by geography and products may only be available in selected markets. All offers subject to availability. Lenovo reserves the right to alter product offerings, features and specifications at any time without notice.