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Welcome to the invisible revolution

Think of your favorite pieces of technology. These are the things that you use every day for work and play, and pretty much can’t live without.

Chances are, at least one of them is a gadget – your phone, maybe, or your gaming console.

But if you really think about it, chances also are good that many of your most beloved technologies are no longer made of plastic, metal and glass.

Maybe it’s a streaming video service you use to binge watch “Game of Thrones” on or an app that lets you track your steps and calories so you can fit into those jeans you wore back in high school. Maybe it’s a virtual assistant that helps you remember where your meetings are and when you need to take your medicine, or an e-reader that lets you get lost in your favorite book via your phone, tablet or even car speakers.

Perhaps, quietly and without even realizing it, your most beloved technologies have gone from being things you hold to services you rely on, and that exist everywhere and nowhere. Instead of the gadgets themselves, they are tools that you expect to be able to use on any type of gadget: Your phone, your PC, maybe even your TV.

They are part of what Harry Shum, executive vice president in charge of Microsoft’s Technology and Research division, refers to as an “invisible revolution.”

“We are on the cusp of creating a world in which technology is increasingly pervasive but is also increasingly invisible,” Shum said.

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Transforming your business in the Systems of Intelligence Era

Customers today have access to a massive amount of data. The challenge they face is gaining meaningful insights from that data and making it actionable for their employees.

During his keynote at Convergence Satya Nadella spoke to attendees about the evolution of business systems, and how the business process transformation has gone hand in hand with advancements in technology. Today, we announced more tools that push the edge of what’s now possible. Tools that will enable organizations and its people to more effectively make sense of data, and make insights actionable at greater speed and accuracy.

How does this all come together in a meaningful way? One of the biggest pieces revolves around a cloud-based management tool for the Internet of Things. The Azure IoT Suite will enable customers to pull and analyze data from a breadth of sources including connected sensors, devices, and equipment – in near real time — and apply advanced analytics to create better customer experiences, improve production, and operations and decrease costs.

Fundamental to creating a true data culture in the company is to have productivity solutions (office), business applications (CRM) that people love to use and add great functions that make data exciting and relevant in the work setting, like Power BI and Office Delve. In addition, we announced that both of these products are currently being rolled out globally. We are also brining business collaboration to a whole new level through Skype for Business and today we unveiled the technical preview.

Customer engagement is getting a boost from these systems of intelligence including our own industry- leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution that spans sales, service and marketing. Today we are unveiling the CRM Spring 15 Release with increased performance, greater integration with Office 365, connections to Power BI and knowledge enhancements in our services offering.

Social media is at the forefront of understanding and being able to engage your customers in an intelligent way and on their terms. As part of the CRM offering is Microsoft Social Engagement, which up-levels simple social monitoring to create a comprehensive engagement tool that is seamlessly part of your business application like Dynamic CRM or your Office productivity suite.

It’s an exciting time to gather together to hear first-hand how businesses are using data to transform their organizations and their industries. Look for more stories throughout Convergence on our Convergence press site. We are excited to partner with these companies and others to help them in their efforts to turn data into insights and to achieve true transformation in this exciting new era.