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Introducing Cortana in Skype—Microsoft’s intelligent assistant comes to your chat window | Skype Blogs

Conversation is central in our everyday lives. We chat to stay in touch, to share news and ideas that excite us, and to make plans for getting together with family and friends. But we often find ourselves in need of information—a fact to share, a place to meet, a movie time, or the perfect restaurant. Looking for information often requires interrupting the conversation, even if briefly, and switching apps to find what we’re looking for and bring it back into the conversation. But shouldn’t technology make our lives easier and truly bring the answers we need to our fingertips? At Skype we are certain about it, and it’s with this goal in mind, that we are bringing Cortana, Microsoft’s intelligent assistant, into Skype to help you in your everyday conversations.

With Cortana’s in-context assistance, it’s easier to keep your conversations going by having Cortana suggest useful information based on your chat, like restaurant options or movie reviews. And if you’re in a time crunch? Cortana also suggests smart replies, allowing you to respond to any message quickly and easily—without typing a thing.

Cortana can also help you organize your day—no need to leave your conversations. Cortana can detect when you’re talking about scheduling events or things you have to do and will recommend setting up a reminder, which you will receive on all your devices that have Cortana enabled. So, whether you’re talking about weekend plans or an important work appointment, nothing will slip through the cracks.

In addition to being your ‘behind-the-scenes’ assistant, Cortana is also a contact in Skype. So now, you can have natural conversations in one-on-one chats with Cortana—just like you would with your friends, family, and coworkers. Get answers to your burning questions, like the name of the lead actor in your favorite movie or what the weather outlook is for the weekend. You can also ask Cortana to check your flight status, give you a stock quote, or suggest the best restaurants in your area. With Cortana at your disposal, every day can be a bit more productive—and a lot more fun.

At Skype, we’re committed to making your Skype experience even better. With Cortana, we’ve added a powerful, intelligent assistant to help you with your everyday tasks right where you are and save you time.

Cortana in Skype will be gradually rolled out, starting today, to our Android and iOS customers in the United States. Your feedback is key to continue improving Cortana, so please visit our community page and let us know what you think or send us your recommendations. To learn more about how to start using Cortana and find other quick answers, please visit the FAQs.

Introducing a preview of the next generation of Skype for Linux | Skype Blogs

Great news for Skype for Linux users—the next generation of Skype for Linux is launching! Starting today, you can download Skype Preview for Linux and start enjoying new features across all your devices—including screen sharing and group chat.

Bring calls to life and collaborate on projects with screen sharing

With Skype for Linux, you can take advantage of the screen sharing feature on your desktop screen. Now, you can share content with everyone on the call—making it even easier to bring your calls to life and collaborate on projects.

Image showing the screen sharing feature on the desktop screen.

Turn everyday conversations into experiences with group chat

The new group chat feature for Skype for Linux allows you to talk with several friends at the same time. We even included options to personalize chats with emoticons, Mojis, and photos so you can express yourself with your own style. It’s a great way to turn your everyday conversations into experiences.

Image showing the chat feature using emoticons, Mojis, and photos in the group conversation.

The next generation of Skype for Linux is part of our broader strategy to rebuild Skype from the ground up with cloud technology—a more reliable platform that can scale to a much bigger audience. We’re making great improvements in the ways you like to connect with people and bringing your world closer together than ever before.

Image showing three people on a Skype for Linux call.

As a reminder—all Skype for Linux clients (versions 4.3 and older) were retired on July 1, 2017. If you’re running an older version, it’s time to upgrade to the Skype Preview for Linux.

We also recommend making sure that you have an up-to-date microphone and webcam for video calls, so you can take advantage of all the new features this preview version has to offer.

Try it out and tell us what you think by clicking the heart on the menu. Share your ideas in the Skype for Linux Community on how we can make Skype for Linux better. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Cabling across the Atlantic, designing cars with Microsoft HoloLens and pre-ordering Xbox One X – Weekend Reading: Sept. 22 edition – The Official Microsoft Blog

Microsoft was full of interesting news this week, from an innovative, transatlantic project to a Microsoft HoloLens partnership that powers creativity to Xbox and “Minecraft” announcements that make games more fun. Here’s a look.

Man in hard hat adjusts cable on a sandy beach
A worker adjusts the Marea cable on a beach in Spain. Image by RUN Studios.

Microsoft, Facebook and telecommunications infrastructure company Telxius have completed the highest-capacity subsea cable to cross the Atlantic. Called Marea (Spanish for “tide”), the 4,000-mile cable connects from Virginia to Spain, provides up to 160 terabits per second and will make transatlantic connections more resilient.

Dependable infrastructure is crucial for internet and cloud services, but it was the 2012 devastation of Hurricane Sandy, which shut down connectivity services on the East Coast for days, that drove home the need for Marea. The cable is expected to become operational in early 2018.

“Everyone expects that whenever they turn on their computer or their tablet or their phone, they’re going to work,” says Frank Rey, director of global network strategy for Microsoft’s Cloud Infrastructure and Operations division. “That’s what this cable is going to help enable.”

[embedded content]

Ford announced that it’s expanding its use of Microsoft HoloLens in designing vehicles, after successfully piloting the technology to improve creativity, collaboration and time to market.

The company’s design process has traditionally involved expensive, time-consuming clay models. But HoloLens enables Ford designers to blend 3D holograms with the models and physical production vehicles for easier creativity and faster iterations.

[embedded content]

In gaming news, pre-orders for the new Xbox One X console began this week at local retailers around the world, including Microsoft Store and Microsoft.com. More than 130 games, including “Far Cry 5” and “L.A. Noire,” will be enhanced for Xbox One X with higher resolutions and faster framerates to take advantage of the powerful console.

[embedded content]

The week’s other big gaming news was the arrival of Better Together, “Minecraft’s” biggest update ever. The update unites players on console, mobile, VR and Windows 10 versions into one Bedrock family. That means it’s time to say goodbye to “Minecraft: Xbox One Edition” and “Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition” and hello to a universal “Minecraft.”

[embedded content]

When it comes to security, staying ahead of threats is critical. That’s why Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is integrating automated investigation and remediation capabilities from Hexadite, which Microsoft recently acquired.

“This takes enterprise security to a new level, enabling our customers to move faster from device, data and insight to action against modern-day threats,” writes Rob Lefferts, partner director, Windows & Devices Group, Security & Enterprise.

[embedded content]

Ever wonder how AI and the cloud help computers learn to read and comprehend natural language? The latest “Explanimators” episode from Microsoft Story Labs explores the world of machine reading – and how it will someday help doctors, lawyers and anyone who needs high-speed access to written, accumulated human knowledge.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading and see you next week!

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Microsoft Ignite 2017 – Latest News, Updates and Rumors

22 Sep 2017 by Andy Syrewicze
Altaro News

It’s back! Next week marks one of my favorite times of the year. Yes, this coming week brings us Microsoft Ignite 2017, where IT Pros, Speakers, and MVPs from around the world converge in one location to talk about the latest innovations in the Microsoft Technology Stack, swap war stories and help one another solve technology problems. I’ve always been amazed at the sense of community, not only from attendees but from Microsoft itself during MS Ignite. There really is an immense feeling of community at this event every year, which is probably the thing I look forward to the most. Previous years have seen 10k to 15k+ in attendance at this event quite consistently and as such, there is a lot of knowledge to go around. This is often in the form of community theater sessions, in-person immersion experiences, and Microsoft-led speaking slots.

1 – Microsoft Ignite 2016 in Atlanta via Andy Syrewicze

Taking it all in and digesting that information can be difficult, but this year I aim to be of assistance to our readers and followers on social media who want to get the most they can out of this event (even if they can’t attend in person). To do this to the best of my ability, I’m ditching the booth at this event as a vendor to take up the role as a fellow attendee in the trenches. Not only do I get to experience it as you do, I’m also aiming to bring a little bit of an extra touch to your experience through live video feeds, and interviews with distinguished industry experts, Microsoft MVPs, and interesting personalities!

The growing list of confirmed interviews is below!

When is Microsoft Ignite 2017?

Officially, Microsoft Ignite runs from September 25th to the 29th. However, Sunday is full of pre-day events, and I will be filming a number of interviews that day, so you can be sure we’ll have some fresh video content for you starting aready from Sunday night and into Monday morning!

Where is Ignite this year?

Ignite is being hosted in sunny Orlando Florida this year! The venue should lend itself well for a conference of this size, and the closing celebration on Thursday night will be hosted at Universal Studios, so I’ll be sure to post some pictures and live video of the proceedings so you can join in the fun and discussion.

What Kind of Content Will You be Providing?

Well, that’s really part of the fun right? Would it be as fun if you knew exactly what’s in store? Ok, if you MUST know, we’ll be sending a number of broadcasts directly from the show to discuss some of the new reveals and some of the new features that are sure to make an impact in your day-to-day operations. Additionally, we’ll be getting some of this information directly from leaders in the industry.

Here’s a taste of the interviews coming your way:

Rick Claus – Sr. Program Manager – Azure Compute Team

Kay Williams – Principal PM Manager at Microsoft

Michael Bender – IT Instructor at Madison College and Founder of #TheKrewe

Dave Kawula – Microsoft MVP and Enterprise Consultant and co-author of the eBook 6 Hyper-V Configuration Mistakes to Avoid

Thomas Maurer – Microsoft MVP and Cloud Architect and past guest on the Altaro webinar Future-proofing your datacenter with Microsoft Azure Stack

This is just a fraction of the content we’re providing this year, but you get the idea! We’ll be sure to keep you updated via social channels as things progress throughout the week. Speaking of social channels…..

How Do I Follow Along?

We’ll be doing the bulk of the information sharing and notifications via our various social platforms (below). Keep an eye on these, and be sure to keep an eye right here on our Hyper-V Blog after the event for a summarizing post containing all the content and topic discussions from the week of Ignite!

Twitter: @AltaroSoftware and @asyrewicze

Facebook: Altaro Software

LinkedIn: Altaro Software and Andy Syrewicze

Google+: Altaro Software

Tell me what you want to know!

Let me know if the comments section or directly over the social channels above. If there is a certain type of content you’re interested in or a particular speaker you’d like to see an interview with, let me know in the comments section below and I’ll be sure to try and accommodate you.

Also, if you’re going to be at the show and you’d like to talk in person, be sure to let me know below as well. I’m looking forward to meeting as many people as possible, just send me a message – I’m always open to a discussion about technology over a cold beverage!

We hope to make it a great #MSIgnite, and we hope to see you there (in person, or virtually)!

Have any questions or feedback?

Leave a comment below!