For Sale – 13″ MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (2019) – 128 GB SSD, Space Grey

Don’t be silly, if you don’t ask you don’t know

Thank you for the kind advice by the way. In truth you aren’t a million miles away from an offer I’d accept and I much prefer to sell here due to people like your good self. The forums are great.

The issue being postage and if I accept £800 then I’ll likely clear £775 something like that. If you can stretch to say £850-860 then I’d be happy to accept on the basis I clear closer to £800.

Still a massive loss on my part, but you would be getting an as new machine (really is immaculate). only 6 charge cycles. Plus the 3 year warranty which includes accidental damage, replacement guarantee etc. Quite comprehensive.

The difference between a 2017 model and this quad core model will also be noticeable. I believe a lot of the reviews will show just what a step up it is.

Either way, counter offer on the table should you be tempted.

Take care…

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