Setting up non-administrative control of Hyper-V through PowerShell–Updated

Yesterday, I told you about how it was now easier to allow a non-administrative user to control Hyper-V.  This is nice – but it does mean that this script that I blogged about 4 years ago no longer works.  Here is a new one:


$myWindowsPrincipal=new-object System.Security.Principal.WindowsPrincipal($myWindowsID)


# Get the security principal for the Administrator role



# Check to see if we are currently running "as Administrator"

if ($myWindowsPrincipal.IsInRole($adminRole))


   # We are running "as Administrator" - so change the title and background color to indicate this

   $Host.UI.RawUI.WindowTitle = $myInvocation.MyCommand.Definition + "(Elevated)"

   $Host.UI.RawUI.BackgroundColor = "DarkBlue"





   # We are not running "as Administrator" - so relaunch as administrator


   # Create a new process object that starts PowerShell

   $newProcess = new-object System.Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo "PowerShell";


   # Specify the current script path and name as a parameter

   $newProcess.Arguments = $myInvocation.MyCommand.Definition;


   # Indicate that the process should be elevated

   $newProcess.Verb = "runas";


   # Start the new process



   # Exit from the current, unelevated, process




# Prompt for the virtual machine to use

$Domain = Read-Host "Specify the domain of the user to add to Hyper-V Administrators (use $($env:ComputerName) for this computer)"


# Prompt for the path to export to

$User = Read-Host "Specify the username of the user to add to Hyper-V Administrators"


$HvAdmins = [ADSI]"WinNT://$env:COMPUTERNAME/Hyper-V Administrators,group"


This script will add any user you specify to the local “Hyper-V Administrators” group.


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