NPR One App for Windows and Windows Phone Available for Download

We’re excited to share that the NPR One app is now available for download in the Windows and Windows Phone Stores. NPR One brings you the highly regarded storytelling and rigorous reporting of National Public Radio (NPR) right to your Windows PC, Tablet or Phone in one easy to use app. NPR One starts with the latest headlines then moves to a flow of stories that have been thoughtfully curated just for you, seamlessly weaving NPR and local station content. If you’re looking for more specific news you can search for your favorite shows, stations and podcasts, even look ahead at upcoming stories. You also have the ability to skip, rewind or pause while you’re listening to your shows. From in-depth news coverage to breaking news stories, you can enjoy the NPR One app for free right now, whatever your device or location. You can read the announcement about the NPR One app launch on NPR’s Blog.

NPR One app available for Windows

Download the NPR One app for free from the Windows and Windows Phone Stores!

Adding a second (and third) management OS adapter to a Virtual Switch

I was working on a Hyper-V server the other day – and decided that I wanted to connect it to a set of virtual machines that I had been working with.  Unfortunately, I had configured the virtual machines with multiple network interfaces on multiple separate subnets – and my host only had one physical network adapter.

Fortunately – it is very easy to add extra virtual network adapters to the management operating system if you have Hyper-V with a virtual switch configured.  Quickly, I opened a PowerShell window and ran this command twice:

Add-VMNetworkAdapter –ManagementOS –SwitchName “Virtual Switch”

You see, normally when you create a virtual switch we automatically create one virtual network adapter for the management OS and connect it to the switch for you.  But there is nothing to stop you from adding extra virtual network adapters for different reasons.

After creating the two new adapters – and using the UI to configure them – I was able to ping the virtual machines on the different subnets with no problems:


You should be aware that if you do this – you cannot configure the switch through the UI and have to use PowerShell: