macbook or windows laptop… good screen and spec

after one of the above. nothing over 15″ really, would prefer 13 though.

looking for a nice spec and a good screen on it, main uses will be for photography and just general use.

not looking to spend masses on it, ideally a max budget of £500. But will only go to that for something that ticks all the boxes….some warranty would be nice or the option for me to extend, but not essential. laptop must be in good condition and working order.

Location: Somerset…

macbook or windows laptop… good screen and spec

Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 10158 Released

Today, we released a new Windows 10 SDK Preview and the associated Windows 10 Mobile emulators (Build 10158), to be used in conjunction with Windows 10 Insider Preview (Build 10158). Preview SDK Build 10158 contains bug fixes and changes to the API surface area.  You can download it from the Windows 10 Developer Tools page.

To briefly recap – with the preview releases of the Windows 10 SDK, we are matching each OS flight delivered to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring.  When running the latest preview SDK and emulator in your local development environment, your apps will be able to access the latest Windows capabilities and APIs available in the preview build. Each preview SDK release installs side by side of the official Windows 10 tooling for Visual Studio 2015. If you want to try out the newest features and have the latest bug fixes delivered in a Windows Insider Preview release, this is for you – each release is a snapshot of work in progress, so expect functionality or APIs to be impacted and that final functionality may vary.

Start developing and @wpdev would love to see what you create. If you find bugs or issues, please leverage the Windows Feedback tool or MSDN forums.

What’s New in SDK 10158

Some API types received properties and method signatures changes. New APIs were added in this SDK release, among them:

  • Windows.Devices.Perception.*
  • Windows.Devices.Perception.Provider.*
    This flight of Windows introduces two new related sets of APIs in the Windows.Devices.Perception and Windows.Devices.Perception.Providers namespaces.  The Providers APIs allow IHVs and OEMs to expose depth, infrared, and color cameras (and related metadata) for computer vision into UWP, and to designate a camera as participating in Windows Hello face authentication.  The Windows.Devices.Perception namespace contains the client APIs that allow a UWP application to access the color, depth, or infrared data of computer vision cameras.
  • Windows.Media.Capture.AdvancedCapturedPhoto
  • Windows.Media.Capture.AdvancedPhotoCapture
  • Windows.Media.Media.AdvancedPhoto*
    AdvancedCapturedPhoto and AdvancedPhoto* APIs are new photo capture APIs for Windows 10 that enable apps to capture HDR photos on supported devices. For devices that do not ship with hardware HDR capabilities but support VPS (variable photo sequence), the API will use a platform provided algorithm to generate the HDR photo.
  • Windows.Media.Import.PhotoImport*
    The Windows Photo Import API in the Windows.Media.Import namespace is a new, modern, asynchronous WinRT API enabling Windows Store and classic applications to import photos and videos from portable devices such as smart phones and digital cameras, as well as memory cards and other removable USB storage media, with an emphasis on ease of use and performance. One of the key features of the PhotoImport API is that it runs in the background so that even if your app is suspended / killed, the import keeps happening.

Types now converged

Here are just a few types we’ve heard people are interested in which have now converged. We will continue to converge types based on developer feedback.

  • Windows.Media.Capture.CameraCaptureUI
  • Windows.Security.ExchangeActiveSyncProvisioning.EasClientDeviceInformation

Moving your projects forward

After installing the new Windows 10 SDK, update your projects with the Visual Studio Release Candidate to use the new SDK.

First, update the Project file (.csproj, .jsproj, .vcxproj) by:

  1. Opening the project in Visual Studio
  2. Right clicking on the project in the Visual Studio Solution Explorer, and choose “Properties”
  3. Depending on your project type, the UI will look a little different but click on the dropdown that says “Target Version”. The below screenshot is from a C# Project. Note: If you’re using a Javascript project, open the .jsproj and find a replace the TargetPlatformVersion with 10.0.10158.0.
  4. Select Windows 10 Insider Preview (10.0; Build 10158).  * below is a sample of what you’ll be seeing


Now that you have updated the project file, find the application’s Package.appxmanifest and do the following:

  1. Open that file (it should present you with an XML Editor)
  2. Find the Element, Dependencies and its child element, TargetDeviceFamily
  3. Modify the MaxVersion Tested Attribute from “10.0.10069.0” to “10.0.10158.0”.
  4. Save and close the file.


Now you’re ready to use the new SDK. Start developing and @wpdev would love to see what you create. If you find bugs or issues, please leverage the Windows Feedback tool or MSDN forums.

Cheap Laptop


Looking for a cheap laptop to help my daughter with her homework and hopefully play Minecraft on!

So something ideally with an APU or at least something that will run games like Minecraft but really needs to be as cheap as possible as her last computer packed up and this really is something I wasn’t expecting. Going the laptop route so she can take it to her mums at weekends.

Thank you

Location: Plymouth…

Cheap Laptop

P8Z68-V LX (Reserved)

Reserved for @ohh_danielson

The motherboard, I/O shield and manual in the box for another motherboard but within a foam padded outer box. Got it as part of a motherboard bundle in Feb 2012, it was later replaced with a Z77 board and has sat spare in a box (within an anti-static bag) since.

Price and currency: £20
Delivery: Delivery cost is included
Payment method: Paypal Gift
Location: Basingstoke
Advertised elsewhere?: Not advertised…

P8Z68-V LX (Reserved)