Building sites and web apps for every device (guest series for npm)

We have talked often about our focus on building a browser that is interoperable with the modern web, and we’re excited to see great results as Windows 10 rolls out – now used on over 110 million devices.

An interoperable web also depends on developers, so npm recently invited us to talk about some of the ways you can leverage the tools available on npm to make sure your sites and web apps are not only compatible with today’s modern browsers, but accessible across all browsers, devices, and platforms.

We are excited to contribute a series of posts on The npm Blog, starting with today’s post by Jeff Burtoft, “Build for Devices.” Check it out for some great tips on building hosted and packaged web apps using modern web platforms on today’s diverse device landscape, using the tools available on npm.

Over the coming weeks, we will be contributing more posts covering browser compatibility, responsive design, and more—stay tuned, and let us know what you think @MSEdgeDev on Twitter or in the comments below!

– Alex Lu, Program Manager, Microsoft Edge

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

Hi All,

I have for sale my Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse.
It’s in immaculate condition as it’s barely been used, I bought it for when I do some gaming on my Mac as sometimes using the trackpad can be a pain, but I’ve just never really used it, and it’s just sitting here gathering dust.
It’s boxed with cable, manual, USB dongle and a spare battery.
The mouse itself is both Bluetooth and USB and compatible with both Mac & Windows.

Asking price is £55 delivered.

Thanks for looking,…

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

Dell XPS 12 Convertible Ultrabook Win10 Core i5 4GB 128GB 12.5"FHD Touch – £439

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XPS 12 Convertible Ultrabook Windows
Upgraded to win10
Core i5 4200U
12.5″ 1080p TouchScreen

Less than a year old, moved my desktop pc downstairs so haven’t really been using it.

Great Laptop with filp touch screen, check out reviews of it. Its in excellent condition, ill post some pics later today.

£439 o.n.o + (£20 postage or pickup for free)

Price and currency: £439
Delivery: Delivery cost is not included
Payment method:

Dell XPS 12 Convertible Ultrabook Win10 Core i5 4GB 128GB 12.5″FHD Touch – £439

NASCAR App for Windows 10 is Here

One of the most impressive aspects of NASCAR is the motorsport’s loyal, engaged fan base. Anyone who has ever been to a race has seen just how engaged the fans are, often spending the entire weekend at the track to watch every aspect of the race and trying to keep abreast of all the activities of their favorite drivers.  And, of course, the same goes for race fans who want to keep track of the sport while away from the track.

Building upon the NASCAR partnership we announced earlier this year we’re excited to announce that Windows 10 customers can now follow the excitement of the 2015 Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup with the Official App of NASCAR!

NASCAR for Windows 10 provides a comprehensive user experience in a customizable format. Follow your favorite driver with targeted news, video and social content. Get access to the live leaderboard, in-car cameras and driver audio during live races. Follow the Chase with up-to-date standings and an interactive Chase Grid. And one-touch navigation allows you purchase tickets or check your fantasy lineup using Windows 10’s unique split-screen, multi-tasking capabilities.

NASCAR image 1

NASCAR image 2

Free features NASCAR fans will enjoy:

  • Interactive Chase Grid
  • Live leaderboards for all NASCAR Series (limited)
  • Lap by Lap commentary
  • Extensive Driver data, news and social media feeds
  • Real time news and video
  • Complete Schedule and Full Driver Standings
  • Customizable Notifications

Users can also enjoy these premium live features with a subscription:

  • Premium Live Leaderboard – Track your favorite drivers on a customized leaderboard with all new data points
  • Live Driver Audio – Listen to the in-race strategy between Drivers, Crew Chiefs and spotters
  • Live In-Car Cameras – Watch Live in-car cameras for the entire 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season
  • Live Broadcast Radio & Officials Radio – Listen to the official NASCAR Radio Broadcast for each race of the season and listen to the NASCAR Officials Radio for all Sprint Cup Series races

NASCAR image 3

Of course, you’ll need Windows 10 to be able to get the app. The good news is that you can join over 110 million devices that have already upgraded by taking advantage of the Windows 10 FREE upgrade for qualified Windows 7 and Windows 8 devices. Make sure to check out details if you haven’t yet upgraded your device.

And, for those of you planning to be in Talladega for one of the biggest races of the season the weekend of November 17-18, stop by our Windows 10 booth to see some great products, get your picture with Dale Jr’s #88 Windows 10 car, and learn more about Windows 10 and the NASCAR app!

Upgrade to Windows 10 and download NASCAR for Windows 10 today.

Camera magic on Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL

Last week I was super excited to be in NYC where we launched the latest Lumia flagship phones, the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. These innovative Windows 10 devices have our most advanced smartphone imaging hardware and software to help you take beautiful and natural photos every time.

Under the hood imaging prowess

Here’s a quick look at some of the imaging hardware specs: a rear-facing PureView camera with a 20-megapixel advanced BSI sensor, F1.9 Zeiss optics, triple-LED natural flash, fifth-generation optical image stabilization, ISO12800, 4K video, and a 5-megapixel wide-angle front-facing camera.

We have been working hard on the devices’ image processing software–in areas such as pixel, color and exposure algorithms–to produce the most beautiful photos possible.

What this really means is that you can take all types of images—from an impromptu family snapshot, to an extreme close-up of an insect or flower, to your friend’s high-speed skateboard aerials. And the quality is going to be great!

Natural colors and fine details

The first thing most people notice is that the colors look really vivid, but still realistic. Let’s take a look at the photo below.

The red color is really deep and saturated, but the skin looks perfectly natural, just like it should be. I shot this with full automatic settings in direct sunlight.


In addition to the colors, look at the fine details and texture. The image looks perfectly natural, almost like it’s a film. You won’t see any noise or artifacts.

You can also notice how nicely both bright and shadow areas are exposed in this photo. The native dynamic range of the camera is amazing–HDR is rarely needed.

Look also at the details in the two photos below taken by my colleagues on the camera team in Finland. The photo of the water drops has been taken in low-contrast daylight and the photo of the woman has been taken using external reflector and lighting. Everything just looks perfect–the details, colors, contrast, and noise. It’s SLR quality, in my opinion.


WP_20150924_09_23_31_Pro (2)

Low light imaging

The combination of technologies in the camera hardware of these phones is very unique and powerful. Just think what the super high sensitivity sensor, 5th generation OIS, and large aperture means in low light imaging.

I took the photos below when I was having dinner with a colleague of mine, in a low light setting. The image on the left was captured by one of our competitor’s phones, which represents a typical smartphone camera quality in this kind of condition. As you can see the image looks pretty smashed.

The image on the right was captured by Lumia 950 XL. It looks natural and the noise is beautiful. I think there is something very pure in it. This is what leadership in imaging algorithms means.


The camera as a mind reader

When we started to design the camera on the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, one of our most important objectives was that everybody should be able to take good photos in all conditions. The camera has some very advanced technologies to achieve this.

Of course, more advanced photographers know how to manually adjust the ISO and exposure time for different situations. Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL are making those decisions for you, by analyzing how you hold the camera and what is happening in the scene. With these phones, everybody can shoot like a pro.

And it gets even more exciting when you use Rich Capture mode. It uses two exposure times for the same image: short for the moving object and long for the static part of the image. Capturing everyday moments, like moving children, is much easier with this feature.

The camera knows you. The camera is almost like a mind reader.

Innovative flash

One feature that stands out is the new flash technology. The natural three LED (red, green, blue) flash automatically matches the colors of the ambient light. This means that if you’re taking a photo outside at twilight, the flash will produce a blue light to complement the bluish color of the scene, and if you’re taking a photo of a candlelit dinner, the flash will adjust to expose candlelight.

Due to the natural colors, it also works very well in daytime as a fill-in flash. This is a photo of my sister. It was a bit of a gray day, but I used the flash to add some sparkle. (By the way, those who open this photo in Windows 10 Photos application will see a little bit of magic.)

Here is a photo taken with the flash …


In addition, in Rich Capture mode it is possible for you to change the amount of light in a photo after the image is taken. The camera takes two photos, one with flash and one without, and we use very clever algorithms to get the best of both. This is called Dynamic Flash.

It’s like magic. I think the Dynamic Flash function makes the RGB flash literally shine, and you capture the best flash photos you have ever seen.

There is also much more to the cameras on these phones, like 3rd generation living images and one unified Windows 10 Camera and Photos experience. We’ll cover those in more detail in a follow up blog post soon.

I’m so proud of the teams who designed and built the camera on Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. I’m sure the camera will please technically skilled photographers, as well as “point and shoot” shutterbugs. And yes, we also support raw capture.

I really feel that this is the best camera we’ve ever made!

— Juha Alakarhu
Director, cameras for phones at Microsoft

All images in this post are taken with Lumia 950 XL using a prototype hardware and software.

DDR3 ram, AMD Cpu FM2 or FM2+, CPU watercooler

Now started ordering bits for my sons rig and before buying elsewhere I thought I’d ask here for a few remaining bits.

DDR3 Ram probably 8gb but will consider 16gb also (depending on £) 4 slots on the board.

AMD Cpu in either FM2 or FM2+

possibly a cpu water cooler (basic set like hydro etc)

Location: Whitford Devon

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DDR3 ram, AMD Cpu FM2 or FM2+, CPU watercooler

EVGA/Asus Mobo, i5/i7 CPU, Corsair Link Lighting Node

I’m in the market for a decent motherboard ideally looking for black or black/red colour scheme hence EVGA or Asus? Plus I’ll need a i5 or i7 CPU to go with. Would like to purchase both together if possible or buy the motherboard first as finding CPU is easier

Also looking for a Corsair Link Lighting Node kit

Location: Powys, Wales

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EVGA/Asus Mobo, i5/i7 CPU, Corsair Link Lighting Node