Intel DH55TC Motherboard + i3-540 CPU

For sale 2x Intel DH55TC mATX LGA1156 Core Series Motherboard + Back Plate + Intel Heatsink + Intel Core i3-540 Dual Core 3.06Ghz 4MB LGA1156 Processor. Removed from 2 PC’s at home which have been upgraded.

Motherboards come with DVI , VGA, HDMI and I have been using these to run XBMC in my kids rooms.

Price and currency: £45 Each
Delivery: Delivery cost is included
Payment method: PPG or BT
Location: Bournemouth
Advertised elsewhere?: Not advertised…

Intel DH55TC Motherboard + i3-540 CPU

Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Adds New UWP Exporter

New developers – bring your app to various devices on Windows 10 with a simple mouse click.

Clickteam has joined the Universal Windows Platform revolution with the release of its new UWP Exporter for Clickteam Fusion 2.5, a game and software creation tool used to write 2D games and apps across different platforms. With this integration, game and app makers can bring their creations to Windows 10 with a simple mouse click.

For those unfamiliar with Clickteam Fusion 2.5, it allows anyone to create 2D games – no programming knowledge necessary. Once they’ve learned the basics (which takes about an hour), aspiring game makers can build side-scrollers, puzzle games, action games and more. Instead of requiring users learn a programming language, Clickteam Fusion 2.5 uses visual programming, allowing developers to drag and drop objects to build a game world. Graphics can be created using the tool’s built-in graphics editor, imported from your collection or selected from Fusion’s library of pre-made graphics.

image 1

The UWP Exporter then allows developers to take an existing Fusion project and export it into Microsoft Visual Studio, from where it can be deployed for testing across Windows 10 devices, including tablets, PCs, Windows phones and even Xbox One. Using the same source file or Multimedia Fusion Application (MFA) – a file format used by Fusion – and minimal event or programming changes, developers can also take existing projects and publish them to Windows Store with ease. That’s why games like Quadle, Concrete Jungle, Disastr Blastr and Room 13 are being actively developed for Xbox One and Windows 10 using the UWP Exporter.

image 2

The UWP Exporter also includes features such as hardware acceleration, joystick-powered virtual mouse support, HTML5 and more. Xbox Gamepad support is also set to be supported in the future.

Developers can download a free limited version of Clickteam Fusion 2.5 here, or the full version here. A special developer version with exclusive features, such as special objects and a run-time licensing agreement, is also available here. The full or developer versions of Clickteam Fusion 2.5 are required to use the new UWP Exporter (available here). Developers will also need Microsoft Visual Studio to compile final files, and an Xbox One developer account is necessary to test or deploy on Xbox One.

Need some ideas for what to build? Visit to get a taste of the creativity coming out of the Fusion user base.

Get started with Windows Visual Studio.

Building a game for Windows 10? Get inspired by Imperia Online.

Brand new Gigabyte GeForce GTX1080

I have a brand new Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 “Founders Edition” 8192MB GDDR5X PCI-Express Graphics Card for sale.

Item is brand new sent to me from Overclockers.

Price and currency: £575
Delivery: Delivery cost is not included
Payment method: Bank Transfer
Location: Merthyr tydfil
Advertised elsewhere?: Advertised elsewhere
Prefer goods collected?: I have no preference


Brand new Gigabyte GeForce GTX1080

Raspberry Pi Zero + WiFi/USB/BT Adapters

Raspberry Pi Zero – purchased last week as a project. Comes screwed into a clear/red acrylic case.

1ghz Single Core CPU, 512MB RAM.

Comes with brand new add ons which are:

USB Mini WiFi Adapter
USB Mini Bluetooth Adapter
USB 3 Port Hub
Mini HDMI to HDMI Adapter
Mini USB to USB Adapter
2GB Micro SD Card and SD Card Adapter
– not sure if a Raspberry OS can be installed on this. It’s just thrown in as an extra.
16GB Lexar USB Stick

No power adapter but this works with any modern…

Raspberry Pi Zero + WiFi/USB/BT Adapters

Intel NUC 2820 + 4GB RAM + 500GB HDD


After the previous NUC developed some faults & having gone through the RMA process, I now have a brand new Intel NUC 2820 with 4GB RAM & a 500GB 2.5″ HDD for sale.

I originally bought the NUC from these forums to run as an ESXi host, unfortunately the CPU doesn’t support VTx-d, which is essential for ESXi.

The NUC is fully tested & currently has an evaluation of Windows 10 running.

After the troubles I had selling the previous item, I would like this to be collected.


Intel NUC 2820 + 4GB RAM + 500GB HDD

Alienware alpha r2 i5 GeForce 960gtx 4gb other PCs parts

Decided to build. My own pc. Desktop
Selling my 7 day old
Latest version powerful alien ware. Gaming pc ,r2 version has a desktop GeForce 960gtx
Intel 6 series. Cpu and dd4 and m2 slot
Also has the amplifier slot. So you can use a external desktop gpu. Upgradable future proof
Not like the old Alienware alpha which had a mobile 860m

Boxed with transferable 1 year dell warranty. I will do this in your nameCan be extended

Alien ware alpha r2 15 Intel 6 series
Windows 10
500 gb 7200…

Alienware alpha r2 i5 GeForce 960gtx 4gb other PCs parts

Pc/android on stick or small Kodi box

i am after a PC or android on stick device that can plug directly into TV via hdmi.

Has to be able to run Kodi.

This will be for caravan use so does not need to be powerful, I will consider other small form factor Kodi boxes as long as they are fit for purpose.

Amazon fire tc/stick are out of the question as they do not allow to access usb storage in Kodi and as this is to be used whilst in the caravan I need local playback not streaming.


Location: West Sussex…

Pc/android on stick or small Kodi box