In Case You Missed It – This Week in Windows Developer

You got the power this week with Windows Developer. From flight control and IoT kit updates, to the magic of camera APIs, read on to learn about the new capabilities to deliver more control over your apps.

Package rollout power

You might have streamlined your app management with the rollout of the Windows Submission API earlier this year. Now, we’ve released two new features for the API that give you more power over package rollouts. Click below to learn more.

IoT for you and me

Adafruit and Seeed are our latest partners bringing IoT to all developers with easy-to-use kits. Adafruit’s Windows 10 IoT Core Starter Kit not only gets you started quickly, but the new version also includes an upgrade to the new Rasperry Pi 3. Seeed Studio’s Grove Starter Kit for IoT is also based on Raspberry Pi, and it builds on the great design work that Seeed and their partner Dexter Industries have done around the Grove connector. Click through to get the latest on the new kits.

Magic with camera APIs

Almost any device you pick up these days has a camera in it, unlocking real time opportunities like never before. So take advantage! Open up a world of opportunities for your app and end users with the magic of camera API development skills, outlined in our latest App Dev on Xbox blog post. Click through for the walk-through.

Download Visual Studio to get started!

The Windows team would love to hear your feedback. Please keep the feedback coming using our Windows Developer UserVoice site. If you have a direct bug, please use the Windows Feedback tool built directly into Windows 10.

Linux Integration Services Download 4.1.2-2 hotfix

We’ve just published a hotfix release of the Linux Integration Services download, version 4.1.2-2.

This release addresses two critical issues:

“Do not lose pending heartbeat vmbus packets” (for versions 5.x, 6.x, 7.x)
Hyper-V hosts can be configures to sent “heartbeat” packets to guests to see if they are active, and reboot them when they do not respond. These heartbeat packets can queue up when a guest is paused expecting a response when the guest is re-activated, for example when a guest is moved by live migration. This fix corrects a problem where some of these packets could be dropped leading the host to reboot an otherwise healthy guest.

“Exclude UDP ports in RSS hashing” (for version 6.x, 7.x)
While improving network performance by taking advantage of host-supported offloads we had introduced a problem with UDP workloads on Azure. This change fixes excessive UDP packet loss in this scenario.

Linux Integration Services 4.1.2-2 can be downloaded here.