Dell XPS 15 9550 – i5 6300HQ, 8GB DDR4, GTX 960m, FHD, 32SSD+1TB harddrive

Hi Selling my xps 15 9550, it is good as new with no marks or scratches as can be seem in the pictures. For the short while I had this, the touchpad was used with a carbon fibre skin on to avoid finger oil smudges + it looks really cool :)

Was shipped on 08/11/2016 and is Under warranty with dell directly until 08/02/2018 (so basically its brand new). Refer to pictures for more details.

Comes in original box and with original charger.

Specification are as follows:
Intel Core i5 6300HQ -…

Dell XPS 15 9550 – i5 6300HQ, 8GB DDR4, GTX 960m, FHD, 32SSD+1TB harddrive

Gigabyte P35x V3 15.6" Gaming Laptop 980mGTX, 16gb Ram 360GB SSD

As New Boxed, Upgraded with 240gb SSD, plus system 120GB Disk and 16GB Ram

Specs :-
Gigabyte P35X v3 (Ultraforce)

  • Intel® Core™ i7-4710HQ Quad Core Processor
  • 15.6″ Full HD IPS Wide Viewing Angle Screen
  • Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit
  • 16GB DDR3 RAM
  • 128GB SSD + 240GB SSD
  • DVD Rewriter – Supplied With Hot Swappable SSD/HDD Caddy
  • Dedicated Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M 8GB Graphics
  • USB3 | HDMI | Bluetooth | DisplayPort

Perfect condition, plays…

Gigabyte P35x V3 15.6″ Gaming Laptop 980mGTX, 16gb Ram 360GB SSD

FM2 cpu

As above cheap as possible. Doing a build as a fundraiser. Will consider any.

I thought I had one here but is was an AM2 + !

Location: Cumbria

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FM2 cpu

ICYMI – Cortana Skills Kit, Adobe XD, Surface Dial and the GameAnalytics SDK

No time for an intro, we want to jump right into this.

The New Cortana Skills Kit

Excited doesn’t even begin to describe the glass case of emotion containing our feelings toward the new Cortana Skills Kit announced this week. In addition to preparing developers to reach millions of new users, the Cortana Skills Kit will also help developers leverage bots and personalize apps to specific users.

Adobe XD

Many creatives use tools like Photoshop, Premiere and the entire Adobe Creative Cloud on a daily basis to mock up and prototype a wide range of assets. Now, UWP developers can tap into the prototyping power of the Adobe Creative Cloud with Adobe Experience Design (Adobe XD).

Surface Dial for Devs

The Surface Dial is an amazing new input method, and in our latest Surface Dial blog post, we show how developers can either add it to their toolkit or develop apps with the Surface Dial in mind.

GameAnalytics SDK for UWP

Get all of the information you need and see how your game is performing in one easy-to-digest dashboard. Even better, GameAnalytics is free. Click below to read more and get started.

TL;DR: Go check out the Cortana Skills Kit, dial in the dev side of the Surface Dial, prototype your UWP app idea with Adobe XD, and check your game’s performance with the GameAnalytics SDK.

Download Visual Studio to get started.

The Windows team would love to hear your feedback.  Please keep the feedback coming using our Windows Developer UserVoice site. If you have a direct bug, please use the Windows Feedback tool built directly into Windows 10.

4 x 8gb Crucial DDR3 desktop Ram 1600 mhz

Anyone looking for some memory for Christmas??

I’m selling 4 modules of Crucial 8gb CT102464BA160B Ram

It’s just come out of a two year old barely used Lenovo desktop that I just bought for my Mum. I don’t think she needs 32gb so it’s available to anyone who wants it. Has been working perfectly while I’ve been using the PC the last few days.

Would prefer to sell altogether or in pairs as I’ve only got so much bubble wrap and jiffy bags.

View attachment 799551

4 x 8gb Crucial DDR3 desktop Ram 1600 mhz

UWP Experiences – App Samples

The UWP App Experiences are beautiful, cross-device, feature-rich and functional app samples built to demonstrate realistic app scenarios on the UWP platform across PC, Tablet, Xbox and more. Besides being open source on GitHub, each sample is accompanied by at least one blog post and short overview video, and will be published on the Windows Store in the upcoming month to provide easier access for developers.

The News Experience

( source | blog post | video )

Fourth Coffee is a news app that works across desktop, phone, and Xbox One, and offers a premium experience that takes advantage of each device’s strengths including tailored UI for each input modality such as controller on Xbox, touch on tablet and mouse on Desktop.

The Weather Experience

( source | blog post | video )

Atmosphere is a weather app that showcases the use of the popular Unity Engine to build beautiful UWP apps. In addition, the app implements UWP app extensions to enable other developers to extend certain areas of the app, as well as exposes an app service that enables other apps to use that weather information, as illustrated by Fourth Coffee.

The Music Experience

( source | blog post | video )

Backdrop is a cross-platform music app sharing code between UWP and other platforms using Xamarin. It supports background audio on UWP devices and cross-platform device collaboration using SignalR.

The Video Experience

( source | blog post | video )

South Ridge Video is a hosted web application built with React.js and hosted on a web server. The app can easily be converted to a UWP application that takes advantage of native platform capabilities, and can be distributed through the Windows Store as with any other UWP app.

The IoT Experience

( source | blog post | video )

Best For You is a fitness UWP app focused on collecting data from an IoT device using Windows IoT Core, Azure IoT Hub, Azure Event Hub and Azure Stream Analytics for processing.

The Social Experience

( source )

Adventure Works is a cross-device UWP application for sharing adventures and experiences with fictional friends. It is separated into three parts:

About the samples

These samples have been built and designed for multiple UWP devices and scenarios in mind from the start and are meant to showcase end to end solutions. Any developer can take advantage of these samples regardless of the device type or features they are targeting, and we are looking forward to hearing about your experience on the official GitHub repository.

Happy coding!


AMD AM3 fx series motherboard with 4 ddr3 dimms to replace a dead gigabyte board..

Location: hull east yorks

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EVGA GTX 970 SC & Fractal Node 304 ITX Case

EVGA 970 SC – Lightly used and in excellent condition, never overclocked. I dont have the original box.

£170 delivered

White Fractal Design Node 304 ITX Case – in good used condition, minor wear.

I did have some issues getting all 3 included fans (1x rear 140mm and 2x front 120mm) to work with the 3 fan controller. So I just used the one rear and one front fan. The other front fan could just be connected to the motherboard.

£50 delivered

Price and currency: £165 (970) / £50…

EVGA GTX 970 SC & Fractal Node 304 ITX Case