Cool new things for Hyper-V on Windows 10

Insider build 15002 is now available for Fast Ring windows insiders. In it, you’ll find a few improvements in Hyper-V for Windows 10 users:

  • A new virtual machine Quick Create experience (work in progress).
  • More aggressive memory allocation for starting virtual machines.  This is especially useful for anyone using emulators in Visual Studio or static memory virtual machines.

Check it out and send feedback!

Virtual machine Quick Create


Hyper-V Manager has a new single-page wizard that makes it faster and easier to create virtual machines.  You can access it through a new “Quick Create…” button (1).

Quick Create focuses on getting the guest operating system up and running.  It automatically creates virtual hardware necessary to run the guest operating system (2).  Including a virtual switch!  Since many desktop users see internet in the virtual machine as essential, we added the option to create an external switch (3) directly to the new virtual machine experience.

Quick Create is still under active development – try it out and please leave feedback!

Changes in memory allocation

Starting in build 15002, we changed how Hyper-V on Windows 10 allocates memory for starting virtual machines.

In the past, when you started a virtual machine, Hyper-V allocated memory very conservatively.  As an example, we maintained reserved memory for the Hyper-V host (root memory reserve) so even if task manager showed 2 GB free memory, Hyper-V wouldn’t use it for virtual machines.  Hyper-V also wouldn’t ask for applications to release unused memory (trim).  Conservative memory allocation makes sense in a hosting environment where not many applications run on the Hyper-V host and the ones that do are high priority – it doesn’t make much sense for Windows 10 and desktop virtualization.

Windows 10, you’re probably running several applications (web browsers, text editors, chat clients, etc) and most of them will reserve more memory than they’re actively using.  With these changes, Hyper-V starts allocating memory in small chunks (to give the operating system a chance to trim memory from other applications) and will use all available memory (no root reserve).  Which isn’t to say you’ll never run out of memory but now the amount of memory shown in task manager accurately reflects the amount available for starting virtual machines.

Note:  For people using Hyper-V with device emulators in Visual Studio – the emulator does have overhead so you will need at least 200MB more RAM available than the emulator you’re starting suggests (i.e. a 512MB emulator actually needs closer to 700MB available to start successfully).

I’ll post a follow up blog going into more nitty gritty details on this later.

Have fun making virtual machines!


Palit GTX 980Ti Super JetStream

For sale is my perfect working condition GTX 980Ti bought new from Overclockers on the 29/06/16.

Reason for selling is due to a downgrade (just bought a 970 from another thread).

Looking for £310 inc postage which I think is fair, not in a massive rush to sell so shall see what offers come in. I won’t be able to post until the 970 arrives but shouldn’t be later than Thursday/Friday this week. I’ll also give it a little clean before I box it back up.

Any questions please do ask.


Palit GTX 980Ti Super JetStream

16 x Pioneer DVR221LBK / LandingZone Dock for 15" MBP / Mobee Magic Apple Mouse Charger

Hi All,

I have 16 x Pioneer DVR221LBK internal drives for sale! Am looking for a couple of quid for these “EACH”, plus 2nd Class Postage Recorded. So all in all about a fiver posted.

You can’t buy these anymore and these were probably the best writers for DVD’s / DVD-DL’s.


Price reduction on the LandingZone Dock for 15″ MBP as per here…


Its the 15″ version….

16 x Pioneer DVR221LBK / LandingZone Dock for 15″ MBP / Mobee Magic Apple Mouse Charger

Hard Drives

I have a couple of hard drives for sale following migrations to SSDs, which are as follows:

  • Seagate 1TB 7200rpm, model number ST31000524AS – £25
  • Seagate 500GB 5400rpm 7mm, model number ST500LT012 – £15

Both prices include delivery, and will be shipped as soon as the antistatic bags I have ordered arrive (estimated Wednesday/Thursday). Collection is also welcome.

Price and currency: £25 and £15 respectively
Delivery: Delivery cost is included within…

Hard Drives

Socket 775 mATX motherboard, must include i/o backplate

Looking to build a CHEAP pc for the grandkids.

Got the CPU and the HDD

Need a working MB

Location: Accrington

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Socket 775 mATX motherboard, must include i/o backplate

gaming pc

AMD A8-6600K
10.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3
MSI FM2-A55M-E33
3071MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti gainward phantom
Thermaltake TR2 Series 700 W 80 Plus power supply
1TB Seagate ST1000DM003-1CH162
High Definition Audio Device
Gaming tower with fans and led’s

Price and currency: 375
Delivery: Delivery cost is not included
Payment method: bt or cash
Location: cheshire…

gaming pc

DDR3L 8/16gb

Hi, I’m looking at upgrading the RAM in my laptop is currently has 6gb (4/2gb) so I’m looking at either:
1x 4GB or
1x 8GB or
2x 8GB

not in a huge rush to buy so will hold leave this open for a while to see what’s about.

Location: Stoke

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DDR3L 8/16gb