Wanted – GTX 1070/980ti, i5 7600k,mb, ram: For Sale:Silverstone Fortress Case, 8 + 4gb Ram kits, i5 2500k

Looking for a new graphics card, 1070 or 980ti, possibly 1080 depending on price.

Also looking for a new cpu, motherboard, ram. i5 7600k, motherboard and ram to match.
Would consider am4 ryzen kit.

Still have other things for sale:

Up for sale is my silvestone fortress full tower case, moved my kit into something a bit smaller for a media pc.

case is a monster and looks awesome when kitted out. with all accessories and is in excellent condition, no box unfortunately but have an alternative to use for shipping

currently at scan

Silverstone Fortress Full Tower Aluminium Chassis, No PSU

£110 delivered

i5 2500k cpu. never overclocked, runs perfect, will be boxed but no heatsink/fan unless I manage to find it.


I have 12gig of blue kingston hyperx ram, ddr3 1600 as per the spec below

kingston ram

£40 for pair of 4gbs

£20 for the pair of 2gb

GTX690 sold

Price and currency: various
Delivery: Delivery is included.
Payment method: bt, ppg, cash
Location: bonnyrigg
Advertised elsewhere?: Advertised elsewhere
Prefer goods collected?: I prefer the goods to be collected

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For Sale – Apple Bluetooth Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard For Sale (Not Magic 2)

Hi fellas,

After upgrading to the Magic 2 setup for my imac i have my original Bluetooth Apple Magic Keyboard and Mouse for sale.

Fantastic condition, my kit is always looked after.

Looking at £67.50 for both posted insured.
No packaging but will package them up very well.

See my trust for reassurance.

PPG or BT please.

Price and currency: 67.50 GBP
Delivery: Delivery cost is included within my country
Payment method: BT, PPG
Location: J27 M1 Notts/Derby
Advertised elsewhere?: Advertised elsewhere
Prefer goods collected?: I have no preference

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For Trade – 2 x Apple Airport Extreme (AC) & 16GB Kingston 2666 WANTED: Ubiquiti AP

Would you take £35 for your UAP delivered?

I assume you’re no where near me for collection.

I’ve got my Pro installed last night and very impressed, I have coverage in my whole house now but still could make use of your spare unit in the garage wall which is behind my lounge so tablets can use that.

I know you don’t want lose out but you can send it by pigeon to save money. I’m in no rush.

Play Rainbow Six Siege for Free with Xbox Live Gold This Weekend

Rainbow Six Siege‘s tactical, squad-driven shooter matches are tense, merciless cat-and-mouse games, where communication and quick wits are key for survival. If you’re an Xbox Live Gold member who’s been looking for a good opportunity to jump into the thick of it, you’ll have a chance to play Rainbow Six Siege for free this weekend.

Starting Thursday, August 24 at 12:01 a.m. PDT and running until Sunday, August 27 at 11:59 p.m. PDT, you’ll be able to download Rainbow Six Siege and play everything it has to offer, from its hair-trigger 5v5 multiplayer matches to its intense co-op Terrorist Hunt mode. All the maps and modes will be available during the free period, and you’ll have the chance to unlock all of Rainbow Six Siege‘s Operators as you earn Renown through battle. As a bonus, Rainbow Six Siege will be available for a 50% discount from the Xbox Store from August 24 to September 4 if you want to keep playing after this weekend. If you choose to buy the game later, all your earned achievements and progress made will be here when you’re ready to get back into the fight.

The trial period is a perfect opportunity to start honing your skills and earning Renown ahead of the currently targeted September 5 launch of Operation Blood Orchid, which will add a new Hong Kong map, new customization items, and three new Operators – two from Hong Kong’s SDU, and a third from Poland’s GROM – to the mix. The new Operators will be available to Season Pass owners immediately while non-Season Pass owners will have to wait seven days. The new map will be available to all players upon release.

You can get a sneak peek at the new map and Operators during a livestream from Gamescom, . The finals themselves run from August 25-26, and will bring together eight top teams from Latin America, North America, and Europe to compete for $237,500 in prizes.

To download Rainbow Six Siege, click on the Gold Member area on the Home dashboard.

Azure Analysis Services web designer adds visual model editing to the preview

Last month we released a preview of the Azure Analysis Services web designer. This new browser-based experience will allow developers to start creating and managing Azure Analysis Services (AAS) semantic models quickly and easily. While SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) are still the primary tools for development, this new experience is intended to make modeling fast and easy. It is great for getting started on a new model or to do things such as adding a new measure to an existing model.

With this round of updates, we are adding the most significant modeling feature yet, the ability to edit your model visually with the new diagram editor.


This new diagram editor was designed for making changes on models with a large number of tables in mind. To make the best use of screen space, you are not required to make all the tables visible on the diagram at once. Tables can be dragged into the diagram from the table list and can be closed from view by clicking the three dots at the top right of the table.


New measures can also be added to a table by clicking on the same three dots and then clicking measures to bring up the measure editor. When you want to change the properties of a table, measure or column, you no longer need to do this one object at a time. With multi select, you can select as many objects as you want at one time and update the properties for all of them in one batch.


By dragging a column from one table to another, a relationship will be created between those tables. You can edit the relationship by clicking on the relationship line which will bring up the relationship editor.

While the new diagram editor is a great way to easily understand and make bulk changes to your model, you still have all of the power of the existing JSON editor. You can switch between the editors by changing the view at the top of the screen.


As you enhance your model, you can continuously test it out by switching to the query view at the top of the screen.


The query view will give you a preview of what your model will look like when used in tools like the Power BI desktop, and it will also let you run sample queries against your model so that you can check your data.


You can try the Azure Analysis web designer today by linking to it from a server in the Azure portal.

Submit your own ideas for features on our feedback forum. Learn more about Azure Analysis Services and the Azure Analysis Services web designer.

Announcing the public preview of Azure Archive Blob Storage and Blob-Level Tiering

From startups to large organizations, our customers in every industry have experienced exponential growth of their data. A significant amount of this data is rarely accessed but must be stored for a long period of time to meet business continuity and compliance requirements. Examples include employee data, medical records, customer information, financial records, backups, etc. Additionally, recent and coming advances in artificial intelligence and data analytics are unlocking value from data that might have previously been discarded. Customers want to keep more of these data sets for a longer period but need a scalable and cost-effective solution to do so.

Last year, we launched Cool Blob Storage to help customers reduce storage costs by tiering their infrequently accessed data to the Cool tier. Today we’re announcing the public preview of Archive Blob Storage designed to help organizations reduce their storage costs even further by storing rarely accessed data in our lowest-priced tier yet. Furthermore, we’re excited to introduce the public preview of Blob-Level Tiering enabling you to optimize storage costs by easily managing the lifecycle of your data across these tiers at the object level.

The CEO of HubStor, a leading enterprise backup and archiving company, stated: “We are jumping for joy to see the amazing design Microsoft successfully implemented. Azure Archive Blob Storage is indeed an excellent example of Microsoft leapfrogging the competition.”

Azure Archive Blob Storage

Azure Archive Blob storage is designed to provide organizations with a low cost means of delivering durable, highly available, secure cloud storage for rarely accessed data with flexible latency requirements (on the order of hours). See Azure Blob Storage: Hot, cool, and archive tiers to learn more.

The Archive tier, in addition to Hot and Cool access tiers, is now available in Blob Storage accounts. Archive Storage characteristics include:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Archive access tier is our lowest priced storage offering. Customers with long-term storage which is rarely accessed can take advantage of this. For more details on regional preview pricing, see Azure Storage Pricing.
  • Seamless Integration: Customers use the same familiar operations on blobs in the Archive tier as on blobs in the Hot and Cool access tiers. This will enable customers to easily integrate the new access tier into their applications.
  • Availability: The Archive access tier will provide the same 99% availability SLA (at General Availability (GA)) offered by the Cool access tier.
  • Durability: All access tiers including Archive are designed to offer the same high durability that you have come to expect from Azure Storage with the same data replication options available today.
  • Security: All data in the Archive access tier is automatically encrypted at rest.

Blob-Level Tiering:  easily optimize storage costs without moving your data

To simplify data lifecycle management, we now allow customers to tier their data at the blob level.  Customers can easily change the access tier of a blob among the Hot, Cool, or Archive tiers as usage patterns change, without having to move data between accounts. Blobs in all three access tiers can co-exist within the same account.

Flexible management

Archive Storage and Blob-level Tiering will be available on all Blob Storage accounts. For customers with large volumes of data in General Purpose accounts, we will allow upgrading your account to get access to Cool, Archive, and Blob-level Tiering at GA.

A user may access the feature using .NET (see Figure 1), Python (preview), or Node.js client libraries or REST APIs initially. Support for the Java client library and portal (see Figure 2) will roll out over the next week. Other SDKs and tools will be supported in the next few months.


Figure 1: Set blob access tier using .NET client library


Figure 2: Set blob access tier in portal


Pricing for Azure Archive Blob Storage during preview will be reduced. Please refer to the Azure Blobs Storage Pricing page for more details.

How to get started

To enroll in the public preview, you will need to submit a request to register this feature to your subscription. After your request is approved (within 1-2 days), any new LRS Blob Storage account you create in US East 2 will have the Archive access tier enabled, and all new accounts in all public regions will have blob-level tiering enabled. During preview, only LRS accounts will be supported but we plan to extend support to GRS and RA-GRS accounts (new and existing) as well at GA. Blob-level tiering will not be supported for any blob with snapshots. As with most previews, this should not be used for production workloads until the feature reaches GA.

To submit a request, run the following PowerShell or CLI commands.


Register-AzureRmProviderFeature -FeatureName AllowArchive -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.Storage

This will return the following response:

FeatureName         ProviderName      RegistrationState 
-----------         ------------      ----------------- 
AllowArchive        Microsoft.Storage   Pending 

It may take 1-2 days to receive approval.  To verify successful registration approval, run the following command:

Get-AzureRmProviderFeature -FeatureName AllowArchive -ProviderNamespace  Microsoft.Storage

If the feature was approved and properly registered, you should receive the following output:

FeatureName         ProviderName      RegistrationState 
-----------         ------------      ----------------- 
AllowArchive        Microsoft.Storage   Registered  

CLI 2.0

az feature register –-namespace Microsoft.Storage –-name AllowArchive

This will return the following response:

  "id": "/subscriptions/xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx/providers/Microsoft.Features/providers/Microsoft.Storage/features/AllowArchive",
  "name": "Microsoft.Storage/AllowArchive",
  "properties": {
    "state": "Pending"
  "type": "Microsoft.Features/providers/features"

It may take 1-2 days to receive approval.  To verify successful registration approval, run the following command:

-az feature show –-namespace Microsoft.Storage –-name AllowArchive

If the feature was approved and properly registered, you should receive the following output:

  "id": "/subscriptions/xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx/providers/Microsoft.Features/providers/Microsoft.Storage/features/AllowArchive",
  "name": "Microsoft.Storage/AllowArchive",
  "properties": {
    "state": "Registered"
  "type": "Microsoft.Features/providers/features"

Get it, use it, and tell us about it

We’re confident that Azure Archive Blob Storage will provide another critical element for optimizing your organization’s cloud data storage strategy. As this is a preview, we look forward to hearing your feedback on these features, which you can send by email to us at archivefeedback@microsoft.com.

Achieving Greater Business Productivity with PowerApps

September 14, 2017 10:00-11:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7)

The advances in productivity that modern enterprise software has brought to business users have always been tempered by the limits of standard software to meet industry-specific, geographically-specific, or individual company-specific requirements. This requirement, typified by the concept of “last mile” functionality, has only increased in recent years.

Historically, the solution taken by most organizations in their quest for the “last mile” was a high degree of customization. While customization can fill in the gaps, custom apps are typically expensive to develop and expensive to maintain.

In this webinar, hear from enterprise application analyst Josh Greenbaum, as he looks at how Dynamics 365 customers are leveraging PowerApps to achieve success in:

  • filling the “last mile” gap in productivity
  • enabling greater business user empowerment
  • increasing speed and ease of development
  • leveraging existing data and applications resources
  • gathering more data and delivering faster analysis to make better decisions

In addition, you’ll also see PowerApps in action with a demo from Luis Camino, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft.

For customers and partners looking to achieve greater productivity in the enterprise, this webinar is for you.

Join us September 14th for this free webinar

Now available: Windows Server 2016 Security Guide!

This blog post was authored by Nir Ben Zvi, Principal PM Manager, Windows Server.

Windows Server 2016 includes major security innovations that can help protect privileged identity, make it harder for attackers to breach your servers, and detect attacks so that you can respond faster. This is powerful technology, and all that’s missing is guidance on how to best deploy and use Windows Server 2016 to protect your server workloads.

Today we are pleased to share the new Windows Server 2016 Security Guide.

This paper includes general guidance for helping secure servers in your environment as well as specific pointers on how you can utilize new security features in Windows Server 2016. We are committed to continue our effort to provide you with the right security solutions so that you can better protect, detect and respond to threats in your datacenter and private cloud.

Download the Windows Server 2016 Security Guide now and check out our website for more information on Windows Server security.

Azure Log Analytics – Container Monitoring Solution general availability, CNCF Landscape

Docker container is an emerging technology to help developers and devops with easy provisioning and continuous delivery in modern infrastructure. As containers can be ubiquitous in an environment, monitoring is essential. We’ve developed a monitoring solution which provides deep insights into containers supporting Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Mesos DC/OS, and Service Fabric container orchestrators on multiple OS platforms. We are excited to announce the general availability for the Container Monitoring management solution on Azure Log Analytics, available in the Azure Marketplace today. 

“Every community contribution helps DC/OS become a better platform for running modern applications, and the addition of Azure Log Analytics Container Monitoring Solution into DC/OS Universe is a meaningful contribution, indeed,” said Ravi Yadav, Technical Partnership Lead at Mesosphere. “DC/OS users are running a lot of Docker containers, and having the option to manage them with a tool like Azure Log Analytics Container Monitoring Solution will result in a richer user experience.”

Microsoft recently joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and we continue to invest in open source projects. Azure Log Analytics is now part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Landscape under Monitoring Category.

Here’s what the Container Monitoring Solution supports:

With this solution, you can:

  • See information about all container hosts in a single location
  • Know which containers are running, what image they’re running, and where they’re running
  • See an audit trail for actions on containers
  • Troubleshoot by viewing and searching centralized logs without remote login to the Docker hosts
  • Find containers that may be “noisy neighbors” and consuming excess resources on a host
  • View centralized CPU, memory, storage, and network usage and performance information for containers


New features available as part of the general availability include:

We’ve added new features to provide better insights to your Kubernetes cluster. With the new features, you can more easily narrow down container issues within a Kubernetes cluster. Now you can use search filters on you own custom pod labels and Kubernetes cluster hierarchies. With container process information, you can quickly see container process status for deeper health analysis. These features are only for Linux—additional Windows features are coming soon.

  • Kubernetes cluster awareness with at-a-glance hierarchy inventory from Kubernetes cluster to pods
  • New Kubernetes events
  • Capture custom pod labels and provides custom complex search filters
  • Provides container process information
  • Container Node Inventory including storage, network, orchestration type, and Docker version

For more information about how to use Container Monitoring solution, as well as the insights you can gather, see Containers solution in Log Analytics.

Learn more by reading previous blogs on Azure Log Analytics Container Monitoring.

How do I try this?

You can get a free subscription for Microsoft Azure so that you can test the Container Monitoring solution features.

How can I give you guys feedback?

There are a few different routes to give feedback:

We plan on enhancing monitoring capabilities for containers. If you have feedback or questions, please feel free to contact us!