For Sale – Lenovo ideapad 100 laptop

I have for sale a Lenovo ideal pad 100 in excellent condition under warranty John Lewis until 09/06/2018,specs are intel i3 core ,8gb,1tb in black,£200 del

Price and currency: £200
Delivery: Delivery cost is included within my country
Payment method: pay pal gift bt
Location: hucknall/nottingham
Advertised elsewhere?: Not advertised elsewhere
Prefer goods collected?: I have no preference

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Microsoft Translator accelerates use of Neural Networks across its offerings

Exactly one year ago, Microsoft Translator made a new AI-powered technology available to everyone: neural machine translation (NMT) . Since then, the team has been working hard to expand the use of NMT to improve translations in the Microsoft Translator Text and Speech APIs, as well as in all of Microsoft Translator’s supported products.  

Today, the Microsoft Translator team is announcing several developments in NMT technology, making advanced AI translations more accessible, no matter how you use them:  

  • 10 new languages are now available for NMT in both the API and the apps 
  • All of the API traffic for Chinese and Hindi is now powered by NMT, developers do not need to do anything to use it 
  • New “hybrid” translation is available for API and apps users alike, bringing benefits of neural translations to languages not yet available on NMT 
  • Speech translation is now powered end to end with LSTM technology with the release of speech recognition LSTM systems in the speech API  
  • NMT is now also available as an on premises service 

NMT technology has transformed machine translation, providing major advances in translation quality over the existing industry-standard statistical machine translation (SMT) technology. NMT better captures the context of full sentences before translating them, providing much higher quality translation and more human-sounding output. Learn more about how NMT works on the Microsoft Translator website, and watch the video below to see how NMT is integrated into Microsoft Translator’s speech translation.

[embedded content]

You can try out the new NMT powered translation today in Translator for Bing, the Microsoft Translator apps, Edge, the Translator PowerPoint add in, and of course, the Microsoft Translator Text and Speech APIs. 

Introducing 10 New NMT-Powered Languages 

Microsoft Translator adds 10 new languages to its list of NMT systems—now at 21 languages and growing! NMT now powers translations in the following languages (new languages in bold). 























100% of Chinese and Hindi translations moved to NMT  

Microsoft is making NTM more easily available to developers. Specifically, all Chinese simplified and Hindi translations to and from English are now using our new NMT systems by default.  This means that developers do not need to call the “generalnn” category in their apps to benefit from these new systems. For the other languages this category is still needed, but additional languages will be switched to 100% NMT in the coming weeks and months.  

For developers that want to keep using SMT systems for the time being, for instance if they have built customs systems using the Hub, the category “SMT” can be used when calling the API. 


“Hybrid” Neural/Statistical translation 

With hybrid translation, when only one of the two languages you are translating to or from is NMT-powered, you will still see an increase in translation quality.  

Because of the scarcity of available training data between languages and the exponential complexity of building and running dedicated systems for each language pair, machine translation systems use English as a “pivot language” to translate from one language to the other. This means that each time you ask a machine translations system to translate from, say, Chinese to Spanish, the translation system usually translates Chinese to English, then translates the English to Spanish.  

With hybrid translations, when at least one of the two languages has an available NMT system, Microsoft Translator will automatically use NMT for that section of the translation. This portion of the translation will improve, making the entire translation better. View our article on the Microsoft support forum to learn more about hybrid translation. 


End to end LSTM neural network powered speech translation to dramatically improve speech translation quality 

Speech recognition is moving to advanced LSTM neural network architecture. Combined with an increase in available speech data, LSTM speech recognition improves quality (measured by the industry standard “word error rate”) up to 29%, depending on the language. This has a direct impact on the quality of the machine translation, since the more accurate the speech recognition is, the more accurate the resulting translation will be.  

Microsoft Translator’s NMT uses LSTM technology speech translation is therefore now using  LSTM technology from end to end. Try out end to end LSTM speech translation capabilities with Microsoft Translator live feature in the Translator PowerPoint add in, on and the Microsoft Translator apps, or in the Translator Speech API. 

On premises neural networks  

For organizations that require additional data security, neural network translation is now also available as an on premises service, using the organization’s own servers rather than the Microsoft Azure cloud service. Learn more about Microsoft Translator’s on premises offering. 

Learn more in the blogs from Microsoft Research and Cognitive Services.

Xbox Live Gold Members Can Now Get A Jump Start On Black Friday Savings

Starting today, Xbox Live Gold members can take advantage of great deals on Xbox digital games during the Black Friday Gold Early Access sale. Xbox Live Gold members enjoy an exclusive 4-day head start on Black Friday, with savings up to 65% on Xbox digital games, movies, and TV shows. Plus, Xbox Live Gold members receive up to 10% more in savings on top of existing Black Friday game deals. Gold Early Access lasts until November 20, so now’s a great time to find that perfect gift for yourself, friends, or family.


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This year there are more than 500 Black Friday deals on popular Xbox games and add-ons including Call of Duty: WWII Digital Deluxe, Destiny 2 Digital Deluxe, FIFA 18, NBA 2K18, Assassins Creed Origins, and many more. And don’t forget the many Xbox 360 fan favorites on sale, playable on Xbox One via Backward Compatibility, like Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Red Dead Redemption, Skate 3, and more.

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This month on Bing: holiday shopping, photo contest, new sports and weather experiences

This month at Bing we shipped several new experiences that help you quickly find what you’re looking for.

Holiday Shopping

With the holidays upon us, we have new tools to make it easy for you to search and discover the best deals on gifts.


Bing Shopping helps you save time by bringing together products from multiple sellers across the Web in to one search experience. Be it televisions, clothing and shoes, toys for your little ones, or gift baskets for your loved ones, you can compare across a wide range of products, filter your choices, compare prices, and visit the seller’s website where you can complete the purchase.

The Black Friday flyers page is a one stop shop to help you find Black Friday ads from across major stores in the US, saving you time mapping out your Black Friday strategy. So whether you are deal hunting or browsing specific stores, bookmark this page and visit it often to discover the latest deals as they are available.

Also in time for the holidays, we’ve increased the number of delivery services we support for package tracking, expanding our coverage from USPS, UPS, and Fedex in the US to coverage of several markets outside the US including myHermes in Great Britain and Purolator in Canada. Simply put your tracking ID in the search box, and Bing will present the latest tracking status right in the search result.


#AmplifyIngenuity Photo Contest

We also launched a #AmplifyIngenuity photo contest on 11/10 to help our users find inspiration in the ways humanity has used its intelligence to make a better future.

Users can


Historical weather and sports information

Bing has already got current weather and football information, but now you can check historical statistics for these topics. 

For example, if you’re hoping to travel these holidays or even just plan what to do at home, you can find historical weather patterns to know what to better expect.


Similarly, you can now go beyond searching current NFL results, and can brush up on your pro football knowledge by checking results of historical games.


We hope you’re as excited by these releases as we are; we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback at User Voice!

– The Bing Team

Tyler Oakley uses the new Skype to catch up with his squad | Skype Blogs

Tyler Oakley is a social media megastar, vlogging legend, and member of an extremely enviable squad. It’s not always easy for him to keep tabs on everyone with his travel, tours, and other commitments, so we wanted to know how he catches up with his crew.

Tyler Oakley catches up with a friend using the new Skype.

Tyler’s been a friend of Skype for years now and we all feel like we know him personally. The big laugh, zany antics, and lovable quality make us feel like we’re part of his friend circle ourselves. So obviously we were excited to partner with him again to see how a post-trip debrief with his clique went down. (But first, sending out a Skype Highlight to let his fans know he’s back homewhat a thoughtful celeb!)

He caught up with Nathan Zed (honestly, it’s not every day you’re wearing the t-shirt of the friend you’re talking with over Skype) and the musical duo Superfruit to plan the night ahead, since everyone is back in town. Korey Kuhl and Tyler plan their next vid (with some in-call reactions along the way), and a call with Mom and Dad ended in a quick chat with the Skyscanner bot to plan a trip for them to visit L.A.

[embedded content]

We don’t want to give it all away (watch the video to see!) but needless to say it was an epic catch-up sesh, and the new Skype features made it that much better. We rebuilt our platform from the ground up so that interactive and personalized conversations just like these can take place easily and more often, keeping all of you in touch with the people you love most.

You can do everything from sharing photos, messages, emoticons, and in real-time, to using bots to plan trips, buy tickers, or find recipes, as well as adding Skype Highlights to keep your friends up to date with anything and everything that’s going on in your world.

[embedded content]

Check out the full list of all the new features and download the latest version of Skype so you can start catching up with your squad, Tyler-style.

Managing Secrets Securely in the Cloud

You’ve probably heard some version of the story about a developer who mistakenly checked in his AWS S3 key to Github. He pulled the key within 5 minutes but still racked up a multi-thousand dollar bill from bots that crawl open source sites looking for secrets. As developers we all understand and care about keeping dev and production secrets safe but managing those secrets on your own or especially in a team can be cumbersome. We are pleased to announce several new features that together will make detecting secrets in code and working with secrets stored securely on Azure easier than it’s ever been before.

Safeguarding Secrets while building for Azure

Most of us know it’s a best practice to keep secret settings like connection strings, domain passwords, or other credentials as a runtime configuration and outside the source code. Azure Key Vault provides a security location to safeguard keys and other secrets used by cloud apps. Azure App services recently added support for Managed Service identity which means apps running on App Service can easily get authorized to access a Key Vault and other AAD-protected resources so you no longer need to store secrets visibility in environment variables.

If you do this though, getting your local dev environment setup with the right secrets can be a pain, especially if you work in a team. We hear many developers distribute secrets for shared dev services through email or just check them into source code. So we created the App Authentication Extension to make it easy to develop apps locally while keeping your secrets in Key Vault. With the extension installed, your locally running app uses the identity signed into Visual Studio to get secrets you are authorized to access directly from Key Vault. This works great in a team environment where you might have security group for the dev team with access to a dev environment Key Vault.

Azure key vault

Azure service authentication account selection setting in Tools Options

In ASP.NET applications the ASP.NET Key Vault and User Secret configuration builders with .NET 4.7.1 is a NuGet package that allows secret app settings to be saved in secure configuration stores instead of in web.config as plaintext, without changing application source code. In ASP.NET Core applications there is a small code change, to load Key Vault as a configuration provider and once you do this you are set. This change isn’t done yet, but we’re hoping to eliminate it soon.

App Settings

Here are a couple of walkthroughs that show you how everything works:

Credential Scanner (CredScan) Code Analyzer Preview

We also wanted to make it easier for devs to find secrets in their code to encourage moving secrets to more secure locations like User Secrets or Azure Key Vault. The Credential Scan Code Analyzer is a very early preview that can detect Storage access keys, SAS tokens, API management keys, Cosmos DB access keys, AAD Service principal keys, connection strings for SQL, Azure SQL, Service Bus, Azure Logic apps, BizTalk server, and various other credential types. As you edit your code the analyzer scans your code and immediately warns you about secrets it finds in any open documents with warnings in the error list and in the Build and Code Analysis at Commit time. It’s something we’ve been developing, utilizing, and improving within Microsoft for some time now.

The Credential Scan Code Analyzer is a preview and ships in the experimental DevLabs extension, Continuous Delivery Tools for Visual Studio. This is because we know this is an important area that goes beyond open documents and can stretch all the way into your CI environment. Rather than waiting, we released an experimental version now because we think it’s useful and we want your feedback on how you would use this in your environment.

Please install these extensions and give the walkthroughs a try to let us know what you think.

Catherine Wang, Program Manager, Azure Developer Experience Team

Catherine is a Program Manager for Azure Developer Experience team in Microsoft. I worked on Azure security tooling, Azure diagnostics, Storage Explorer, Service Fabric and Docker tools. Interested in making development experience simple, smooth and productive.

Xbox One S: Buy a Bundle and Choose a Game for Free for a Limited Time

When you purchase any Xbox One S bundle you can choose a bonus game like Star Wars Battlefront II. And take advantage of promotional pricing also, with bundles starting at $249, available at GameStop and other retailers.

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Or, discover the mysteries of Ancient Egypt with the Xbox One S Assassin’s Creed Origins Bonus Bundle (1TB), and choose an additional game! Unravel the origin story of the Assassin’s Brotherhood, then master the art of destruction in the intense close quarters confrontations, team play, and explosive action of Rainbow Six Siege.

Choose from several titles as your bonus game, including Star Wars Battlefront II, Forza Motorsport 7, and Madden NFL 18.  With Star Wars Battlefront II, embark on an all-new Battlefront experience from the bestselling Star Wars HD game franchise of all time. Become the hero and play as a fearless trooper, pilot a legendary starfighter, fight as your favorite iconic Star Wars character, or forge a new path as an elite special forces soldier through an emotionally gripping new Star Wars story.

And with Xbox One S, you get the best value in games and entertainment. Xbox One S has over 1,000 games including the biggest blockbusters, most popular franchises, and games you can only play on Xbox One. Access all of your favorite entertainment through apps like YouTube, Netflix, and more. Play with your friends near and far, use your apps, and enjoy built-in 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and 4K video streaming.

Plus, enjoy 100 additional games right out of the box with a free month of Xbox Game Pass. Whether you’re playing games, watching your favorite shows or streaming gameplay, Xbox One S delivers brilliant graphics with HDR technology, premium audio, and fast, reliable online gaming with friends.

Head to to purchase a console from participating retailers including Amazon, Target, GameStop, Best Buy,, and Microsoft Store. This promotion ends Saturday, November 18 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

For Sale – HP 17″ i5-7200u laptop

hi guys. I have a hp 17-x101na laptop for sale, virtually unmarked condition. about 5 months old, silver coloured, with box/ psu. came with 8gb memory but I upgraded it to 16gb, and I purchased the hp recovery disc set for added security, I hate recovery partitions on a hard drive
specs are below. priced at £425 excl.del may take desktop MB/CPU/Memory in part-ex

Hp Notebook Laptop 17-x101na ( 7th Generation Intel Core i5-7200U, 2.5GHz

  • 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB SATA hard drive, Microsoft Windows 10.
  • Display : 17.3 inch screen. High definition display, Resolution 1600 x 900 pixels.
  • Multi-card media card reader. Secure Digital (SD), Multi-Media Card (MMC) compatible. 2 USB 2.0 ports. 1 USB 3.0 port. 1 Ethernet port. 1 HDMI port.Bluetooth. Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Multimedia features: HD webcam. Built-in mic. DTS sound system.

Price and currency: £425
Delivery: Delivery cost is not included
Payment method: B/T cash on collection
Location: manchester
Advertised elsewhere?: Advertised elsewhere
Prefer goods collected?: I have no preference

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  • Landline telephone number. Make a call to check out the area code and number are correct, too
  • Name and address including postcode
  • Valid e-mail address

DO NOT proceed with a deal until you are completely satisfied with all details being correct. It’s in your best interest to check out these details yourself.