Cheap – Dell Latitude E6430 Laptop 320GB HD 4GB Ram

Got this Dell Laptop sat here doing nothing so need to get rid. It requires a new battery as the one included does not hold charge and the power button needs pushing in a bit but works fine. Wifi toggle button is missing. Comes with a genuine Dell charger

Its in used condition however works flawlessly. It has legitimate Windows 10 installed but the sticker on the bottom is missing.

Spec is as follows:

Win 10 Pro
Core i3
4GB memory
CD/DVD Drive

I have an additional 4GB…

Cheap – Dell Latitude E6430 Laptop 320GB HD 4GB Ram

Apple Magic Keyboard

For sale are Apple Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2….in great condition boxed. Just over a year old, hardly used.

Free slow postage is included. (Royal Mail 2nd class recorded).

Price and currency: £74 keyboard and £54 mouse.
Delivery: Delivery cost is included within my country
Payment method: BT
Location: Hove
Advertised elsewhere?: Not advertised elsewhere
Prefer goods collected?: I have no preference…

Apple Magic Keyboard

i7 3770K cpu

looking for a i7 3770K cpu.


Location: ilford

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i7 3770K cpu

Surface Pro 3 with keyboard and pen


For sale is my Surface Pro 3.

It’s the i5, 128GB storage and 4GB ram model and comes complete with the black type keyboard cover and pen. I have, just this morning, reset it to a clean version of Windows 10.

It is just short of 3 years old and having only had light use, it is in excellent condition for it’s age. There are some light, surface scratches to the back of the stand but nothing deep and not a mark on the screen at all. Also there is no wear on any of the keys.

There is no…

Surface Pro 3 with keyboard and pen

Macbook Air 13″ i7 mid 2012 (8GB/128GB)

Macbook air 13″ mid 2012
2GHz i7

In great condition – has spent most of it’s life in a speck hard shell case (it is covered in stickers tho) and a padded sleeve which will be included in the sale

Runs great, with a battery cycle count of 345 (being used still so this may change slightly). I’ve got the box somewhere in the loft which I’ll dig out and charger. I’ll also leave the nifty SD tray which lets you put a micro SD card in to expand storage (i’ve got a 128gb micro…

Macbook Air 13″ i7 mid 2012 (8GB/128GB)

Windows 10 Tip: A guide to the basic tools in Paint 3D

Paint 3D is a built-in creative application that comes free with Windows 10*.  It is designed to be simple yet powerful by allowing you to create professional or fun creative projects by easily combining 2D and 3D tools. The best part is that you don’t need any design experience – Paint 3D can be used by anyone.  Its approachable interface makes it easy to customize existing 3D models from our built-in 3D library or create 3D designs from scratch.
Getting started: Paint 3D’s basic navigation

Brushes: Expand your artistic abilities with unique pens & brushes that mimic real materials without the mess. Try transparent watercolor that beautifully washes the canvas or oil painting so real that you can see the paint smudging.  These artistic brushes work both on both the canvas and on 3D models with professional effects such as polished metal and matte to help personalize your designs.

2D Shapes: It is easy to draw perfect shapes with our collection of 2D shapes and the line and curve tool. Use the control circles to manipulate the curvature to your desired angle.  You can also click Make 3D to turn the shape into a layer with additional rotation options.

Give it a go! Click here to view the circuit board model on  Bring it into Paint 3D and use 2D shapes to add the correct symbols to the circuit diagram. Then use the line and curve tool to fill in the correct waveform patterns. Watch this video for tips on 2D Shapes.
3D Shapes: There are many ways to get started in creating in 3D. Use pre-made shapes to jump start building a new model or use the 3D doodle tool to instant turn your 2D sketches in 3D models.  Simply trace a design from a photo or draw one free hand and watch as it instantly pop into a 3D model.  The sharp edge 3D doodle creates sharp lines, perfect for drawing a star.  The soft edge 3D doodle creates a soft curve, perfect for drawing a cloud.

Click here to view the chair concept image on  Bring it into Paint 3D and use both 3D doodle tools to trace around the image and pop it out into 3D. Watch this video for tips on the 3D Doodle tool.
Stickers: This is a unique and easy way to add texture to your creations. Use this tool to experiment with materials such as wood or marble or upload your own photo to create a custom texture sticker.  It will instantly wrap around 3D objects–no prior 3D knowledge needed!  You can also adjust the opacity of the sticker.

Text: Add words using our 2D & 3D text options. 2D will anchor the text to the canvas while 3D text will allow you to move it around the canvas and rotate to different directions.
Effects: Create unique moods such as calming Mist or mysterious Night by changing the environment and lighting in your 3D scenes. You can even move the sun around a light wheel to change the direction of the lighting.

Canvas: This digital canvas mimics a painter’s canvas. This tab allows you to resize and control the dimensions, including turning off the 2D canvas so you can freely design your 3D model.
Magic Select: Easy to use tool that allows you to select the part of the image that you want to cut out and remove it from the background. The tool instantly and almost magically pops out your selection onto another layer and intelligently auto-fills the background to hide any gaps.

3D library**: Browse our huge catalog of thousands of free 3D models for you to edit. Choose from our pre-curated collections to get started quickly or search for your desired model in the search tool bar.  With a tap, you can instantly import the 3D model into your project and begin recoloring and customizing right away.
History Slider: You can undo and rewind all your actions, it’s like an unlimited undo button! The history slider records every change in the scene and allows you to scroll back through time.  You can even create a video of your design process to share with friends by click on the start recording button.
3D View mode: This allows you to move around and see your content from any angle. There are also controls to help you zoom in and out of the canvas with the ability to enter a precise zoom amount.

Click here to view the shark scene on in into Paint 3D and use 3D view mode to position the fins correctly. Then use the 3D doodle tool to add and position a dorsal fin.
Watch this video for tips on using 3D view mode.
Mixed Reality: This takes your 3D model from Paint 3D and launches it into the Mixed Reality Viewer application so you can visualize the 3D model in a real world context. You can snap a photo or record a short video of the 3D object interacting with your world to share with friends.
Paint 3D makes it easy to unlock your creativity and bring your ideas to life.  To check out these features for yourself, you can get started by opening the Paint 3D app. If you are new to Paint 3D, check out our video tutorials on Paint 3D here.
* To access all the latest Paint 3D features, you will need to update to the latest Windows 10 April 2018 Update.  To learn how to get the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, check out this blog post. 
**3D Library is available in select markets.  Check out the online library here. 

QNAP TS-251+ Turbo NAS / 2x3TB WD RED / Upgraded 8GB Ram

Hey, i’m reluctantly selling my NAS… Reason for sale is I simply don’t use it anymore. It was mainly a Plex/torrent box but most of the TV shows are available on the streaming services I use.

QNAP TS-215+ Turbo NAS
– Intel Celeron Quad-Core J1900 @ 2Ghz
– 2 x Gigabit Ethernet
– 8GB Ram (upgraded from the standard 2GB)
– Remote Control
– Boxed with all packaging, remote control, all cables, 2 x ethernet, HDMI, etc..
– Excellent condition, less than 2 yrs old…

QNAP TS-251+ Turbo NAS / 2x3TB WD RED / Upgraded 8GB Ram