For Sale – 32GB DDR3 / Itx bundle

Had these sitting in a drawer for a while now (circa 2 – 3 months) but never got round to using them. They are still retail sealed and obviously I will honour against DOA plus help with any warranty requirements.

Full details here:

4x8GB Sealed kits, totalling 32GB.

Asking £70 inc


Itx bundle:

1x Socket 1150 ECS H81H3-TI2 (1.0) Thin ITX motherboard
1x Pentium G3258 anniversary edition cpu
1x Stock Intel Fan / Heatsink
1x 4GB DDR3 Ram Stick
1x Sealed i/o shield
1x sata power breakout cable
1x pcie wifi card
1x HP PSU brick
Win 10 pro 64bit license tied to mobo

Motherboard specs:

Asking £60 inc
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