Wanted – 34″ or more 21:9 monitor

I could be interested in selling my X34A ultra-wide. its just not getting used . as i purchased to use it for racing games and to use with my 2x980ti cards but now gone single 1080ti . I will just go back to my 32in 4k screen if i do sell .

its only a few months old bought for £905 from Very.co.uk . (email invoice available on sale) and didn’t even unbox it until mid july as it was in my hallway for a while debating whether to send back . to be honest i do like it and i will miss it but i don’t use it as much as i should . As im in process of selling most of the bits from the PC as i have high end laptop with GTX1080 .

the screen still has all the protective covering on the feet still and have the box and all accessories .

I have sold a few monitors on here with no problems .

monitor does have a bit of IPS glow in top right and top left of the screen but does not stop it from performing as it does .

100HZ works as it should as does the Gsync .

This is the updated model that swivels on a pivot .

let me know if interested .

P.S no dead pixles .

for me to sell also and every other screen i have sold the buyer arranges courier .