For Sale – 8700k G.Skill 4266Mhz 16gb Noctua D15 Fractal Nano S

Hi purchased around 4 weeks ago.

I have a brand new motherboard which is an Asus Maximus X Apex, however I was just going to return that to Amazon as I can get a refund as opposed to taking a hit on it.

The reason for the sale is because I’m going to go for X299. I initially went to Z370 to save money but I’ve not saved anything at all. I paid £408 for the processor when they were in short supply at Scan. They’ve since dropped in price (inevitable) which is a kicker….

The CPU and Ram are not new, they’ve been used in an ITX build I had, but the motherboard died, and then I ordered the above motherboard, but on reflection I just want to go X299.

With regards to meeting, I’m not well at the moment so it certainly wouldn’t be any time soon, hence collection.

On another note, I’ll post pictures up at some point this evening.