For Sale – Asus ROG 27″ PG278Q Monitor 2560×1440

Blackmesa, you’ve been trading on here a long time and should understand the rules by now. The first offer you made I can overlook because as Wildkarrde pointed out, it was made 3 days before the seller responded – which isn’t great in itself – and it would be difficult justifying an agreed deal on that basis.

However, for you to agree again, usurping another offer in the process, before disappearing for two weeks is extremely poor trading conduct. All members are encouraged to check threads every day. This includes thread starters and those who have posted offers in said threads. Saying you haven’t had the chance doesn’t wash unfortunately because it takes no more than 3 minutes to check a thread and that excuse it becomes even more absurd when you can use your smartphone on the fly.

One month trading ban issued. In future, I suggest you check the threads you are involved in daily.