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HP Blue Laptop – Model: g6-1326sa

I have for sale a looked after HP Pavilion G6-1326SA in blue. Has been used during university and served its purpose. The spec is as follows:

Brand: HP

Model: Pavilion G6-1326SA

Operating System: Windows 7

Processor: AMD E2-3000M 1.8Ghz


Hard Drive: 450GB

Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6380G

Display Size: 15.6″

Optical Drive: DVD RW

USB Ports: 3 x USB 2.0


Card Reader: Yes

Web Cam: Yes

AC Adapter: Included

Battery: Included

Power Lead: Included

Original Box: Not…

HP Blue Laptop – Model: g6-1326sa

Laptop (requirements inside thread)


I am looking for a laptop with the following specs:

at least 750GB hard drive
quiet and decent battery life
1080p screen would be great (also at least 13 inch)
hdmi out

would prefer windows 7 but would be happy with windows 8.

Sorry that these specs are a bit vague but I think I either want to go down the cheap w7 route (I know I prob wont get a 1080p screen in that case) or get a very decent newer machine with a saving off the RRP. Im undecided yet so am interested as to what…

Laptop (requirements inside thread)

Various Parts

CPU – £80 need something like a 2500k
Mobo – £50 looking for a 1155 Asus/Gigabyte board
Ram – £40 8GB kit
GPU – £120 770gtx or something similar
PSU – £50 for a decent modular 650w
Case – £50
SSD – £40 120gb one
Cooler – £40 for a decent Corsair H100 or something

Location: Bristol

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Various Parts

PowerShell Direct – Running PowerShell inside a virtual machine from the Hyper-V host

At Ignite we announced PowerShell Direct, and briefly demoed it’s capabilities in the “What’s New in Hyper-V” session.  This is a follow up so you can get started using PowerShell Direct in your own environment.

What is PowerShell Direct?

It is a new way of running PowerShell commands inside a virtual machine from the host operating system easily and reliably.

There are no network/firewall requirements or configurations.
It works regardless of Remote Management configuration.
You still need guest credentials.

For people who want to try it out immediately, go ahead and (as Administrator) run either of these commands on a Windows10 Hyper-V host where VMName refers to a VM running Windows10:

Enter-PSSession -VMName VMName
Invoke-Command -VMName VMName -ScriptBlock { commands }

*** Note: This only works from Windows 10/Windows Server Technical Preview Hosts to Windows 10/Windows Server Technical Preview guests.
Please let me know what guest/host operating system combinations you’d like to see and why.


Here is why I think this is really cool

Honestly, because it’s incredibly convenient.   I’ve been using PowerShell Direct for everything from scripted virtual machine configuration and deployment where each virtual machine has different roles and requirements through checking the state of my virtual machine (aka, has the guest operating system booted yet?).

Today, Hyper-V administrators rely on two categories of tools for connecting to a virtual machine on their Hyper-V host:

  • Remote management tools such as PowerShell or Remote Desktop

  • Hyper-V Virtual Machine Connection (VM Connect)

Both of these technologies work well but have tradeoffs as the Hyper-V deployment grows.  VMConnect is reliable but hard to automate while remote PowerShell is a brilliant automation and scripting tool but can be difficult to maintain/setup in some cases.  I sometimes hear customers lament domain security policies, firewall configurations, or a lack of shared network preventing the Hyper-V host from communicating with the virtual machines running on it.
I’m also sure we’ve all had that moment where you’re using remote PowerShell to modify a network setting and accidently make it so you can no longer connect to the virtual machine in the process…I know I have.

PowerShell Direct provides the scripting and automation experience available with remote PowerShell but with the zero configuration experience you get through VMConnect.

With that said, there are some PowerShell tools not available yet in PowerShell Direct.  This is the first step.  If you expected something to work and it didn’t, leave a comment.


Getting started and a few common issues

I decided to make a picture of the most basic usage imaginable.

.5 – Dependencies
You must be connected to a Windows 10/Windows Server Technical Preview Host with Windows 10/Windows Server Technical Preview virtual machine(s).
You need to be running as Hyper-V Administrator (launch PowerShell as Administrator).
You need user credentials in the virtual machine.

The virtual machine you want to connect to must be running locally (on this host) and booted.
I use Get-VM as a sanity check.

1 – Enter-PSSession -VMName works.  So does Enter-PSSession –VMGuid
Enter-PSSession -VMName VMName
Notice this is an interactive session.  I am running PowerShell commands on the virtual machine directly (same behavior as Enter-PSSession usually has).

2 – Invoke-Command -VMName works.  So does Invoke-Command -VMGuid
Invoke-Command -VMName VMName -ScriptBlock { commands } 
Notice this locally interprets the command(s) or script you pass in then performs those actions on the virtual machine (same behavior as Invoke-Command usually has).

It’s that easy.


I look forward to seeing what you all build with this tool!  Happy scripting.


Clearout – 1600W PSU, Bitfenix Case & Fans, 3 x 5970's

Having a clearout of several items – All items with original boxes

3 x Radeon HD 5970 graphic cards (dual gpu)
..1 x Sapphire HD 5970
..2 x XFX HD 5970 Black Editions

All cards are fitted with the best cooler air cooler on the market the now very rare Arctic Accelero Xtreme – £55 each

1 x LEPA G1600 PSU (there is minor cosmetic damage to one of the pcie connectors that does not effect use). This is an 80%+ Gold efficient supply capable of 1700W, an absolute monster of a PSU. – £95


Clearout – 1600W PSU, Bitfenix Case & Fans, 3 x 5970’s

6x 2TB HDD

I have for sale 6 x 2TB hard drives that have been used in my HP microservers. Just upgrade to 4TB drives so these bad boys are up for sale.

I have the following;

Western Digital Green x3 (2TB)
Samsung HD204UI x3 (2TB)

£35 per drive and that includes delivery.

Have checked SMART attributes and green across the board.

Price and currency: £35.00 per drive
Delivery: Delivery cost is included
Payment method: BT
Location: Southminster, Essex

6x 2TB HDD