For Sale – Brand New Fractal Kelvin S24 AIO CPU Water Cooler Unopened

Brand new Fractal S24 CPU Cooler AIO Water Cooler

Still in cellophane packaging, just decided to go with air instead of water and had gone past the 14 day returns with where i purchased it from.

Fractal Kelvin S24 AIO Water CPU Cooler

Simple to install, silent operation, powerful performance and easy expandability define the Kelvin Series. The silent high-performance ceramic pump is strong enough to support considerable expansion, should you decide to include GPU blocks and/or additional radiators in the same loop.

The Kelvin Series water cooling systems are constructed from enthusiast class components. Both the CPU block and the radiator are made from pure copper, for maximum performance and an increased product life span with zero maintenance required.

All modern CPU sockets are supported by the versatile, easy-to-use mounting kit.

Key features

Fantastic cooling performance

The strong pump and the full-copper construction places the Kelvin Series water cooling system ahead of the pack in cooling performance.

Pump resistor included for the ability to optimize the system to a lower noise level, while maintaining impressive performance levels
Dynamic GP-12 PWM fans for quiet operation with significantly large airflow

Wide PWM speed range, 500-2000 RPM, providing accurate and better fan speed control with quieter operation
Expandable system. Just open it up to get the full benefits of custom water cooling, with the ability to add any components you want to the loop, such as a graphics card cooler.

High pressure pump allows strong water flow rates even when an additional CPU or GPU water block or an additional radiator has been added to the loop.

Standard G 1/4″ thread fittings for compatibility with the vast majority of enthusiast water cooling products.

The tubes are fastened with two-part brass fittings, providing a secure seal while being easy to open and re-seal with a standard wrench.

Easy refilling with dedicated fill port. Extra strong fill port that can be accessed by hand, with an allen key or with a coin for easy durable handling.

Made with enthusiast-grade components developed in cooperation with Alphacool

Highly reliable ceramic bearing pump, with custom tuned maximum RPM for the optimal balance between performance and noise level
made with a revolutionary copper/nylon radiators

Full copper CPU Water block design featuring strategic jet plate improvements

Avilable in many radiator configurations

Long lifetime. The performance of most pre-filled water cooling systems degrade quite significantly over time, because of galvanic corrosion and water loss.

Galvanic corrosion occurs over time when two metals with different galvanic potential (such as aluminum and copper) are in contact. It can be slowed with anti-corrosion additives in the water, but the best way to maintain performance over time is to use metals with similar galvanic potential. The Kelvin Series water cooling system is constructed with pure copper in both the radiator and the water block, along with brass fittings.

To avoid the common issue of most pre-filled water cooling units (that tend to lose performance over time due to water loss in the tubes), Fractal Design equipped the Kelvin series with a fill dedicated port.
General Specifications:

Block/pump assembly measurements: 69*69*40 mm
Tubing Measurements: 320mm long, 11mm outer and 8mm inner diameter
Fitted with anti-kink coils for worry-free installation
Kelvin S24 Radiator Measurements: 30*124*275mm
Thread class for fill port and all tube fittings: G 1/4″
Supported sockets: Intel: 775,1150,1151,1155,1156,1366,2011,2011-v3; AMD: AM2,AM2+,AM3,AM3+,FM1,FM2,FM2+
Fans included: 2 pcs
Fractal Design Zero™ Thermal Paste ; 1 g syringe, sufficient for multiple mountings
Colors Available: Black
Net weight – Base unit only, not including mounting or fans: 1.2 kg
Net weight – Dynamic GP-12 PWM fan, per fan: 159 g
Net weight – Total excluding packaging and manual. Includes fans, mounting kit for all platforms, cooling paste (including packaging for the cooling paste) and adapter cable: 1.8 kg
Package dimensions – W x H x D: 350*250*151 mm
Package weight: 2.5 kg
Fan Specification:

Fractal Design Dynamic GP-12 PWM fans
500 – 2000 RPM
PWM control
Max air flow: 87.6 CFM
Max pressure: 2.30 mm H2O
Acoustical noise: 32.2 dB(A)
DC 12V, 0.20A

Pump Specification:

Ceramic bearing
2400 RPM
Voltage control
Maximum water flow: 72 l/h
Maximum pressure: 1.0 m H2O
Acoustical noise: 25.0 dB(A)
DC 12V, 0.27A

(£90) Now £80 posted but open to offers

(Just Generic Pictures used as box hasn’t been opened)

Price and currency: (90) Now £80
Delivery cost is included within my country
Payment method: BT or PPG
Location: Thetford Norfolk
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