Wanted – cheap laptop

Hi guys…..

So i went and spent loads of money on a nice slim hp laptop, me and the missus were going to get one each but her one worked fine, she dont like change so i took full pleasure in getting myself something nicer than 2 machines that weren’t as pretty

Long story short, my 1 year old has just learned to walk, and poured a glass of juice over her laptop. Were not gonna claim it on house insurance to avoid premiums, but i spend all the money a few months back on a nice new one. Not looking to spend a fortune. Just need something to get her buy, possible with good battery life

Anyone looking to sell

ps her old one was a hp pavilion with a passive cooled Pentium, 4gb ram, 256gb ssd, but the battery was a monster at 7-10 hours. She mainly uses it for uni work, so some light word processing , power point, internet , some spotify and the occasional sims 4 round up

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