For Sale – Clearout – 15 x 2TB HDDs CAN NOW POST!

Hi all,

I have for sale 15 x 2TB HDDs taken from one of my backup Unraid servers. These are a mixture of Hitachi, WD and Toshiba (Hitachi Rebrand) and have varying hours. NO WARRANTY is left on any of the drives. I have had no issues with the drives, 2 of which are recerts. None of the drives have errors.

I have attached all 15 drive’s preclear logs. Please pay attention to the “199-UDMA_CRC_Error_Count” line. These CRC errors were due to what I thought at the time was a dodgy SAS card when in fact was due to faulty cables. If you look at the logs you will see the initial count and cycle count has not increased and that the status count is zero.

For those not aware of “preclear”, it is essentially a stress test before you commit a drive to an array and compares S.M.A.R.T values to determine its health. You cannot complete a preclear with a duff drive, the preclear will just fail to start after checking values.

Reason for sale..I’ve moved my wedding forward and so am selling off a few bits of hardware to fund it!

I’m looking for £20 + delivery per HDD. If purchasing multiples then I can knock a few quid off. If you want to buy all 15 then i’m sure we can knock some more off, although I would insist they are collected. Delivery method would be either Collect+ or Royalmail.

All the drives are currently resting in new anti static bags awaiting a new owner(s).



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