For Sale – clearout of comp stuff, ext hdd, brix, cpus, psu’s, ram, hdd bundle, mobo/cpu bundle


having a clear out of some used tech. these items have all been used and work fine. mostly left from upgrades etc. assume no warranties unless stated otherwise.

1) Gigabyte Auros Z390 Ultra gaming motherboard and a i3 9100 chip along with a arctic cooler freezer 33 plus cooler bundle. no ram. fully working, mobo on latest bios. £330 inc

2) Griffin reserve power bank 10,000mah unused £20 inc

3) 2 x hd5450 1gb GPU low profile £15 inc each

4) Aerocool integrator 500watt bronze wired psu. used for literally a week before upgrade. £35 inc

5) following lots of laptop purchases for friends and family recently and upgrades to SSD, i have this lot for sale for £115

8 x seagate laptop thin ST500LM021 500gb
1 x Hitachi 500 gb 5K750-500
5 x samsung 500 gb ST500LM012
1 x HGST 500gb Z7K500-500
1 x seagate 320 GB momentus 5400.6
1 x seagate 160 GB momentus 7200.4

7) Xeon 5650 cpu. £20 inc

8) core i7 930 DO stepping cpu £20 inc

9) sumvision rio mini wireless keyboard usb £15 inc

10) gigabyte brix BXBT-2807, celeron N2807, 8 gb ddr3, 240 gb ssd, win 10. marks from use, boxed with psu. £175 inc.

11) ace 500 br switching power supply £20 inc

12) Western digital my cloud ultra EX2 unused, project never got off. brand new £150 inc

13) 2 x 4 gb ddr3 10600R server ram kit £25 inc

14) 1 x 8 gb 10600R server ram dimm £35 inc

15) arctic cooler freezer pro 7 rev 2 with intel fitting £20 inc

16) cooler master evo 212 cooler. have fittings somewhere for it. not sure what ones. £20 inc.

17) western digital my book 8TB ext drive. unused, purchased last yr to use on the TV but didn’t do it in the end. £140 inc.

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