Wanted – Dell XPS 13 9360

Hi Nick and thanks for replying. I was just a little frustrated at the time, not your fault.

Ive decided to try a MB Pro which I suppose is its nearest competitor although not as highly specced. I do like the idea of the touchbar but I’ll have to see how useful it actually is in practice

Out of interest, what do you prefer in the 8th gen 9360 over the 9370? Genuinely interested as they both seem fantastic machines.

The price of the 9370 here on the classifieds is just that little too rich for me although the spec is my most favoured. If I don’t get on with the macbook will definitely be seeking out an xps again, it is a beauty.

Incidentally, I have had another look at the original FS thread for your xps and then online and in case you’re not aware, I think if you make a call to Dell you can have the warranty period changed from the original shipping date to the date it was purchased from currys, so adding a couple of months if I read it all correctly. Seen similar queries on US forums about the same issue so no reason the same wouldn’t apply in the UK.

Cheers and all the best.