For Trade – Hp envy x360 2 in 1 laptop

So bough this for uni, got rid of a cheapie hp gaming laptop for this smaller foot print, and longer battery life.

Im finding the keys to crampt on it and never realised how much i miss the keypad with the numbers on it…. and i cant game the same on this. So long shot but looking to see if anyone wants to trade for something that can game on,and has fairly decent battery life.

This is pretty much mint, only used a handful of times, still got the box and everything bough from currys maybe 4-5 months ago i can find the purchase date if needed . Specs in the link below or pic below.

HP ENVY x360 – 13-ag0502sa Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support

Will mention 3 things about the machine as they are bed bugs with myself but apparently not faults as i spoke with hp

1. Battery is no where near there suggested 11 hour mark, really like to see the settings they use for that. I use it on a Monday and thats about it, lasts about 3.5 – 4.5 hours and that is coding and compiling, office, spoitfy , chrome and discord open, full brightness on wifi with Bluetooth headphones.

2. The touchpad wont scroll, it did and then windows done an update and now it wont, hp tell me its a driver issue from the windows update, and gave me steps to rectify it but i still cant figure it out, im sure someone whos better with stubborn drives can figure it out, you can use the touch screen and page up and down buttons as well as arrow keys and the scroll bar as alternatives.

3. I dont think the laptop is fully flat, from what i read in a some reviews a few other people have complained about this as well, when on some surfaces the laptop is elivated, so it makes it seem like one corner is lifting, apparently this is to do with the rubber feet running along the bottom of the laptop not being of great quality and being uneven, but hp assure me its not bent and will send out replacement strips if i want (however they would just be the same as the ones on there so i left it at that)

But on some surfaces i feel the laptop rocks slightly, its hard to explain ill make a video and put it up. Others it seems perfectly flat ill show on the video

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