For Sale – i7 2600k, R9 295 x2, DDR3 Ram, 8800gts oc, 9800gt, coolermaster PSU, Gigabyte Mobo, HDD’s etc

Its been a while & im having a clear out. All of the below parts are for sale to fund a new up to date GPU.

The below parts were in my system untill last week when i upgraded to a i7 9900k package and are all working 100%. The ram modules were ran together to give 12gb of ram at stock settings. The GPU is still in my system but if i get a sale i can run my monitor off the Mobo/ CPU.

  • i7 2600k CPU £45 + Postage SOLD TO URL
  • Gigabyte Z68X-UD3P-B3 Inc, OI shield stickers box manuals etc £40 + Postage SOLD TO KINNSY
  • Corsair 2x 2GB DDR3 Ram £10 + Postage
  • Exceleram 2 x 4GB DDR3 Ram £20 + Postage SOLD TO KINNSY
  • Powercolor Radeon R9 295 x2 Watercooled £260 + Postage
    (Still in my system but available for immediate despatch.) This GPU Is very long and as you can see barely fits in my case. it also requires 2, 8 pin power connections with 28amps each as per warning in the box.
  • Dell optiplex Computer with extra ram 5gb ram and gigabyte R4650 gpu, 250gb WD HDD £25 + Postage

The following parts are sold as untested however i dont have any reason to believe they would not work. Prices have been adjusted accordingly and a bundle deal would be availabe.

  • BFG 8800 GTS OC £5 + Postage
  • Palit 9800GT £7 + Postage
  • Cooler Master RS 460 PCAP A3 460W PSU £10 + Postage
  • Seagate Pipeline HD.2 500GB £7 + Postage
  • WD 320 GB HDD £5 + Postage

Prices are a guestimate based on Ebay and Google. Offers accepted.

Any questions let me know


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