For Sale – Lenovo Thinkpad X220

For sale is a 12. 5 inch Lenovo Thinkpad X220 laptop

Intel Core i5-2530M [email protected] 2.50GHz
Ram 8GB
300GB storage
Windows 10 64bit

Battery life is not too bad at approximately 3 hours, although Ideal to use on a desk close to a wall socket. Charges fairly quickly, maybe in under 2 hours.

It’s fast and the text is fairly sharp. Ideal for MS Office, Web browsing, etc.

One issue the mouse cursor moves on its own from bottom to to top, sometimes really slowly and other times, pretty quickly. Issue developed a couple of months ago and, judging by search online, it isn’t completely unusual. The cursor is, of course, controlled easily as usual by the mouse but when the mouse is at rest the cursor will start moving. It’s not a big issue but can be quite annoying at times. Looked for a fix online but haven’t resolved it yet. Might require a drive update, or some slightly more comlex fix by someone more technical than I am. The fix really isn’t required as laptop is perfectly usuable as is.

Cosmetically it’s in good condition but has a bit of paint worn off on the back. Mainly a square inch patch and a few very tiny flecks here and there.

The track pad works perfectly but has worn out a bit, that said I prefer to use the mouse anway.

Will post recorded delivery day after payment has cleared.

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