Wanted – Mac mini or imac- 2011-2012….

Hi there,
My trusty imac, 2011, has decided to quit on me!!
So, im after either a mac mini, 2011-2012, or one that is user upgradeable, and preferably with an i7 quad, or an i5 quad, (not sure if that exists on a mini), or i5 dual.(price dependant).
Or, an imac, same era, after 2011, but before they got slim, as that is a pain to swap out, upgrade,(unless its the right price!!).
On the mini, keyboard, mouse-trackpad, monitor, not essential,, as is keyboard etc on an imac, but im aware they come with the machine anyways.
HDD-SSD-RAM, an either potential unit, not really an issue as ill be using whats been taken from my iMac.
Unless its a decent bundle, decently priced.

Condition,- TBH not too fussed, as it will be my Music making machine, and will gladly get a cheaper unit, if its got a scratch on the unit, as long as its not affecting the machine.

Speaking of which, im pretty skint at the minute, as were moving house(!), cannot belive the timing.,,so moneys tight, im hoping to get sorted for around £400, but, im hoping below that for a mini, and about that for an imac, as its an essential purchase, im willing to be flexible either way, and am willing to travel to get the right unit.(within reason obviously)

I use Logic X, and FCPX, so a windows based machine is of no use really, pity, as theyre cheaper,.
Im hoping I can get sorted on here, as I really don’t want to use ebay or bumtree, but TBH, im quite desperate, as im currently typing this in the library,( I cant post an ad on the phone!!)
I don’t have any other desktop, ipad, just an android phone.

So, im hoping the forums can help me out, and pull a blinder, it has in the past.
Thank you for reading, and if you have any suggestions, regarding another model, im also open to that.
Thanks again.

Location: swindon

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