For Sale – Silverstone SG06 Black SFF case – no PSU but inc. DVD RW

Hi, reasonable condition SG06 Black SFF case used as office PC for a few years. Would suit HTPC or other SFF use. Looks fine from the outside, a few small scratches on the inner surfaces but nothing major. Also what looks like a tiny bit of corrosion in one of the top ventilation holes, not visible unless you look – I’ve tried to show in the pics.

I’ve left a Sony AD 7700S DVD-RW drive in there, which I mainly used for CD ripping and works fine with dbpoweramp, Accurip and so on.

Internal hard drive, SSD carrier and (obviously) DVD drive carrier are present, as is the PSU bracket and the expansion card bracket on the rear of the case (you can see it above the expansion card slots). I don’t have the slot blanks – they are just standard full height ones though so any old ones will do if needed.

No PSU – pretty sure it needs an SFX PSU.

Front USBs dodgy/not working, there’s a small controller board that screws onto the rear of the fascia – I expect the board could be replaced but I never bothered and just used the motherboard USB ports. Front power button and LEDs work fine, as does the front fan.

This is a good and well built case.

Asking £40 delivered inc. the DVD RW drive.

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