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For Sale – MacBook Pro 2017 Non Touch Bar 16GB RAM 512GB


I’ve got a MacBook Pro 2017 Non Touch Bar with 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD.
Recently had a new screen, keyboard and battery fitted by Apple, battery cycle count at 2 right now.

MacBook Pro is in perfect condition minus some minor wear on the base. Still has stickers on the ports and Apple logo after the new replacement parts fitted.

No box, charger or accessories included.
(I am still using the charger for my new laptop, but I will sell the charger for £25 extra if really needed)


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For Sale – MacBook Pro 15″ 2016 with TouchBar, mid-spec 2.7GHz/16gb/512gb/RadeonPro455

Bought from KRCS (authorised Apple Premium Retailer) in January 2017 and used by me for work since. Most usage has been plugged into desktop monitor and keyboard hence only 187 cycle count on battery.

Space Grey
Mid-spec standard config
Intel Core i7 Quad Core 6820HQ 2.7GHz
16gb RAM
512gb SSD
Intel HD Graphics 530 / Radeon Pro 455
macOS Mojave

Technical specifications for the MacBook Pro 15-Inch “Core i7” 2.7 Touch/Late 2016. Dates sold, processor type, memory info, hard drive details, price and more.

Excellent – always transported with screen protector in hard shell case
Top case (screen and top section of case) was replaced by Apple 12 months ago due to minor fault so screen is only 12 months old. No scratches or keyboard marks on the screen
There are two tiny chips in the sharp front edge near the trackpad, apart from that it’s like new

I would like cash (or cleared bank transfer) on collection for this machine only please.

Price: £975.

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For Sale – Macbook Pro 2017 TouchBar – 13 inch – 256GB


I have for sale a Macbook pro 2017. This is the 13’3 inch screen with touchbar model. This was bought from Apple in Liverpool in April 2018, this particular laptop was manufactured in March 2018. Obviously being over a year old, it has no warranty on it.

Basic specs are

MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports)
Touch Bar
Processor = 3.1 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5
Memory = 8 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3
Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 1536 MB
Screen = 13.3-inch (2560 x 1600) Retina
Disk = 256GB of Flash drive.

The condition of this laptop is very, very good. I cannot find a scratch on either the screen, top, side nor body on it. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it’s near mint. There’s not even scratches on the ports where you would expect to see any. The only marks I can find are finger marks. This isn’t surprising as is typical, I’ll buy something then not use it. This laptop is a classic example of that. I bought it for all sorts of things, then it’s sat literally unused mostly. I prefer curled up on the sofa using my phone!

Any pics on the photos as simply dust specs on either camera or laptop.

It’s got the latest OS on it as you’ll see from the pics. And the battery health is top notch, just 27 cycles!

Obviously it’ll be wiped back to minty fresh for the buyer so they are effectively setting it up from factor fresh except it’ll have the latest OS rather than the one it shipped with.

it’s boxed and has the charger, apple stickers etc.

Remembering that this is the 256GB model which retailed much higher than the base model, I’m looking for £765 which will include fully insured (to £2000), tracked, Royal Mail special next day delivery.

You can always make an offer though.

Kind regards


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Microsoft announces new technology benefits for nonprofit volunteers on International Volunteer Day

In our nearly 40 years of supporting philanthropic partnerships with nonprofits, and with the 2017 launch of the Tech for Social Impact team, Microsoft has worked closely with nonprofits and partners to develop new products and resources tailored to nonprofits and their very specific technology needs.

We’re constantly engaged with nonprofits to listen and learn about ways to further meet the needs of nonprofits, both big and small. Through conversations with our network, we realized organizations – especially those who rely on and deploy more than one billion volunteers around the world – need solutions that equip their volunteers with the same quality technology solutions that their full-time employees rely on.

In the spirit of International Volunteer Day, a global observance by the United Nations General Assembly for nearly 35 years to celebrate local, national and international volunteerism, we recognize the importance of nonprofit volunteers. Volunteers are the heartbeat of so many organizations. They are in the field, working with beneficiaries, coordinating and executing programs, engaging donors, and reporting impact. That’s why we must go further and equip more nonprofit volunteers with best-in-class productivity tools to promote seamless collaboration and access to content in the field, built on a platform of security features that ensure sensitive constituent data is securely transferred and responsibly managed.

As it stands today, while many nonprofits have digitally transformed thanks to solutions like Azure and Microsoft 365, their volunteers still use unmanaged solutions, which limits the ability of the nonprofit to manage information, protect sensitive data, and make full use of integrated collaboration tools that can increase productivity.

We want to change that.

Today, we’re announcing our first step by providing enterprise-sized customers with a new Volunteer Use Benefit. Starting January 1, 2020, for each licensed Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 seat, nonprofit customers with Enterprise Agreements will receive 10 additional Office 365 F1 seats for their volunteers to utilize. That means that an organization that has licensed 250 Microsoft 365 E3/E5 seats for their fulltime staff will have access to 2,500 Office 365 F1 licenses for volunteers to use at no additional charge. Office 365 F1 brings together the best of Microsoft’s cloud productivity experience including familiar applications for email, calendars, team collaboration, file storage and sharing. This Volunteer Use Benefit will allow organizations to equip millions of volunteers with the tools they need to have an even greater impact on the missions they serve.

This offer will be made available via our Cloud Solution Provider Channel in Spring 2020.

 “Through our recent deployment of Microsoft 365, we’re using tools like SharePoint, Teams and Exchange to drive increased collaboration, cost efficiencies, and security across our organization. In turn, we can devote more resources to driving mission impact.”, said Craig Tucker National Chief Information Officer of Salvation Army Australia. “Central to the success of our organization are the 8,500 frontline workers and volunteers who execute our mission in the field, engage beneficiaries, and manage important information. If we are able to equip our volunteers with the same high quality, secure and collaborative tech solutions that we rely on across Salvation Army it would allow us to fully realize the benefits of digital transformation for organizational success.”

Developing technology solutions for nonprofits strikes at the heart of Microsoft’s mission to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. In the last year, we’ve rolled out solutions like the Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator, which is helping larger nonprofits drive greater insights and operational efficiencies, as well as a Microsoft 365 Business for Nonprofits offer that arms smaller nonprofits with collaboration tools with advanced security and device management capabilities. Not only are we creating solutions, but we’re also supporting nonprofits with digital literacy to improve adoption and usage through digital skills trainings with resources specific to the sector’s unique challenges and needs. With this announcement, we’re excited to extend support to nonprofits’ volunteers. 

In 2020, Microsoft will work with partners to support the roll out of the implementation of the Volunteer Use Benefit which will make all nonprofits more secure and effective, build trust with their funders and beneficiaries, and continue their digital transformation journey. To learn more and be the first to hear when the Volunteer Use Benefit is live, sign up here.

We’re truly grateful and inspired by volunteers across the globe who give their time and effort to help those in need. Their commitment to the world’s most important causes does not go unnoticed.

Published By

Justin Spelhaug

Justin Spelhaug

Global Head – Tech for Social Impact, Microsoft Philanthropies

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Author: Microsoft News Center

AI in advertising captures audiences with personalized ads

In 2017, Flipkart, the giant e-commerce vendor based in Bengaluru, India, got a cold-call email from AdGreetz. The email highlighted AdGreetz’s product, an AI in advertising platform that can generate thousands or millions of personalized ads quickly.

Intrigued, Flipkart, which is owned primarily by Walmart, struck up communication with AdGreetz, and decided to move ahead with a pilot project.

The first campaign AdGreetz did for Flipkart reached 200 million people across social media platforms, said Vijay Sharma, associate director of brand marketing and head of digital media at Flipkart.

Advertising flip

The audience, spread across different regions of India, was diverse, Sharma said.

“These are people of different types, in different cities, with different motivations, with different relationships with Flipkart,” he said.

We created a fairly complex, hard-working campaign, and that showed results.
Vijay SharmaAssociate director of brand marketing and head of digital media, Flipkart

To give the ads a more significant impact, AdGreetz and Flipkart created about a million creatives, or ad banners and other forms of created online advertising, each targeting different groups based on data collected over social media and Flipkart’s e-commerce platform. Depending on who they targeted, the ads varied dramatically, including different colors, voices and languages.

“We created a fairly complex, hard-working campaign, and that showed results,” Sharma said.

Since then, Flipkart has used AdGreetz to produce some 40 different campaigns, he said. The results have been mainly positive.

The first project took about two and a half months to complete, slowed by initial integrations and a lot of back-and-forth. Now, Vijay Sharma said, campaigns can be completed within a week.

AdGreetz, AI in advertising
Using AI, AdGreetz generates millions of personalized ads for Flipkart

AI in advertising

AdGreetz, a 2009 startup based in Los Angeles, uses a platform imbued with machine learning to quickly and automatically create millions of personalized advertisements, CEO and co-founder Eric Frankel said.

Taking a few templates and AI in advertising technology, along with data, including a consumer’s buying habits, location, age and gender, AdGreetz can automatically create personalized variations of those template ads. Advertisement forms include television spots, online banners and videos, emails, and physical product labels.

AdGreetz doesn’t keep consumer data used to create them, Frankel claimed.

The vendor’s relationship with Flipkart is close, probably closer than with any other customer AdGreetz has, Frankel said.

“They bought in from day one,” he said, adding that he thinks the relationship has been fruitful for Flipkart.

“They will probably be the most personalized company in the world,” he said.

Big results

For Flipkart, the ads campaigns have seen “big numbers,” according to Sharma. The company can create far more personalized ads than it did before using AdGreetz, back when marketing teams filled up Excel sheets with creatives, he said.

While the AdGreetz platform relies on AI in advertising, it still requires manual effort from Flipkart to operate.

“It’s not an end-to-end solution,” Sharma said.

The team first creates a creative and then works with AdGreetz to build it into a storyboard, which is then multiplied and personalized. Often, Flipkart needs to provide cultural context to the advertisements and tweak them before they go live.

Sharma has spoken with some competing vendors, as they came highly rated. He said he’s keeping his options open, but for right now is sticking with AdGreetz.

He referenced Alibaba, the China-based tech and e-commerce giant. Alibaba, Sharma said, possesses the ability to create billions of personalized advertisements using AI in advertising and provides some of the most personalized marketing campaigns in the world.

“Hopefully,” Sharma said, “One day, we will also get there.”

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For Sale – 15 Inch MacBook Pro (2017) [Fully Specced – 512GB]

Hi all,

I have for sale my 2017 MacBook Pro 15 inch.

It’s fully specced out, apart from the SSD, which is 512 GB.

  • 2.9 GHz i7
  • 16GB RAM
  • RX 560
  • 41 Cycle Count
  • Apple Leather Case
  • Harber London Case
  • Extended charger
  • AppleCare until October 2020
  • Boxed

Barely used, hence the reason for sale. In excellent condition, almost mint – 2 really (really) small dinks in the aluminium. Hadn’t noticed until I came to check it today.

This had a new logic board and top case last year too, so it really is in superb condition. These sorts of MacBooks don’t come along often.

£1499 collected, due to the extras. Open to negotiation (i.e. not “what’s your lowest price”). Don’t be put off by the price – wasn’t really sure what to price it at.

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For Sale – MacBook Air 2017 13″/Core i5/8GB/128GB, AppleCare until 16/05/2020, battery cycle count 7!

Selling my MacBook Air 2017 13″/Core i5/8GB/128GB. Last of the original (non-Retina) MagSafe 2 Airs, two USB 3.0 and a Thunderbolt 2 port. Running macOS Catalina. AppleCare until 16/05/2020. Just the Air and the MagSafe, no packaging. Superb condition throughout. Battery cycle count 7!

£475 delivered.

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