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A new partnership to support computer science teachers

Today we are excited to announce a new partnership with the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA). Microsoft will provide $2 million, over three years, to help CSTA launch new chapters and strengthen existing ones. It will help them attract new members and partners to build a stronger community to serve computer science teachers.

 We’re thrilled that students of all ages are discovering the exciting – and critical – field of computer science. From the Hour of Code, to Minecraft Education, and even Advanced Placement Computer Sciences courses, participation rates are expanding. This surge of student interest, combined with the premium our economy places on technology skill of all kinds, requires us to do all we can to ensure every student has access to computer science courses. And it all starts with our teachers.  

 Nearly every teacher belongs to a professional membership organization, from social studies, to reading, to math and science. These organizations provide teachers with subject-specific professional development, up-to-date curriculum, and networking opportunities with peers and other professionals. CSTA was started in 2004 to fill this need for computer science teachers. But to meet today’s needs in this quickly changing and growing field of study, CSTA is expanding as well. We are proud to support them!

 Our investment in CSTA continues Microsoft Philanthropies’ long-standing commitment to computer science education through our Technology Education and Literacy in Schools (TEALS) program, which pairs technology industry volunteers with classroom teachers to team-teach computer science in 350 U.S. high schools. It builds on our investments in nonprofits such as Code.org, Girls Who Code, and Boys & Girls Clubs of America, with whom we partnered to create a computer science learning pathway. And it builds on our work advocating at a state and federal level for policy change and investments in computer science education across the United States.  

While technology can be a powerful learning tool, nothing can replace the expertise, guidance, and encouragement that teachers provide to students each day of the school year. I remember my own favorite teachers who helped me see a world beyond the rural town in which I grew up. I would guess that nearly everyone has a similar story. We thank our teachers and we hope that this investment in computer science teachers, through CSTA, empowers more educators to do what they do best: make a positive difference in the lives of students. To learn how you can help CSTA serve teachers, please visit https://www.csteachers.org/page/GetInvolved.

Taking transportation to the next level – Microsoft Enterprise

Microsoft CityNext is excited to sponsor the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) Designing Cities 2017 conference in Chicago, Oct. 30-Nov. 2. We look forward to sharing our leading-edge traffic management solutions with leaders focused on advancing the state of transportation in cities.

Safer, more sustainable and accessible cities

Microsoft CityNext and NACTO are closely aligned in helping cities become safer, more sustainable and accessible, with equitable transportation choices that support a strong economy and vibrant quality of life. We’re contributing to this mission by working with our transportation partners on an urban mobility strategy aimed at serving all citizens—including those with disabilities. Examples include:

  • Connected vehicles that provide predictive vehicle-maintenance alerts to avoid car breakdowns and related traffic congestion and pollution.
  • Reducing distracted driving by integrating phone calls, emails and text messaging via Cortana’s voice feature.
  • Capabilities that deliver real-time road information to improve safety and vehicle performance.

Join our “WalkShop”

Microsoft will host a “WalkShop”—essentially a field trip—enabling NACTO attendees to tour our Chicago Technology Center and learn about some of the latest transportation innovations from three partners, including:

Amano McGann: As world leaders in manufacturing and distributing hardware and software for the parking industry, Amano McGann has worked with Microsoft technologies since the early 1990s and uses Azure as the cloud platform for its Symphony Analytics and Subscribe API service. They’ll demonstrate technologies that help drivers quickly find parking places and rapidly exit garages, and discuss how they are revolutionizing parking management with the City of Sacramento.

Cubic Transportation Systems: The magnetic ticketing pioneer and leading integrator of payment and information solutions for intelligent travel applications, Cubic will showcase its Azure-based NextBus platform, which is designed to improve multimodal transit agency operations. Cubic also will discuss its work with Miami-Dade County to modernize the EASY Card revenue-management system, which also will run on Azure.

Eastbanc Technologies: Known for its flexible technology solutions, Eastbanc will discuss its powerful TERRAiQ business intelligence platform, which is helping residents of Houston find bus schedules and routes to better plan their day and take advantage of fare and promotional incentives for traveling when traffic is less congested. Eastbanc also will talk about working with Washington, D.C., to tackle the for-hire vehicle challenge through Power BI data analytics and support.

Taking transportation to the next level

For those attending NACTO, please join us from 9 a.m. to noon, Nov. 1, to participate in our immersive WalkShop experience, titled “Taking Transportation to the Next Level.” You’ll be able to see our solutions with your own eyes, talk to our transportation experts about your specific challenges and really understand how our cloud-powered technologies can transform the way people move through your city—and contribute to greater quality of life. Until we meet in Chicago, please check out these resources to help empower your city to become an even better place to live, work and play!