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How Technology Led Me to the Best Job in the World

There are many days when I’m convinced I have the best job in the world. That feeling is compounded in moments when I’m meeting with our team of engineers and creatives, reviewing game storyboards, character designs, and what’s next for the Master Chief, knowing millions of dedicated fans are eagerly awaiting the release of our next Halo game. Or I’ll be sitting with a team of creatives, reviewing scripts for our upcoming Showtime television series, and I’ll take a step back and think to myself, “this is the most phenomenal job! How did I get here?”

I’m Bonnie Ross and I’m incredibly honored to lead of one of the most iconic and beloved video game franchises in the world, in Halo.  Our team at 343 Industries tells epic sci-fi stories, we build incredible worlds and I’ve enjoyed a more of a creative career than I ever thought possible: one where technology empowers art. I lead the most amazingly talented team of engineers, computer programmers, artists, and storytellers – all working together to bring the world of Halo to millions of passionate fans globally. Halo is a universe worthy of devotion, a universe in which you can tell thousands of stories – and technology brings all this magic vividly to life.

Throughout middle school, high school and college, my dad encouraged me to think about pursuing engineering and science as a career.  In high school, he pushed me to take the advanced math and science classes, even though I didn’t understand the “why.”  I couldn’t see the opportunities that lie ahead.  I needed that push.  I needed those words of encouragement.  I couldn’t be more thankful that my dad gave me that support.

When I graduated from college, I managed to land a job with Microsoft working on operating systems. While it was an amazing job – especially for someone fresh out of college – I don’t think I would have stayed at Microsoft or in tech, if I didn’t eventually find my passion.  At that time, I wasn’t able to connect the dots and see why technology mattered to me.  Luckily, four years after I started at Microsoft, I found video games.  For me, video games made that connection to what I could do with technology…be creative. Gaming is this amazing merging of art and technology.  Gaming is technology empowering art, creativity, and storytelling.  Gaming opened my eyes to the extraordinary things I could achieve with technology. 

For me, pursuing and remaining in technology, as a career, wasn’t something I would have done without a little help. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to inspire and encourage girls and nurture other women to pursue careers in computer science and technology. There is such a need for talent – girls and boys – in technical fields, particularly in the United States.

Girls start losing interest in STEM in middle school:

  •  Studies show that girls lose interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and computer science as time goes on. In middle school, 31% of girls believe that jobs requiring coding and programming are “not for them.” In high school, that percentage jumps up to 40%. By the time they’re in college, 58% of girls count themselves out of these jobs.

And yet the opportunities for girls and women have never been greater:

  •  In the next two years, there will be an estimated 1.4M jobs in the US that require some form of technical experience or degree. Based on the number of students enrolled in technology and engineering degrees today, it’s predicted we will only be able to fill 400,000 of these jobs in the US. Such a profound worker shortage carries global implications for the US and our economy.
  •  Research shows a diverse workforce brings with it diverse perspectives that improve everything from better product development to better teams to better profits. We need women engineers. And it’s not just a nice thing, it can change everything. Anatomically female crash test dummies, with associated differences in physique and physics, weren’t used until 2011 and women were less safe for it. A 2011 University of Virginia study found that women had a 47% higher change of serious injuries compared to men and a 71% higher chance of a moderate injury.
  •  STEM jobs tend to be higher paid. The lack of women going into technology or engineering or science is contributing to the salary gap between men and women. And here’s the not-so-secret secret: If you have a degree in tech, companies around the world aren’t just looking for you. They’re fighting to hire you since we’re all competing for a very small pool of qualified female candidates.

We know how to get more girls into STEM: 
Microsoft recently conducted research
 to learn more about what causes the gender gap and how to close it. We know why girls or young women either don’t go into STEM or leave. The research echoes my own story growing up. And we know what girls need to stay in STEM. It’s also what I personally needed.

  •  Connect the dots for girls. Girls often leave STEM because they don’t understand the potential and opportunities a technology or engineering degree can provide. 91% of girls say that they’re creative and 72% say it’s important that they have a job that helps the world, so I’m sharing my story to show that they can achieve both of those goals with a STEM qualification.  As a parent or educator, you can do the same. Seek and tell the computer science story. When girls learn about real-world STEM jobs, their perception of the creativity and positive impact of STEM double. Coding is the fabric our modern lives, built on and technology, and continues to shape and improve our world. Let her know she can define, drive and be that change. 
  •  Be a mentor. Girls need encouragement to stay in STEM. I was lucky to have my dad and I’m convinced that without his encouragement of my STEM education, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  65% of middle school girls who are encouraged by a parent say they’re likely to study computer science in high school, compared to 36% who haven’t been encouraged by either parent. With mutual support from parents and teachers, girls are twice as likely to consider studying computer science in high school, and three times more likely to consider studying computer science in college. You don’t need to be an engineer to encourage girls to pursue STEM and inspire their confidence in math and science. Just help them imagine their future with a computer science education.

This summer, I had the privilege of spending the day with 11 amazing young girls to work on a project for the Ad Council’s latest communication campaign, to encourage more girls to pursue careers in STEM. These girls are our future.  They were surprised and enthused to discover how math and science can be creative and can lead to a career making video games.  We talked about what games they play, what experiences and stories they want to create, and I made sure to tell them that they could achieve that and that would change the world.

Technology is the most powerful and the most creative tool we have today to create impact; to change and improve the world. Join me in raising the next generation of world-builders and world-changers. Connect the dots and be a mentor for the girls and young women in your life. Please share your story, my story, share the #SheCanStem videos and inspire the next generation. #MakeWhatsNext.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 updates add AI features to CRM

When incorporated into business applications, AI can provide insights into how best to engage potential customers, predict customer needs, answer questions and, ultimately, sell products. Microsoft hopes to enable all that in its latest Dynamics 365 updates for marketing, sales and customer service.

At the Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2018, James Phillips, corporate vice president of the vendor’s business applications group, said in a keynote that the Dynamics 365 updates change the platform from something that feels like “a surveillance system” to a business intelligence (BI) tool incorporating AI-driven analytics.

CRM “is not a category of software that people are deeply in love with,” Phillips said. “A salesperson sits down and enters their leads and opportunities. It’s for someone else, so they can track the forecast, understand the pipeline [and] whether you’re doing your job or not.”

The granularity of the AI tools Microsoft added with the Dynamics 365 updates will likely be useful for the average end user, said Kate Leggett, analyst at Forrester Research.

“What Microsoft is really excelling at is infusing AI into all their applications to help the business user — whether it is a marketing or salesperson or customer service agent — make the right decisions for that particular interaction,” Leggett said.

Business-user AI: Microsoft’s strength

On the stage at the July 2018 conference, Tammy Mihailidis, vice president of digital customer engagement at Polaris, a maker of power sport vehicles based in Medina, Minn., spoke about how Polaris uses Dynamics 365’s marketing, sales and service platforms to give its customers a more personalized shopping experience.

Phillips said Dynamics 365 and its Power BI tools help organizations analyze traffic patterns of email and other communications and marry that information with LinkedIn to help understand where they should focus sales efforts.

Microsoft is trying to break down the artificial division between the front office and the back office by making the CRM assets available to all users.
Kate Leggettanalyst, Forrester Research

“As a salesperson, I have got a tool now that helps me focus my attention, helps guide me to success and isn’t simply about keeping track of what I am doing,” Phillips said.

Using Polaris as an example, Ryan Darby Martin, a senior product marketing manager at Microsoft, demonstrated how this process would look to both the customer — in this case, a fictional municipality — and to the Polaris agents, from within Dynamics 365.

The process with the Dynamics 365 updates includes a chatbot answering questions from a potential customer, predictive lead scoring recommending that sales staff focus on this particular lead, making the sale and welcoming the customer.

“We are actually able to track all of those interactions and calculate the health score of this particular lead,” Martin said. “We could see the time that was spent by us, but also the time that was spent by them. For example, I can actually see if they opened [an] email, if they clicked on the attachment, if they viewed the link [and] how many times they were responding to us.”

Getting AI into end users’ hands the end goal

The integration of the marketing, sales and service platform is an example of what Leggett said makes CRM features more accessible to end users.

“Microsoft is trying to break down the artificial division between the front office and the back office by making the CRM assets available to all users with its integration into Skype and the Office products,” she said. “They are making it very easy to consume. It’s probably one of the most inexpensive enterprise solutions available.”

In addition being a venue for unveiling the Dynamics 365 updates, the conference was an opportunity for Microsoft to announce it would be releasing updates to its suite of products twice a year. Each release will be preceded by release notes that will help IT professionals prepare for the software updates months in advance, according to Microsoft.

“Companies have to be continually innovating,” Leggett said. “You are getting new releases twice a year, and when that happens, you need to have change management processes in place to be able to understand the changes, communicate them to the end users and then roll out these new releases to you CRM users.”

Jump In With Two New Xbox One Bundles

Games play best on Xbox One, but for those of you that haven’t already made the jump, we have two new bundles joining the Xbox One family today: the Xbox One X PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Bundle and the Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle. More details below:

Xbox One X PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Bundle

With over 8 million players on Xbox One, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been one of the most popular games on the platform since its release as a console launch exclusive in the Xbox Game Preview program. Today, you can join the Battle Royale phenomenon with the Xbox One X PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Bundle, which comes with the following:

  • Xbox One X with a 1TB hard drive
  • Xbox Wireless Controller
  • Full-game download of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds enhanced for Xbox One X
  • 1-month Xbox Game Pass trial
  • 1-month Xbox Live Gold trial

The Xbox One X PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Bundle is available later this week for $499 USD at most major retailers worldwide.

Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle

If the Xbox One S is more your style, we’ve also got the Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle. Beat the summer heat with the cool new Update Aquatic and explore new ocean biomes, shipwrecks, ruins and more. Infinite worlds and ways to play can be found in this bundle, as well as the option to play with your friends on nearly any other platform thanks to Xbox Live! Join millions of players in the Minecraft community on Xbox, Windows, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices with this new bundle, which comes with the following:

⦁ Full-game download of Minecraft featuring the exciting Update Aquatic plus the Explorer’s Pack
⦁ Season one of Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure
⦁ 1-month Xbox Game Pass trial
⦁ 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial

The Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle starts shipping today and will be available soon for $299 USD at select retailers in select regions. In the U.S., the bundle is exclusively available at Microsoft Store and Walmart.

Xbox One is the only console system that plays the best games of the past, present and future with more than 1,300 games available today – including over 200 exclusives and over 400 Xbox classics. If you’re on Xbox One S or Xbox One X, you can also enjoy the ultimate 4K entertainment experience with a built-in 4K UHD Blu-ray player, premium audio with Dolby Atmos support and the fastest, most reliable gaming network with Xbox Live.

For more information on Xbox One, visit xbox.com or Microsoft Store, near you or online.

Airbnb, Univision highlight best practices in BI

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — For multibillion-dollar industry giants like Airbnb and Univision Communications, best practices in BI help drive growth.

BI at Airbnb

Data streams in constantly at Airbnb, and top executives want insights daily, said Theresa Johnson, a data scientist and products manager for financial infrastructure at the San Francisco-based company, during a panel at the 2018 Real BI Conference.

To handle demands, Johnson helped develop an easier system for creating and linking metrics, and she fosters a workplace environment that has her data science team focusing on collaboration.

Airbnb largely uses its own set of tools for sorting data, Johnson said. But she said one of the best practices in BI she used was to create a scalable system, with linked metrics about the online market for the private vacation housing rentals that could be looked at and edited on the go with “slice-and-dice” tactics.

The system has its faults, as new metrics that harbor errors could inadvertently shut down large chunks of the system when it was introduced. Recognizing that, Johnson said she established a developer environment in which new metrics can be tested safely before linking with the system.

Theresa Johnson, data scientist on supply growth at AirbnbTheresa Johnson

Johnson also developed scalable and repeatable tools to easily link new metrics without having to do the bulk of the work manually, which she said saves time and energy.

“One thing I learned from fellow designers is that you want to preference familiarity,” Johnson said. “You don’t want people to come to your tool and have to struggle [with] it.”

For these types of tools, “the more work that it is to use, the less likely I am to use it,” she said.

Data transparency

Data at Airbnb is also transparent, according to Johnson.

A version of final reports on the data is accessible by anyone in the company, and it’s used weekly by certain key stakeholders.

Airbnb has about 4,000 employees, and most of them look at company reports, Johnson said.

Daily active users are far fewer, “but everyone in the company cares; everyone in the company should be informed,” she said, highlighting one of the best practices in BI.

Using an open and transparent platform inspires care and accountability, she noted. So, “don’t be secretive.”

Making data accessible

Simone Knight, Univision CommunicationsSimone Knight

Univision Communications has a similar philosophy, noted Simone Knight, vice president of marketing and media intelligence at the New York-based media giant, which targets Hispanic Americans, in her panel talk.

Knight also cited the need for an easy-to-use and open system.

Listing some of the best practices in BI, she suggested setting up a dashboard on an “always-on display,” preferably on a large touchscreen. With a setup like that, she said, people will be more willing to look at the data and will be able to more easily dig into it.

In meetings, she said, “stop PowerPoints.” Use a live dashboard instead, which will be more interactive and feature the freshest information.

Storytelling as a best practice in BI

Noting the importance of telling a story with the data, especially in the marketing world, Knight said it’s best to try to weave stories into new products or tools when they launch, to better hook a customer and establish a user base. Storytelling can be important, too, when trying to explain data insights to management.

Knight said she often talks her 7-year-old daughter through the data first before presenting something during a meeting.

“If I can find a way to simplify it with her, I can find a way to simplify it with anyone,” she said.

She also noted the growing relevance of automated BI systems, which can save employees valuable time and cut costs.

Everyone in the company cares; everyone in the company should be informed [about data].
Theresa Johnsondata scientist and products manager for financial infrastructure at Airbnb

In addition to BI, Univision has begun using predictive analytics for determining the potential ratings of upcoming television shows. Using an algorithm, the company can predict ratings on premieres, taking into account the time of year, other shows currently being run at that time and how well past premieres have done.

For its part, Airbnb has its own “fully automated” framework in place for sorting through and digging into data, Johnson said in her own take on best practices in BI.

“We’ve set up a framework to make sure that we’re ingesting the right data, that we’re combining the data in ways that are meaningful, and that we’re surfacing regularly and reliably,” Johnson said.

It took a “bit of infrastructure” to make it automated, she said, but now saves on time, cost and energy.

The Real BI Conference was held June 27 to 28 at the MIT Tang Center.

News briefs: Study outlines best practices for patient matching

A new, revised document detailing best practices for patient matching between health information exchange partners was released earlier this month by The Sequoia Project, a nonprofit organization chartered to advance the implementation of secure health information exchange nationwide.

The document, titled “A Framework for Cross-Organizational Patient Identity Management 2018,” includes a case study that illustrates a healthcare organization’s patient-matching success rate improving from 10% to 95%; it also draws a patient-matching maturity model and lists “minimally acceptable” patient-matching practices for CIOs, CTOs and other technology leaders, according to a Sequoia Project news release. 

A Patient Identity Management Workgroup — created by The Sequoia Project and composed of multiple industry, academic and government experts — provided comments to develop final recommendations for improving patient identity management.

The workgroup also incorporated proposals supporting patient identifier challenges in pediatrics, as there is currently no widely employed naming system for newborns that have not yet been given a legal name. Some considerations listed in the document for handling pediatrics include standards adoption, information governance, process and technology, vendor capture of multiple birth indicator, birth order and mother’s maiden name, and creation of a medical record prior to the birth event.

If we can standardize, in practice, how EMRs and HIOs leverage existing standards, we will increase patient match rates dramatically, even in the absence of having a national unique patient identifier.
Eric HeflinCTO for The Sequoia Project

Patient matching is one of the most “significant challenges” to nationwide health information sharing, Eric Heflin, document lead author and CTO for The Sequoia Project, based in Vienna, Va., said in the release.

This paper provides a roadmap for advancing our national patient matching strategy,” Heflin said. “We hope to see organizations adopt these minimal practices and maturity model for patient matching with their external health information exchange partners. If we can standardize, in practice, how EMRs and HIOs leverage existing standards, we will increase patient match rates dramatically, even in the absence of having a national unique patient identifier.”  

HealtheConnect Alaska partners with NextGate to improve patient matching

A health information exchange organization known as HealtheConnect Alaska has selected the Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) platform by NextGate, which provides patient matching and identity management services, as the foundation for enhancing its patient identity management.

According to a NextGate news release, NextGate’s EMPI will enable real-time patient matching across the health IT systems of more than 20 hospitals and 450 healthcare organizations within HealtheConnect Alaska’s network, which currently enables electronic medical records exchange for more than 500 participants statewide, including AARP Alaska, Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska and the state of Alaska’s Department of Health and Social Services.

The EMPI platform will be able to deliver a comprehensive view of a patient’s medical record. Using patient-matching algorithms, records will be unified and duplicate copies of data will be eliminated, while each individual is assigned a unique identifier serving as a cross-reference for greater data exchange. The EMPI platform will provide an opportunity for HealtheConnect Alaska to empower participating physicians and hospitals with an extensive patient record at the point of care to enhance clinical decision-making.

“Effective coordination between providers hinges on the ability to view accurate data from across the network,” Laura Young, executive director of HealtheConnect Alaska, said in the release. “The EMPI platform will play a significant role in our transformational journey toward improved care team collaboration, workflow efficiency, and the creation of a more holistic and real-time portrait of patients.”

Cybersecurity firm publishes ‘Healthcare Hacking Trends on the Dark Web’

Cynerio, an Israel-based cybersecurity startup that launched earlier this year, recently published a study,  called “Healthcare Hacking Trends on the Dark Web,” which provides a look at the buying and selling of protected health information (PHI) in the dark web black markets.

PHI data illegally retrieved by hackers from healthcare organizations usually includes information such as Social Security numbers, birthdates, medical procedures and results and, in some cases, financial information, according to the study.

The study outlined what hackers tend to do with protected health information once they’ve acquired it, which includes selling it in bundles called fullz, which are personal information records that can be used for fraud and extortion, the study said.

Cynerio’s study concluded one of the main reasons healthcare providers’ databases are hacked is because most clinical systems are “poorly patched and communicate through unsecure channels,” which hackers take advantage of to retrieve sensitive information.

FDA permits marketing of AI algorithm to aid in detection of wrist fractures

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) permitted the marketing last month of computer-aided detection and diagnosis software called Imagen OsteoDetect, which is designed to detect wrist fractures in adult patients. 

The diagnostic software uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to analyze two-dimensional X-ray images for signs of a common type of wrist fracture known as a distal radius fracture, according to an FDA news release. OsteoDetect is able to analyze wrist radiographs using machine learning techniques, allowing it to identify and highlight areas of distal radius fracture. The software marks the fracture’s location on the image, which can aid the provider in both detection and diagnosis.

“Artificial intelligence algorithms have tremendous potential to help healthcare providers diagnose and treat medical conditions,” Robert Ochs, acting deputy director for radiological health in the Office of In Vitro Diagnostics and Radiological Health in the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, said in the release. “This software can help providers detect wrist fractures more quickly and aid in the diagnosis of fractures.”

Developers reap benefits of iOS app modules with Swift

BOSTON — Modularization is one of the basic best practices of app development, but recent updates from Apple put it even higher on the priority list for many iOS developers.

Modularization is the process of breaking down an app into smaller, more digestible components. App modules are often based on particular functions; for example, an authentication module supports the authentication process, a login module supports the login process and so on. Here at this week’s SwiftFest event focused on Apple’s Swift programming language, developers discussed their reasons for breaking mobile applications into app modules and how they approach the process.

Modularization offers a variety of benefits to an app development team. For example, it generates a stronger sense of code ownership, which can cut down on time wasted during the development process. Modularization can also allow developers to track quality code and bugs more easily.

Cut confusion, allow scalability

Brad Smith, a senior iOS engineer at Wayfair, an e-commerce company based in Boston, is in the process of beginning to break down its app into app modules. Wayfair has a large team of 40 developers, which created confusion over code ownership during the app development process. The goal of modularization is to lower build times, eliminate bottlenecks and increase productivity, Smith said.

If you sound like a crazy person when you’re explaining your code to someone else, that’s a sign that you need to be more organized.
Alvin AndinoiOS software developer, Intrepid Pursuits

“If you sound like a crazy person when you’re explaining your code to someone else, that’s a sign that you need to be more organized,” said Alvin Andino, an iOS software developer at Intrepid Pursuits, a mobile development firm in Cambridge, Mass.

Modularization through Swift would clear up some of that confusion because Swift offers well-defined access controls that can limit developers to work on their own modules. Andino works in a team of six, but his team still deals with issues that Wayfair’s larger group deals with, such as code ownership. Breaking the app into app modules would help clarify the onboarding process for new developers, Andino said.

Scalability was one of the main reasons for The Washington Post’s development team to modularize, said Arthur Sabintsev, a lead iOS developer for the newspaper. After Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, acquired The Washington Post in 2013, the company pivoted to also operate a software as a service (SaaS) platform called Arc Publishing that handles content management for other publishers such as The Boston Globe and Los Angeles Times.

“To scale at that level, we needed to break apart our code, which was tightly coupled to how the Post operates,” Sabintsev said. “The best way was to break everything apart into single pieces and then add these extra features [that our clients requested].”

Prior to modularization, the SaaS platform only supported Adobe Omniture for analytics. But during the modularization process, the team built a translation layer to take the raw data and convert it in a way that other analytics platforms such as Google’s Firebase and Snowplow could understand.

The evolution of modularized apps

Although breaking an app into app modules is a basic tenant of development, there are a few recent changes that have made the process more accessible for developers.

First, there was Apple’s support for dynamic frameworks in iOS 8 and for static libraries in Swift. Another change is Apple’s introduction of a variety of OSes, including TV OS and Watch OS, said Calvin Chestnut, an iOS developer at Rue La La, an e-commerce company in Boston. Each OS has different requirements and capabilities; for example, developers can’t use table views on Watch OS, but they can on iOS and TV OS. But breaking the code down into app modules allows developers to more easily share the code between different targets, Chestnut said.

The ability to port iOS apps to macOS with a universal framework — announced at Apple’s 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference — will make that process even easier.

“It’s the dream of every developer,” said Giorgio Natili, a software development manager at Amazon. “It’s a really good sign of [Apple] listening to the community.”

Other developers don’t believe that Apple’s different OSes are conducive to modularization. Developers need to be able to create crisper, cleaner, access-controlled interfaces with shared libraries to modularize effectively, said Brian Arnold, an engineering manager at MathWorks Inc., a software company in Natick, Mass. Swift, however, is primed for modularization because it allows developers to keep collections of symbols separate from each other, he said.

“Apple has made it easier,” Arnold said in an email. “But [frameworks and extensions] are not sufficient to enable companies sharing code in multiple apps to further increase modularity, except in a very limited way.”

4690K, 16 gig ram and z87-K board

Well I`m upgrading, so have some pc parts to sell… These are all part of one PC so would be best sold together (I may even take a little off the price if sold togther).

Core i5 4690k 1150 6mb, L3 cache. £90.

I did overclock it slightly, but dialed back to default since it runs games great anyway and I didn`t want to wear it out. Great cpu has done me fine, no problems. Tested with Intel tester, passed all clear. Stock fan has never been used!

Next up:
16 gig of Gskill Ares…

4690K, 16 gig ram and z87-K board

4690K, 16 gig ram and z87-K board

Well I`m upgrading, so have some pc parts to sell… These are all part of one PC so would be best sold together (I may even take a little off the price if sold togther).

Core i5 4690k 1150 6mb, L3 cache. £90.

I did overclock it slightly, but dialed back to default since it runs games great anyway and I didn`t want to wear it out. Great cpu has done me fine, no problems. Tested with Intel tester, passed all clear. Stock fan has never been used!

Next up:
16 gig of Gskill Ares…

4690K, 16 gig ram and z87-K board

Dell Latitude 7275 2 in 1 Surface Style laptop – M5 6Y57, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 12.5″

Hi, I had this brilliant Surface Style 2 in 1 last week and it is faultless yet sadly wasted on me, so best for it to go to a better home.
Dell Latitude 7275 “Surface Style” 2 in 1 laptop
Intel Core M5-6Y57, 1.1GHz
Takes SIM card for 4G data
12.5″ screen 1920×1080
Windows 10 Pro
Dell Warranty to July 2019!
Boxed with usb c to usb B adaptor
Dell USB C charger.

Pics and details exactly as per original thread….

Dell Latitude 7275 2 in 1 Surface Style laptop – M5 6Y57, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 12.5″

Dell Latitude 7275 2 in 1 Surface Style laptop – M5 6Y57, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 12.5″

Hi, I had this brilliant Surface Style 2 in 1 last week and it is faultless yet sadly wasted on me, so best for it to go to a better home.
Dell Latitude 7275 “Surface Style” 2 in 1 laptop
Intel Core M5-6Y57, 1.1GHz
Takes SIM card for 4G data
12.5″ screen 1920×1080
Windows 10 Pro
Dell Warranty to July 2019!
Boxed with usb c to usb B adaptor
Dell USB C charger.

Pics and details exactly as per original thread….

Dell Latitude 7275 2 in 1 Surface Style laptop – M5 6Y57, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 12.5″