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For Sale – Lenovo Z50-70

Laptop specs:

Nvidia GT 820 Mobile Graphics Card
1TB Harddrive
15.6 inch screen 1920×1080
Windows 8.1

This belongs to a relative who now lives abroad and doesn’t need it anymore so she’s asked me to sell it on her behalf. I’ve replaced a part that is known to fail often in Lenovo laptops (charging port) as well as its original battery with a black-coloured one (half the price of the white replacement battery). It actually looks nice with a two-tone colour scheme and the majority of the time it’s unnoticeable as the laptop sits on a surface anyway.

She hasn’t kept its original box but I’ve managed to fit it into a replacement one. Has been factory reset.

On other sites you can find the same model selling on occasion for £140+ but due to some cosmetic wear and tear, including a small crack on its cover that doesn’t affect its performance or function, I’m selling it for a reduced amount.

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