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Clariba partners with SAP clients for intelligent enterprise

At its recent user conference, SAP made a case for its vision of the intelligent enterprise, but the concept still lacks clarity for many customers.

SAP defines the intelligent enterprise as a digital transformation, or the digitizing of existing processes and business models to enable the new processes and systems. The overhaul emphasizes analytics, data-driven decision-making and cloud-based technologies, and it enables companies to develop business models that monetize data in new ways.

For companies to undertake such a transformation, SAP will need help from its partners, said Marc Haberland, founder and managing director at Clariba, an SAP partner. Clariba has engaged in its own digital transformation and now develops applications and methods for SAP customers to do the same.

Clariba, based in Barcelona and Dubai, is a 20-year-old firm that started out as a consultancy for BusinessObjects, business intelligence platform technology that SAP acquired in 2007. In addition, Clariba is focused on SAP’s vision of an intelligent enterprise and is developing data-driven intelligent enterprise applications, including one currently being used by the Italian National Football Federation.

In this Q&A, Haberland discusses how and why SAP customers need to move to the intelligent enterprise.

Why did Clariba begin to undergo its digital transformation?

Marc Haberland: We found about four years ago, when we were developing our solutions with customers, that the customers wanted more. They wanted not only the bread-and-butter analytics and executive dashboards with self-service capabilities, but they also wanted to interact with these dashboards. They wanted the ability to write back into the database and potentially trigger a process in a transactional system, such as creating a ticket in Microsoft Dynamics or an SAP back-end ERP system based on the data they have inside the dashboard.

What was a use case for this approach?

Marc Haberland, founder and managing director, ClaribaMarc Haberland

Haberland: The most pronounced project was one we had for the Aspire Academy in Qatar [a youth football and sports academy] after Qatar won the 2022 FIFA World Cup. We won the project to build a repository for data from different data sources on the football pitch — technical, tactical, testing performance — all the data that you would generate in the course of training for football games that then provides data back into one system.

How did this transform into an intelligent enterprise project?

Haberland: At first, this was a traditional project. It was an on-premises SAP HANA enterprise data integrator with SAP BusinessObjects. We built a data repository in SAP HANA, which is what it was meant to do, but we began to push the limits of BusinessObjects. So, we had to get SAP engineers involved to look at the technology that SAP uses to see if the engineers could improve the routines to make the dashboard faster. On the back of that, we won a project for the Italian National Football Federation. The idea was the same for them, but it was a bigger end-to-end solution. We decided we can’t go the traditional route and we have to go cloud with SAP Cloud Platform, leveraging HANA, and we’d build our own mobile application and not use BusinessObjects technology.

This shows the Clariba Act-In Football analysis application, which provides a variety of data about player performance.
The Clariba Act-In Football analysis application provides a variety of data about player performance.

How does the application work?

Haberland: We really jumped into SAP Cloud Platform when we started this project. It’s a massive project, with 12 integrated data sources from the GPS sensors that players wear during the training to the master data to the external data sources that feed data from the matches. The data sources are fed into one centralized sports performance repository, upon which sits an application that provides coaches, players, medical staff and nutritional staff — a 360-degree view of their players. The performance and match analysis data are combined with subjective information about how the players are feeling, so it’s really about combining sensor data with master data with subjective experience data.

Does this typify the new landscape for SAP technology?

Haberland: It’s really a shift to building applications that not only visualize data for better decision-making, but actually create solutions where data is entered and decisions are recorded back into the system, which is what data-driven digital transformation is all about. To help companies become intelligent enterprises, you have to co-innovate with them to digitize their processes. Data is always front and center for that.

Are there tools that you use to help the intelligent enterprise development?

Haberland: The reality now — especially with COVID — is that customers need to build new business processes, they need to be agile, we need to be able to innovate together with customers and come up with solutions relatively fast. We’ve created building blocks that we call Act-In frameworks of what customers require to build mobile applications and digitize processes. For example, one of these frameworks is active connectors that provide the ability to connect to back-end systems, like S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors or the GPS systems. There are also mobile frameworks because consumers are used to using mobile devices and that expectation is now there in the business world. Every application today needs to have a single sign-on, it needs to have a menu structure, it might need to be multilingual, it will have some kind of forms, it will have potentially charts and graphs. So, there will be different components, and we basically are packaging that in what we call the Act-In mobile framework.

Why is this flexibility important for SAP and its partners and customers?

Haberland: In this journey, the football application is a good story, but underlying this is a very important shift, especially for SAP. As everything moves to the cloud, as SAP is selling more in the cloud, they need to innovate with partners, and those partners need to have the ability to rapidly engage with customers, to innovate with customers, and then to build those solutions on SAP Cloud Platform. Ultimately, it’s very clear the money is in the intellectual property and in having recurring revenue streams from cloud-based or cloud-enabled applications. The reality is that if you go to any customer, and they want to digitize a process, build a new capability, or build a new business model, they don’t have the answers yet. It hasn’t been done before, so you need to co-create together with these customers. Also, the innovation on top of the SAP Cloud Platform — that’s what SAP is looking to do, which enables its partners to create IP and rapidly bring out data-driven applications.

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For Sale – Home Media Windows 10 PC / Remote Control / GTX 670 / i5 / 8GB / SSD & HDD / TV Tuner

Media PC Desktop Computer i5, SSD & HDD TV Tuner, Win 10 Pro, Gtx 670. Condition is good but Used. Case is new, small so can be placed in most places and plenty of airflow. Remote control startup so you don’t need to press the button, has its own little remote via a Pcie card from Silverstone.

Has a Hauppage TV Tuner in it to allow DVB and regular TV channels to be streamed through your favourite Media software. I have configured WinTV as a LiveTV Streaming Service with Record functionality

Very Nice Small Compact Case with plenty of airflow the Coolermaster Q300L which is virtually brand New.

Pictures to follow, pickup from Thetford, Norfolk with Cash or PayPal for delivery. Will be packaged well.

Any questions just ask or can video call me if you would like proof of it working all OK.


Intel i5 750
ASUS P7P55-M Motherboard
Akasa artic freezer 11LP Low profile Cpu cooler (brand new)
8GB DDR3 Ram
MSi Gtx 670 Graphics card
Crucial 256gb SSD
1Tb 7200rpm HDD
Silverstone Pcie remote control card and remote (Brand new)
USB dual band WiFi dongle
Hauppage satellite, digital and terrestrial tv tuner
Cooler master 700w PSU
Cooler master Q300L case (Brand New)
140mm akasa intake fan (Brand New)
2 x 120mm Exit fans
Windows 10 Professional

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For Sale – Silverstone SG06 Black SFF case – no PSU but inc. DVD RW

Hi, reasonable condition SG06 Black SFF case used as office PC for a few years. Would suit HTPC or other SFF use. Looks fine from the outside, a few small scratches on the inner surfaces but nothing major. Also what looks like a tiny bit of corrosion in one of the top ventilation holes, not visible unless you look – I’ve tried to show in the pics.

I’ve left a Sony AD 7700S DVD-RW drive in there, which I mainly used for CD ripping and works fine with dbpoweramp, Accurip and so on.

Internal hard drive, SSD carrier and (obviously) DVD drive carrier are present, as is the PSU bracket and the expansion card bracket on the rear of the case (you can see it above the expansion card slots). I don’t have the slot blanks – they are just standard full height ones though so any old ones will do if needed.

No PSU – pretty sure it needs an SFX PSU.

Front USBs dodgy/not working, there’s a small controller board that screws onto the rear of the fascia – I expect the board could be replaced but I never bothered and just used the motherboard USB ports. Front power button and LEDs work fine, as does the front fan.

This is a good and well built case.

Asking £40 delivered inc. the DVD RW drive.

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For Sale – Silverstone Raven RV01 Computer Case

Selling my old case due to changing to a new Phanteks case with a more conventional layout.

Anyone who knows these cases is aware they are very much on the high end, last time I saw one available brand new it was £190,

Mine is in good condition, I’ve had it for approximately 9 years, originally purchased through cyber power (note there is a cyber power sticker I haven’t removed on the front of the case)

All drive sleds are present, side panel window is still in good condition, ports all still work fine, lights and buttons too.

Looking for around £80 for it collected as its far too big to post and I don’t have the original box for it with protective materials.
Thanks for looking

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For Sale – Tiny STX PC – Ryzen 3200G, AMD Radeon Vega, 8GB DDR4, 500GB Nvme SSD, Win 10 Pro

Amazing tiny Ryzen PC:

Asrock Deckmini case and AM4 motherboard
Ryzen 3200G CPU/APU with AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics
8GB Hynix 2400Mhz DDR4 RAM (2x4GB SO-DIMMs)
WD Blue SN550 500GB High-Performance M.2 Pcie NVMe SSD
Intel Wireless AC 9260 2230 2×2 + BT Gigabit vPro
Official Asrock Deskmini wifi antenna kit
Windows 10 Pro

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Adobe Experience Manager buoys U.S. census during pandemic

Holding up the 2020 U.S. Census as an example, Adobe made its case to U.S. government users that its cloud content management and web experience tools can serve up rich digital experiences, as Congress opens up its coffers to fund IT modernization.

The census is taken once every 10 years and boasts the largest peacetime mobilization of U.S. civilians in order to count its population, said Christina Stoehr, chief of the U.S. Census Bureau’s web and new media branch. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing, the national self-response rate was 57.3% as of current data through May 5, exceeding the planners’ expectations, she said.

Digitizing the census-taking process saves $107 in taxes for each citizen who fills it out, with a potential savings of $55 million over the course of the census, said Stoehr, who discussed the project at the Adobe Digital Government Symposium. The census launched digitally earlier this year on Adobe Experience Manager, and enables citizens to fill it out online for the first time.

“The U.S. census serves as a recent example of how dedicated focus on [IT] modernization and customer experience can transform how mission outcomes are delivered,” said Suzette Kent, the federal CIO, in her conference keynote. “Our up-front investments prepared the government to continue operations, even when the COVID-19 crisis [began].”

Federal CIO Suzette Kent
At the Adobe Digital Government Symposium virtual conference, Federal CIO Suzette Kent, the U.S. government’s top IT official, discusses the deployment of Adobe cloud software across several agencies.

Census CX built from scratch

The census helps government officials determine how to spend $675 billion in federal funding based on community populations; the digital experience around the site had to convey this point and encourage participation in a climate of general distrust of the government, Stoehr said.

It also had to accommodate rapidly changing technologies and mobile devices, and be able to manage the incoming data. So the bureau decided to use customer experience principles to accomplish their goals.

“Even in the public sector, government is starting to better understand its customers and offer them personalized content and service offerings by population segment, and by demographics, via digital channels,” Stoehr said. “With this in mind, for the 2020 census we needed a real point to deliver messages to specific visitors.”

Even in the public sector, government is starting to better understand its customers and offer them personalized content and service offerings by population segment, and by demographics, via digital channels.
Christina StoehrChief of the web and new media branch, U.S. Census Bureau

The project also included refreshing the census site data access interface used by researchers, journalists, academics and more, and supporting advertising campaigns to recruit census takers and to encourage citizens to fill it out.

The agency chose Adobe Experience Manager to host the content, Adobe Launch for content analytics and Adobe Target to serve relevant content to users from the site, which supports 59 languages. Accenture provided journey mapping, among other services. Communications agency Reingold provided UX design and site testing, as well as content creation and coordination.

Adobe takes on Amazon, Microsoft

The Census Bureau’s digital experience project launched amid a number of large government IT initiatives, including the still-under-dispute $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract awarded to Microsoft and numerous other federal IT modernization projects.

Alan Pelz-Sharpe, founder of advisory firm Deep Analysis, said that while Adobe’s not a headline-grabbing government IT vendor, its technology has been deeply ingrained in local, state and federal IT for decades on the strength of it PDF digital document tools.

While those technologies might not have the cachet of the Adobe Experience Manager and sophisticated web analytics that the company currently markets heavily, PDF’s saturation of the government market provides the launch pad for new government IT contracts up for grabs.

“When we think about Adobe, we think about experience management, the things they do with digital marketing, advertising agencies and websites,” Pelz-Sharpe said. “But then there’s the traditional part of Adobe, the Document Cloud. For some reason, nobody wants to talk about those, but it’s their core business.”

The U.S. government is far behind European sites in digital experience for its citizens, Pelz-Sharpe said. Using commercial cloud systems and consultants like Accenture to update sites should catch it up faster and may prove to be less expensive than building their own sites and back-end support. The census site could serve as Adobe’s proof of concept for other federal agencies seeking to modernize their own digital experiences, he concluded.

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For Sale – Various PC bits & Htpc

Nzxt Phantom case – SOLD

Corsair H100i – SOLD

Corsair M65 gaming mouse – SOLD

Gigabyte Osmium mechanical keyboard – SOLD

LG Blu-ray rewriter (WH14NS40) – SOLD

HTPC – Silverstone ML07 case, Pentium G2120, Stock Cooler, ASUS P8H61, 2x2gb Corsair Xms ddr3, OCZ ARC100 240gb SSD, Radeon HD 5450 GFX, Windows 10 pro 64bit OS, 3 x Aerocool Dead Silence white led 120mm case fans & Silverstone SX500lg modular Psu – £130, reduced to £110. I have the original box for the case so would be shipped in that.

Creative Sound blaster Z card – SOLD

All items prices are exc postage

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For Sale – Gaming pc

Sahara p35 case and 4 led fans and remote control, new from amazon
Amd Ryzen 3 1300x quad core processor
ASRock X370 Killer SLI motherboard
2 x Adata Gammix D10 8gb Ddr4 3000mhz, 16gb total @ 2667mhz
Deepcool GAMER STORM LUCIFER V2 cpu cooler and 140mm fan
Kingston SSD A400 120 GB
EVGA 600 W1, 80+ WHITE 600W, Power Supply 100-W1-0600-K3 purchased 26 Apr 2018 remainder of 3 year warranty left
Windows 10 pro

I have never been able to run the memory at 3000mhz with this cpu, add my 3700x into the mix and the ram will clock to 3200mhz YMWV
Update to system forces sale, would like pick up and cash on collection after a demo.

Ryzen 7 1700 8 core available for an extra £50, will swap out the 1300x

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For Sale – Antec ISK600M HTPC case and Intel bundle

I’ve had this case for a couple of years and has served me well. Will take matx mobos and full ATX PSU. Haven’t had problems with dual fan GPU’s but I suspect some very long, three fan ones may not fit. In very good condition with enough space for up to 9 2.5″ disks or up to 3 3.5″ & 3 2.5″.
Doesn’t come with a PSU but have a couple of 80+ Gold rates ones (SFX and ATX) if interested.

Asus matx skt1150
Intel 4670k
8gb ddr3 (2x4GB) HyperX

Price and currency
Delivery cost included
Delivery is NOT included
Prefer goods collected?
I prefer the goods to be collected
Advertised elsewhere?
Not advertised elsewhere
Payment method

Last edited:

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Wanted – Decent spec gaming pc… What you got?

Full spec for you –

Case – NZXT H500 Mid tower ATX, Black with Blue bar, tempered glass side panel.
MOBO – MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC WiFi/Bluetooth, ATX with latest BIOS, supporting AGESA
CPU – AMD Ryzen 5 3600X (6 cores, 12 threads) plus unused stock cooler (Wraith Spire) – 3.8GHz/4.4GHz Boost confirmed.
Cooler – Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo, black with white fans, fitted using Arctic MX-4 thermal paste.
RAM – Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz CL16 – Black.
PSU – Corsair TX550W 80+ Gold, semi-modular, black.
Storage (boot) – Crucial P1 512GB SSD NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD (covered by GPU)
Storage (games) – Seagate Barracuda 3.5″ 2TB 7200rpm (located in the PSU shroud)
GPU – ZOTAC Geforce RTX 2060 – twin fans but not the “Twin fan” model if that makes sense, unless it is the same thing and I’ve misunderstood
Rear/Top exhaust fans (black/white) – 1 x 120mm Arctic F12 PWM PST + 1 x 120mm Arctic F12 PMW, replacing the stock 1x120mm NZXT exhaust fan (black), which I’ll also include.
Front intake fans (black/white) – 1 x 140mm Arctic F14 PWM PST + 1 x 140mm Arctic F14 PMW. Excellent air flow.

Currently running my activated copy of Win 10 Pro 64bit but will deactivate.

Built mid August 2019 – all boxes, manuals, packaging etc & remaining warranty which ranges from balance of 1 year, up to 10 years on the case fans! FYI the MOBO and RAM were bought from here and they were orginally purchased around the same time as the rest coincidentally, plus I have warranty for those too and would be happy to help out in the event of a claim on anything.

Runs cool and quiet, subtle build, only RGB is no the MOBO itself. Plenty of scope to upgrade too.

Plays all current AAA games at well over 60fps at 1440p 144Hz.

Looking at £925 collected – don’t really want to entertain the idea of posting. Happy to demo.

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