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How to run Kali Linux on Client Hyper-V

 Personally, I find Microsoft’s recent moves to improve support for Linux and its overall relationship with open source to be very exciting. I’ve taken full advantage of these new opportunities to rekindle my love for the C and C++ languages and to explore Linux anew. Since my general line of work keeps me focused on the datacenter, I’ve similarly kept tight focus on server Linux builds and within the confines of Microsoft’s support matrix. Sure, I’ve had a good time learning other distributions and comparing them to what I knew. But, I also realize that I’ve been restricting myself to the safe walled garden of enterprise-style deployments. It’s time for something new. For my first step outside the walls, I’m going to take a crack at Kali Linux. What is Kali Linux? The Kali Linux project focuses on security. In most of the introductory literature, you’ll find many references to… Read More»

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10 Hot Hyper-V Topics of the Moment

While we at Altaro always try to keep you all up to date on the latest dealings in the world of Hyper-V and Microsoft virtualization, sometimes there is such a wealth of information released or a large group of product releases that at times it just helps to get it all out there!
Therefore, I’ve prepped 10 useful links below that i hope you will find useful in your IT adventures!

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Introduction to Client Hyper-V

In talking with IT pros in the industry on a regular basis, I often see ebbs and flows of interest regarding specific topics or technologies, and one such topic that I’ve seen several inquiries on lately is Client Hyper-V. Its difficult to pin down any one reason, but whatever the cause, it’s very apparent there…

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