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Clumio backup adds Microsoft 365 protection

Clumio backup is adding software-as-a-service application support, starting with protection for Microsoft 365.

The Clumio backup-as-a-service product’s first level of 365 support is Microsoft Exchange Online emails, with more to follow.

Microsoft’s 365 service protection responsibility is limited to the infrastructure level. In fact, Microsoft even lays out what’s needed for protection, said Chadd Kenney, vice president and chief technologist at Clumio.

“At the end of the day, it’s the customers’ responsibility for backing up that data,” Kenney said.

Cloud-based data such as Microsoft 365 emails face risks including data loss — for example, accidental and malicious deletions — and ransomware attacks. Security features in the Clumio backup include immutability and an “air gap,” Kenney said.

“SaaS is one of the most vulnerable areas,” he said, because users often don’t pay attention to what is protected.

For many organizations, 365 backup is still an afterthought, according to Archana Venkatraman, associate research director at IDC.

“Many consider Microsoft’s infrastructure-level security and retention capabilities are enough,” Venkatraman wrote in an email. “But backing up 365 is important for granular recovery, and meeting retention obligations for specific industries such as financial services, healthcare and the public sector.”

In addition, more enterprises are considering data protection to enable remote working in the current market conditions, as there are many extra endpoints vulnerable to malware and ransomware attacks, Venkatraman said.

“Customers are looking for faster restores in case of ransomware attacks,” she wrote.

Clumio backup for Microsoft 365 — formerly Office 365 — offers recovery options from a single email to a full mailbox. Users can easily browse through particular folders and go back to a specific point in time, Kenney said.

The product has been in early access for about three weeks and officially launches May 6.

Screenshot of Clumio's backup for Microsoft 365
Clumio backup for Microsoft 365 follows the new vendor’s protection of VMware and AWS workloads.

Law firm chooses Clumio for VMware, 365 backup

Clumio, founded in 2017 and based in Santa Clara, Calif., launched its first services last year. It also offers backup for VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware vSphere and AWS native services. Customer demand led Clumio to choose Microsoft 365 for its next platform support.

“Email in particular was the biggest focus,” Kenney said.

CSK Legal, a law firm based in Miami with about a dozen locations in Florida, has used Clumio backup for VMware for about a year and just started using Clumio for 365.

SaaS is one of the most vulnerable areas.
Chadd KenneyVice president and chief technologist, Clumio

The firm is in the middle of a migration to fully using 365 for email. CIO Jason Thomas said he expects Clumio to ultimately protect 20 TB of email.

Thomas said the Clumio backup for 365 is straightforward, fast and similar to the product he’s been using for VMware protection. It even uses the same interface.

CSK Legal backs up about 100 VMware VMs with Clumio, and also has Rubrik for on-premises backups.

Thomas said he didn’t have any hang-ups with using a product so new to the market. He was familiar with Clumio CEO and co-founder Poojan Kumar, and said he was confident in Kumar’s knowledge and ability to launch companies. Kumar was also CEO and co-founder of PernixData, which Nutanix acquired in 2016.

Thomas also knew Clumio salespeople because they previously sold him other products, which have worked well. In addition, Thomas said he likes Clumio’s pricing model, the lack of ingress and egress charges, how much he can back up, the indexing and search capabilities, and the ability to restore.

“We’re a full VMware shop, so they support everything we need,” he said. “I have yet to see a solution that’s as slick as theirs.”

CSK Legal has a second data center for its disaster recovery site, but Thomas said in the future the firm could use the cloud and Clumio for DR.

Clumio’s competition and plans

Clumio enters a crowded market of backup for 365. Backup vendors that offer 365 support include Acronis, Arcserve, Carbonite, CloudAlly, Commvault, Druva and Veeam.

Kenney said Clumio backup stands out because it’s one platform that was born in the cloud, rather than some traditional vendors that started with an on-premises platform and later built another for cloud-based backup.

Enterprises need to evaluate ease of use, flexibility, scalability and integration features when investing in Microsoft 365 backup, according to IDC’s Venkatraman.

“A backup-as-a-service offering that is cloud-native and API-driven is complementary to an organization’s cloud migration and transformation journey,” Venkatraman wrote. 

With so many companies working remotely because of the coronavirus pandemic, Clumio is especially helpful now because there’s no need to go into a data center to install it, Kenney said. Customers can sign up with an email and password. The vendor claims it takes minutes to set up.

“It’s about as simple as setting up a LinkedIn account,” Kenney said.

Clumio backup for Microsoft 365 is priced per user, per month. The vendor said it will provide details when the product becomes generally available.

Clumio will add Microsoft 365 calendar backups in the next couple of months through a regular product update. It plans to add support for OneDrive in the third quarter and for SharePoint in the fourth quarter. Kenney said Clumio also plans backup for Microsoft Teams.

Salesforce, ServiceNow and Slack are among the other SaaS platforms on Clumio’s radar.

Clumio has 134 employees and closed a $135 million Series C funding round in November.

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Clumio extends support to AWS EBS with $135M funding bump

Clumio plans to use its $135M Series C funding to expand its data protection scope.

The backup-as-a-service startup came out of stealth in August with protection for VMware on premises, VMware Cloud on AWS and native AWS services. Clumio this week disclosed its latest funding round. Clumio’s Series A and B rounds raised $11M and $40M, respectively, so the latest $135M injection marks a substantial funding boost for the company. Sutter Hill Ventures and Altimeter Capital led the new funding round.

Clumio CEO Poojan Kumar said the data protection vendor will build out its services platform eventually to cover every data source, starting with Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS). The Amazon EBS support was rolled out in beta this week, and Clumio is working on support for Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Clumio’s Amazon EBS support is expected to become generally available before the end of 2019.

Clumio’s mission statement is to do with backup what Salesforce has done with customer relationship management (CRM) by delivering backup as a service entirely through the cloud. All processes involved with backup such as deduplication, access management, encryption, backup scheduling and resource allotment would be handled through the service.

Kumar said as customers’ infrastructures expand beyond their data centers, keeping their data protected has grown more complicated. Clumio is targeting customers who don’t want to devote IT resources to keeping up with that complexity.

“Customers are saying, ‘I want to stop the business of doing this myself,'” Kumar said.

Kumar said this is especially true with cloud-native data. He said customers have told him that data generated from a cloud application shouldn’t then be replicated to a data center in order to back it up. He said most customers want to lower or remove their data center footprint.

screenshot of Clumio EBS backup
Clumio now protects AWS EBS data in addition to VMware Cloud on AWS.

Investor interest in backup

This has been a banner year for funding for backup vendors, with four vendors alone pulling in more than $1 billion. Veeam received $500 million and Rubrik pulled in $261M in January, and Druva rose $130M in June.  

Christophe Bertrand, senior analyst at IT analysis firm Enterprise Strategy Group, said Clumio nearly tripled its previous funding, although it competes in a crowded backup market, because of its “born-in-the-cloud-ness.” Cloud-native service offerings, subscription pricing and the lack of on-premises investment are all seen as the direction of where backup is currently headed, so investors are buying in now.

“Investors are looking at this as where the market is going,” Bertrand said. “Winning Best of Show at VMworld probably helped, too.”

Bertrand was quick to note that Clumio faces a tough competitive field, however.  Druva and Carbonite — now  part of OpenText — have provided cloud-based backup for years, and long-time backup vendor Commvault added its Metallic SaaS backup service in October. Most of the other large backup vendors can also protect data in the cloud.

Bertrand expects Clumio to invest in extending its geographical reach and bolstering its partner ecosystem. As for product development, he expects Clumio to support more applications, hypervisors besides VMware vSphere and even use cases beyond backup.

Kumar said the Clumio roadmap calls for adding features such as security, container support, customer access keys and bandwidth throttling. He said Clumio will also develop support for new workloads, expand its channel strategy and add to its engineering team.

“They have to do these things quickly to gain traction,” Bertrand said. “It’s going to become a very contested space.”

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