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These innovations are driving collaboration in the Cascadia region | Microsoft On The Issues

As far as enviable commutes go, a short hop in a seaplane, flying over water and past snow-capped mountains, is up there.

Connecting Seattle and Vancouver, a recently launched flight route is testament to the growing ties between the locations.

The two-way trading relationship between Canada and the United States remains one of the largest in the world – and the links between British Columbia and Washington state are growing. In 2016, the launch of the Cascadia Innovation Corridor formalized the connection. And a July 2019 study also found that a high-speed rail line connecting Vancouver, Seattle and Portland could bring $355 billion in economic growth in the region.

Here are a few of the ways this region is coming together.

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Innovation at scale

Microsoft, along with many other business, academic and research institutions, has been working to maximize the opportunities the corridor presents – and the Canadian Digital Technology Supercluster consortium is one example.

Bringing together names in tech, healthcare and natural resources, this consortium hopes to advance technologies by developing innovation and talent. It will also be a boon to the local economy, with the goal of creating 50,000 B.C. jobs over the next 10 years, fuelling growth across multiple sectors and expanding opportunity across the region.

A meeting of minds

Home to some of the world’s leading research and medical organizations, the Cascadia region is also aiming to become a global leader in biomedical data science and health technology innovation.

Stock image of people working in technology

Accelerating cancer research has been a key target. Working in collaboration with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Microsoft has established the Cascadia Data Discovery Initiative, which is tackling the barriers that make research breakthroughs difficult, such as data discovery and access.

Microsoft’s partnership with BC Cancer is taking another approach to finding a cure for the disease. Using Azure, scientists can collaboratively analyze vast amounts of data, accelerating the pace of research. Interns from the Microsoft Garage program have been working to take this a step further, using the HoloLens platform to create mixed reality tools to help researchers visualize the structure of a tumor.

Inspiring the next generation

Work is also happening at the grass-roots level, helping to create the next generation of graduates ready to build the technologies of the future. Through a partnership with Microsoft, the British Columbia Institute of Technology is delivering a first-of-its-kind mixed-reality curriculum, with the goal of training students for jobs in digital media and entertainment along the Cascadia Corridor.

British Columbia students are also benefiting from a Microsoft initiative to help high schools build computer science programs. The TEALS program first started in Washington state in 2009 and recently expanded to B.C. It pairs computer science professionals with teachers, giving schools the training and support to help their students build skills for in-demand local careers.

A lesson for others

The Cascadia Corridor is already helping Vancouver, Seattle and the region achieve more than they could do independently.

A steering committee established at the end of 2018 will help build on the economic opportunities, growing human capital in the region, investing in and expanding transport and infrastructure, and helping to foster an ecosystem that encourages innovation.

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Tyler Oakley uses the new Skype to catch up with his squad | Skype Blogs

Tyler Oakley is a social media megastar, vlogging legend, and member of an extremely enviable squad. It’s not always easy for him to keep tabs on everyone with his travel, tours, and other commitments, so we wanted to know how he catches up with his crew.

Tyler Oakley catches up with a friend using the new Skype.

Tyler’s been a friend of Skype for years now and we all feel like we know him personally. The big laugh, zany antics, and lovable quality make us feel like we’re part of his friend circle ourselves. So obviously we were excited to partner with him again to see how a post-trip debrief with his clique went down. (But first, sending out a Skype Highlight to let his fans know he’s back homewhat a thoughtful celeb!)

He caught up with Nathan Zed (honestly, it’s not every day you’re wearing the t-shirt of the friend you’re talking with over Skype) and the musical duo Superfruit to plan the night ahead, since everyone is back in town. Korey Kuhl and Tyler plan their next vid (with some in-call reactions along the way), and a call with Mom and Dad ended in a quick chat with the Skyscanner bot to plan a trip for them to visit L.A.

[embedded content]

We don’t want to give it all away (watch the video to see!) but needless to say it was an epic catch-up sesh, and the new Skype features made it that much better. We rebuilt our platform from the ground up so that interactive and personalized conversations just like these can take place easily and more often, keeping all of you in touch with the people you love most.

You can do everything from sharing photos, messages, emoticons, and in real-time, to using bots to plan trips, buy tickers, or find recipes, as well as adding Skype Highlights to keep your friends up to date with anything and everything that’s going on in your world.

[embedded content]

Check out the full list of all the new features and download the latest version of Skype so you can start catching up with your squad, Tyler-style.