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For Sale – Apple Macbook Air 2018 Mint

Purchased this Retina MacBook Air direct from Apple on 21st November 2018 but is just not getting used so would like to move on to a good home. Has had minimal light use – internet and Football Manager only!!

1.6GHz dual‑core 8th‑generation Intel Core i5 processor, Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz
Intel UHD Graphics 617
8GB 2133MHz LPDDR3 memory
512GB SSD storage
Force Touch trackpad
Two Thunderbolt 3 ports
Touch ID
Retina display
Backlit Keyboard – British
Accessory Kit

Comes in original box with all original accessories.

Has had a hard case on top / bottom since day one so is immaculate with no dents or dings and screen is in mint condition

Will be reset to factory running

It has no Apple Care / Warranty expired November 2019

Will be posted insured signed for at my cost and will advise delivery date once courier decided and funds received.

Can also collect from London SE9 evenings or weekends

Payment by PayPal Gift, Bank Transfer or Cash if collecting.

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Wanted – 13″ Macbook Pro 2018 with at least 1tb SSD

As per subject, looking for a 13″ Macbook Pro with at least 1tb SSD to upgrade to from my current model.

Spec of my current model:
Retina 13″ Early 2015
2.7ghz i5
8gb 1867MHz DDR3
1tb SSD (can be upgraded)
Performance benchmarks of 723 single core and 1551 multicore
Cycle count: 572
Battery condition: “Good”
State of health: 84.4%
Case in very good condition with no dings or scratches, but some minor ‘screengate’ marks from keys visible when screen is off.

Based on performance benchmarks, I don’t believe 2016 or 2017 models are enough of an upgrade, while prices of 2019 or 2020 models appear out of my reach.

What have you got?

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For Sale – IBM ThinkPad 760EL rare vintage laptop in mint condition

For the collectors among you, here is a very special item from my collection: this is an IBM ThinkPad dating from 1997, in full working order and restored lovingly to mint cosmetic condition.


• Intel Pentium 120 MHz CPU
• Intel 430MX chipset
• Trident Cyber9320 video controller with 1 MB VRAM
• 12.1″ Active Matrix TFT display with 800×600 resolution and 16-bit colour (SVGA) – does support external monitors
• 24 MB RAM (8 MB built-in + 2x 8 MB modules) – expandable to max 104 MB, I believe
• 2.1 GB IDE HDD
• ES1688 Audio controller
• IrDA 1.0
• UltraBay Thick
• 1.44 MB 3.5” FDD UltraBay module (swappable)
• CD-ROM UltraBay module (swappable)
• Serial, parallel, PS/2, external floppy, docking station and analog VGA ports
• 2x Type II PCMCIA CardBus slots or 1x type III
• Lithium Ion battery (swappable)
• IBM power supply with UK plug

Latest firmware installed. Perfect support for DOS including sound in games, also supports Windows 9x, NT, Windows 2000 and other vintage operating systems such as OPENSTEP for Mach 4.2.

Machine is working well. Both the CMOS battery and the main Li-Ion battery hold a charge, but due to the age of the machine, may need replacing after a while. This has the famous lift up keyboard design where the back of the keyboard automatically lifts up a little as you open the lid, to provide a more ergonomic angle for typing.

This is a 23 year-old computer, so it’s generally in startlingly good condition, however note the following minor issues:

– The front IrDA transceiver seems to be faulty, although the rear one works. This can be replaced by the user if needed, but I never use infrared file sharing
– One corner of the top lid was damaged and has been masked by black electrical tape. The LCD itself is not damaged, it’s just a cosmetic defect.
– There was a hairline crack on the front bezel around the left UltraBay slot. I‘ve repaired this with superglue and paint, so that it’s strong and looks seamless
– I’ve cleaned the machine and tested everything I could, but I have no devices with which to test serial and parallel ports. PCMCIA slots do work if you want to add a network or SCSI card

The 760 family were top of the range laptops back in their day and some fully-specced out models retailed for over $8K. Inspired by the Japanese bento box design, they were built like tanks and with ease of maintenance and expandability in mind. The fact that this specimen looks and works great even today is testament to IBM’s engineering prowess. The UltraBay cable- and tool-free swappable design for peripherals is a stroke of brilliance.

NASA had approved the 760 family for use in space shuttle missions and they’re also used on the international space station MIR. This is your chance to own a significant milestone in the development of portable computers and/or pretend you’re and astronaut. It’s also perfect for playing classic old DOS games such as Doom, Doom II, Quake, Secret of Monkey Island and other classic LucasArts adventure titles, even early Win9x software.

Shipping will be £25 including insurance.

DISCLAIMER: Goes without saying this venerable machine cannot run any modern OS and does not feature WiFi or hardware 3D acceleration. It’s intended for collectors and vintage PC enthusiasts.


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Microsoft Defender ATP taps into cloud for added protection

It’s a full-time job to defend a Windows shop from security breaches.

In fact, many organizations simply use an “assume breach” mentality regarding their current defense posture, meaning they constantly monitor and check for vulnerabilities in their environment. There are many products designed to defend the host against malicious attackers. Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is the tech giant’s expansive threat protection platform.

Microsoft Defender ATP monitors endpoints for in-memory and kernel-based attacks. It also checks for potential system issues, such as vulnerable drivers. These features complement the more commonplace vulnerability scanning and malware detection techniques to find network exploitations, keylogging attempts and malicious scripts. Microsoft Defender ATP is the embedded interface that connects to the cloud-based Microsoft Defender Security Center.

The Microsoft Defender Security Center portal gives administrators the proverbial single pane of glass for management and control across the organization for many Windows Security features, including Windows Firewall, antivirus and performance monitors. Alerts reported by Microsoft Defender ATP can be dealt with manually or automatically based on certain criteria. To dig deeper into specific incidents, an analyst can access a timeline of real and historical data from a client or from a wide range of systems.

Microsoft continues to invest heavily in this endpoint security protection product to expand beyond the Windows OS. In fact, Microsoft Defender ATP used to be called Windows Defender ATP but underwent a name change now that it supports non-Microsoft OSes, such as Linux and macOS.

Dig deeper with Microsoft Defender ATP

A key feature of Microsoft Defender ATP is its post-breach forensics functionality to determine the proper remediation on endpoints.

Microsoft Defender ATP taps into the advanced analytic capabilities that come courtesy of the machine learning technology in the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph, an overall security fabric that collects data from endpoints worldwide that is analyzed to determine the viability of an emerging threat.

Security teams are able to drill down and get a high level of detail to understand the full scope of a breach from attacks on endpoints. They can use behavioral analytics to watch the attack progress through your environment, as well as provide guidance on response. Below is an example of a timeline of an attack on a particular machine generated by Microsoft Defender ATP.

Microsoft Defender ATP alerts
Security teams can get granular details on the suspicious activity for a particular machine after Microsoft Defender ATP detects unusual activity.

How to use Microsoft Defender ATP automation levels

For some enterprises, Microsoft Defender ATP might manage several hundred or thousands of machines resulting in a plethora of alerts. To deal with this level of activity, the ATP service has an automated investigations feature, which uses inspection algorithms and playbooks to examine and remediate incidents. Each incident appears in an automated investigations list with details such as the current status and detection source.

Microsoft Defender ATP comes with automation levels including Not Protected, Semi and Full. The default action is for semiautomatic remediation, which requires approval from the user before any action is taken when the ATP service detects malicious activity. A complete breakdown of each of the automation levels is included in the table below.

Automation level Description
Not protected
  • No automated investigations on any machine.
Semi — any remediation
  • This is the default automation level.
  • ATP requires approval for any remediation action.
Semi — non-temp folders remediation
  • ATP requires approval on files or executables outside of any temporary folders.
  • Files or executables in temporary folders, such as the user’s download folder or the user’s temp folder, will automatically be remediated if needed.
Semi — core folders remediation
  • ATP requires approval on files or executables in the operating system directories such as the Windows folder and the Program Files folder.
  • ATP remediates files or executables in all other folders if needed.
  • ATP performs all remediation actions automatically.

After determining the extent of the damage, additional steps can be taken to defend the network from further attack, such as blocking the malicious URL with the Windows Firewall and shoring up defenses by updating to the latest definition files, disabling macros and enabling backups of critical data.

Microsoft Defender ATP also integrates with the Office 365 platform to protect from threats that come via email.

Integration with Exploit Guard

Microsoft Defender also works with Windows Defender Exploit Guard, an optional add-on to ATP.  Exploit Guard provides more tools to mitigate exploits at runtime by giving enterprises more control on how code runs on their machines. It is similar to the technology it replaced, Microsoft EMET, by using intrusion prevention to stop attacks.

Exploit Guard joins with other technologies in the Microsoft ecosystem, such as Windows Defender SmartScreen. It dynamically blocks malicious websites based on the filters in SmartScreen, providing an extra layer of defense that is particularly useful for organizations that rely on a remote workforce.

Microsoft Defender ATP in action

One example of Microsoft Defender ATP’s capabilities and versatility is its security integration and event management (SIEM) integration for use with detecting certain attacks, such as the WannaCry ransomware, which encrypted files on vulnerable Windows machines.

Sigma is an open source project that creates a generic signature format for SIEM systems. Microsoft Defender ATP supports this multi-tool search engine language. Users who subscribe to Microsoft Defender ATP can test how to import Sigma files by downloading the WannaCry.yml file from the project’s GitHub site at this link.

Next, convert the yml file to a Sigma rule using the Python-based Sigmac tool at its GitHub site.

python sigmac — target mdatp .win_mal_wannacry.yml

The Microsoft Defender interface provides a way to copy and paste these converted files and save them as a query with a descriptive name, such as WannaCry.

Microsoft Defender ATP query
The advanced hunting section in Microsoft Defender ATP provides a way to perform an in-depth search using queries for specific attacks, such as WannaCry.

Microsoft Defender-saved queries can be converted into detection rules. These rules will run automatically every 24 hours.

If Microsoft Defender ATP detects WannaCry in the environment, it can determine if the threat has affected other machines on the network using the Microsoft Defender ATP Search. The search function works with a file hash, filename, malicious URL or IP addresses.

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For Sale – MSI Radeon RX 5700 Gaming X 8GB GDDR6 PCI-Express Graphics Card

Purchased from OcUK on 13/05/20 and comes complete with retail box and manuals all in new condition.

Not had any no coil whine issues and dead silent on load… quite possibly one of the best premium RX 5700 on the market, cooler is overkill!

Any questions regarding this sale please don’t hesitate to ask.

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For Sale – EVGA GTX 1080 SC

Hi all, on behalf of a friend, I am selling some components from his old PC after an upgrade. These parts have all been tested by myself and it has all checked out well with no issues found. These are all parts from a Chillblast pre built (sorry lol) as he doesn’t feel comfortable building his own, so the Motherboard splash screen is a Chillblast splash screen, I could probably change this, but I have no real reason to do so as it works fine as is and I don’t want to mess anything up. The comonents and prices are as follows;

Intel Core i7 6700k CPU – £SOLD (I will do my best to clear the thermal paste from around the edges of the CPU, Chillblast were pretty generous)
Gigabyte Z170XP-SLI Motherboard with IO Shield – £SOLD
2 x 8GB Goldkey 2133Mhz DDR4 Ram – £SOLD
EVGA GTX 1080 SC (There is a small, lets say dint on the GPU back plate, was there when removed from the PC so my assumption is there was a minor mishap during the build, doesn’t effect use in any way) – £300 (warranty for 106 days checked on 05/06/2020)
Integral M Series 256GB NVMe SSD (M.2 2280) Brand New – £SOLD
Corsair CX750 80+ Bronze PSU (Non Modular) – £SOLD
Noctua NH-D15 Air Cooler (Intel attachments only due to being a pre built) – £SOLD

All prices are negotiable and include the cost of shipping (I’m dreading the PSU and that behemoth of a cooler ). Please do note, that I have none of the original boxes, but each item will arrive in some form of box with adequate packaging (this will likely be old component boxes of mine, so nothing will be packaged badly).

I would like to see this go as a bundle and will be shipped via DPD insured delivery and packaged as boxes within a box for the maximum protection fo the components I can get should it go all together.

This would make an ideal PC for those looking to get in to PC gaming at just about any resolution (pretty sure the 1080 can handle 4k with some reduced settings on a good majority of games).

I do have a boxed 1080p AOC IPS 21.5 inch monitor (I2267FWH) I can include in the sale, brilliant condition other than a small white dot on the screen, the screen still works great, it just has a white dot at the top of the display, some people wont mind it, otherwise will be driven crazy by it. Pictures will be uploaded of this later when I get it out. I was after £40 on this due to the screen issue, but I’m again, open to offers.

Sorry for the lengthy post, and if you have any questions please do ask.

Payment would have to be via Bank Transfer please.

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For Sale – Corsair HS60 Surround headset, Carbon/white, boxed as new

Bought these late August 2019 from Amazon but don’t find them that comfortable as I wear glasses. Balance of 2 year warranty – happy to help out in any future claim, although I’ve no idea how practical that would be.

Corsair HS60 Stereo gaming headset with 7.1 surround sound USB dongle
Perfect, as new working condition – under 10 hours use
Boxed with all accessories inc detachable mic (unused), USB dongle and manual/warranty booklets
Compatible with PC, Mac, PS4, XBOX, Switch and mobile devices
Precision-tuned 50mm audio drivers
Plush memory foam ear pads
CUE software compatible
Have been fully cleaned with anti bacterial wipes etc

Ideally you will collect but can post at additional cost

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For Sale – Monster PC build (AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, 32GB RAM, Radeon 5700XT OC & 500GB SSD), less than 2 months old!

Hey, folks!

I’ve got a monster PC build for sale, purchased from Novatech on 15th April, 2020.

This is the most powerful computer that I’ve ever used, but a change in my job role means that I’ve got to pick up a laptop. Sadly, I can’t afford to keep both! This would cost you £1,500-£1,600 to build new.

Full specification:

  • AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU
  • 32GB Corsair LPX RAM (3200mhz)
  • 500GB Samsung 970 Evo Plus SSD
  • MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT Mech OC graphics card
  • Corsair RM850X 850w PSU (also comes with all extra PSU cables)
  • ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus (WiFi) motherboard
  • NZXT H510i case

All in perfect working order, assembled with care by someone with many years of experience.

Looking for £975, ideally collected from my home in London (SW4, Clapham Common). I can also deliver locally if required.

Will come supplied with sales invoice from Novatech for warranty purposes.

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Change in ourselves helps drive change in the world   – The Official Microsoft Blog

An email from CEO Satya Nadella to Microsoft employees: 

Seeing injustice in the world calls us all to take action, as individuals and as a company. Sometimes this action is personal – what do I do to change? Sometimes it is organizational – what changes do I need to make around me? And sometimes it is reflected into the world – what can we do as a company to accelerate the change we desire? As we see the everyday racism, bias and violence experienced by the Black and African American community, the tragic and horrific murders of so many, the violence in cities across the US, it is time for us to act in all arenas. As I shared in our Employee Town Hall last week, each of us – starting with me and the senior leaders at the company – has a role to play. We cannot episodically wake up when a new tragedy occurs. A systemic problem requires a holistic response.  

I am heartbroken by the deep pain our communities are feeling. The results of systemic racism, which have impacted opportunities and exacerbated injustices for Black and African American communities, urge me to consider my own role as a leader. I must continue my journey of understanding and empathy and examine actions I take, or don’t take, every day. Listening and learning from my Black and African American colleagues is helping me develop a better understanding of their experience. And I take accountability for my own continued learning on the realities of privilege, inequity and race and modeling the behavior I want to see in the world.  

As a company, we need to look inside, examine our organization, and do better. For us to have the permission to ask the world to change, we must change first. We have to embrace the same speed and mindset that we do in anticipating and building for future technological shifts. Each day, we work to bridge the gap between the culture we espouse and our daily lived experience, but we must do more and do it faster. In order to be successful as a business in empowering everyone on the planet, we need to reflect the world we serve. This is our commitment; we have goals and programs to improve representation in all roles and at all levels. We’re investing in the talent pipeline broadly, as we’ve expanded our connections with Historically Black Colleges and Universities. We also have to create an environment where all voices are heard and valued, that’s why inclusion is a core priority for each one of us. I ask each of us to recommit to our shared D&I priority, participate in our inclusion learning programs, use the tools and resources we have shared on becoming an effective ally for others. We have the capabilities to make Microsoft more diverse and inclusive, but we must do the work.  

We also have a responsibility to use our platform and resources intentionally to address systemic inequities in our communities and in society broadly. This is the work we need to do to have lasting impact. For example, we’re using our technology and our voice toward a more equitable criminal justice system with our Criminal Justice Reform Initiative. We created our Supplier Diversity program 15 years ago, so our supplier companies better reflected the diversity of our customers. Today, it makes up nearly 10 percent of our supplier spend. That spend has an amplifying effect, growing the local economies in the communities where those businesses are located. We need to keep building on this work in every community we operate in.   

Finally, we must carry our company values out into the world in a way that reflects our strengths and expertise. To this end, we will deepen our engagement with six organizations that are advancing social justice, helping community organizers address racial inequality, and offering solidarity to the Black community: Black Lives Matter FoundationEqual Justice InitiativeInnocence ProjectThe Leadership ConferenceMinnesota Freedom Fund, and NAACP Legal Defense & Education Fund. This starts with a company donation of $250,000 to each of these organizations ($1.5 million in total), followed by a company match of our employees’ contributions to eligible organizations. Together, through your giving and the company match, we have donated more than $15 million to civil rights, social action, and advocacy nonprofit organizations since 2015.

I have heard from many employees over the past several days, expressing calls for action, calls for reflection, calls for change. My response to all of you is this: Yes. We have to act. And our actions must reflect the values of our company and be directly informed by the needs of the Black and African American community. We must continue to nurture the energy and passion that the Blacks at Microsoft employee resource group fueled in all of us since its founding in 1989. We have been on a cultural transformation journey and must accelerate our pace of change. Each of us, starting with me, must look at where we are as individuals, confront our fixed mindset and act. Our humanity is what calls out to us to make the world a better place. 

We all have a role to play. I will do the work. The company will do the work. I am asking each of you to do the work. And together, we will help make the difference we want to see in the world. 


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Author: Microsoft News Center