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Wanted – PC Parts – Budget PC Build

My nephew wants his current rig upgrading that I built him a few years back, we have a rough specification in mind based on the below parts so wondering if we can save some money buying used compared to new.

Feel free to list compatible or similar models.

AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz 6-Core Processor

ASRock B450M PRO4 Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory

Samsung 860 Evo 500 GB 2.5″ Solid State Drive

Video Card
Zotac GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER 4 GB Twin Fan Video Card

Power Supply
EVGA B3 450 W 80+ Bronze Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply

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For Sale – Dell XPS 8500 – Base Unit & Keyboard

Hi All,

I have for sale my Dell XPS 8500. Until February this was my main PC and I used it for gaming, it ran PUBG etc quite easily. Since February I have bought another rig and sold the graphics card that was in this machine – so you would need a new graphics card if you wanted it for gaming. I was going to use it as a render rig, but have decided to sell it instead. It’s a great machine and the only reason I’m selling it is to upgrade to something more modern and part of the case has changed colour in the sun.

Specification is as follows – few upgrades to standard:

Dell XPS 8500
i7-3770 CPU @ 3.4GHz (not overclocked, never have)
12GB RAM (think it’s 2 x 4GB and 2 x 2GB but can check for anyone interested)
Upgraded PSU – CX500 Corsair
256GB SSD (ADATA) – 223GB usable – I have only used this drive for installing Windows 10 – it came out of the new PC.
Windows 7 serial key for Home Premium – currently it has installed a Windows 10 trial, I do not have discs for Windows 7.
Wifi Chipset

Base unit, power supply and keyboard only.

I’m looking for £200 for this, but open to offers – delivery is included in the price.

Can add more images if needed, any questions just ask.

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For Sale – Razer Raiju Ultimate Wireless/Wired PC and PS4 Gaming Controller

I have two brand new sealed Razer Raju Ultimate Controllers
£165 each

Razer Raiju Ultimate Wireless Rainbow LED PS4 Controller – Black

The Razer Raiju Ultimate is the wireless PS4 controller that allows advanced customisation via our own mobile app. Whether it’s remapping multi-function buttons or adjusting sensitivity options, you have full control from the palm of your hand. Take it further with interchangeable thumbsticks, and choose either a tilting or individual D-Pad button layout. Enable functions on the fly with a quick control panel, and activate Hair Trigger Mode for quick-firing action.
Comes with 3 connectivity modes: PS4, USB and PC without manual repairing for optimal efficiency. Also features wired mode.
With interchangeable thumb stick heights and shapes, and the choice between a tilting or individual D-Pad layout, customise the Razer Raiju Ultimate for optimal comfort and game play.
The Razer Raiju Ultimate is our first controller to feature both Bluetooth and wired connection. Enjoy total freedom gaming wirelessly whether at home or at your best mates’, and simply switch to wired game play during a tournament for that extra assurance. The choice is yours.
With its own mobile app, you can remap multi-function buttons and triggers, adjust sensitivity clutch levels or fine-tune the intensity of rumble motors to complete your in-game experience—anytime, anywhere.

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For Sale – Macbook Pro 2009 2.53Ghz, 8GB, 250SSD and 9400M £150

Have had this since new but it has had very little use the last number of years. It has been upgraded to 8gb ram and ssd so it is still a great little machine. Outside of body has a number fine scores, but considering its age i’d say well below average. Keyboard and track pad are in excellent condition. Screen is unmarked but I have noticed a few dead pixels on the screen (highlighted in pics)


Battery cycle is showing as 300 and state as Normal. The charger can be a bit picky sometimes, but has been working fine when i’ve powered it up the last number of weeks however so ive priced this to factor in a decent charger from amazon (around £20) should you end up needing one.
Currently on El Capitan (the max it can officially support) but it can run the latest OSX Catalina through a patched loader.

Was originally going to trade this in at cex but as it wasnt the original apple hd they wouldnt take it, so it has sat unused again for the past number of months

I may also put this on ebay today as it is £1 final value fees

£150 delivered or 140 collected

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For Sale – clearout of comp stuff, ext hdd, brix, cpus, psu’s, ram, hdd bundle, mobo/cpu bundle


having a clear out of some used tech. these items have all been used and work fine. mostly left from upgrades etc. assume no warranties unless stated otherwise.

1) Gigabyte Auros Z390 Ultra gaming motherboard and a i3 9100 chip along with a arctic cooler freezer 33 plus cooler bundle. no ram. fully working, mobo on latest bios. £330 inc

2) Griffin reserve power bank 10,000mah unused £20 inc

3) 2 x hd5450 1gb GPU low profile £15 inc each

4) Aerocool integrator 500watt bronze wired psu. used for literally a week before upgrade. £35 inc

5) following lots of laptop purchases for friends and family recently and upgrades to SSD, i have this lot for sale for £115

8 x seagate laptop thin ST500LM021 500gb
1 x Hitachi 500 gb 5K750-500
5 x samsung 500 gb ST500LM012
1 x HGST 500gb Z7K500-500
1 x seagate 320 GB momentus 5400.6
1 x seagate 160 GB momentus 7200.4

7) Xeon 5650 cpu. £20 inc

8) core i7 930 DO stepping cpu £20 inc

9) sumvision rio mini wireless keyboard usb £15 inc

10) gigabyte brix BXBT-2807, celeron N2807, 8 gb ddr3, 240 gb ssd, win 10. marks from use, boxed with psu. £175 inc.

11) ace 500 br switching power supply £20 inc

12) Western digital my cloud ultra EX2 unused, project never got off. brand new £150 inc

13) 2 x 4 gb ddr3 10600R server ram kit £25 inc

14) 1 x 8 gb 10600R server ram dimm £35 inc

15) arctic cooler freezer pro 7 rev 2 with intel fitting £20 inc

16) cooler master evo 212 cooler. have fittings somewhere for it. not sure what ones. £20 inc.

17) western digital my book 8TB ext drive. unused, purchased last yr to use on the TV but didn’t do it in the end. £140 inc.

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For Sale – Water cooler (CPU) and Phanteks Case

I have a Corsair water cooler for a socket 2011 (or similar) for sale.
Mathis screws directly into the board.
Its in great condition. £40

I also have a Phanteks case for sale too. These are VERY good quality full sized cases.
The side is part metal part Perspex.
£20 collected

Will get photos up later.

SOLD: I have the following for sale (or I ill do tomorrow when my upgrade arrives).
Note, the GPU is not included (but will be for sale when the 3080 is out).

So this is the…

Gigabyte Mobo
Intel processor
16gb ram

I have no idea what all the numbers mean, but just done screen shots of these now so you know they are fully working.

This has NEVER been overclocked (I have absolutely no idea where to start).

You will need a CPU cooler as I will be keeping my water cooler for my new CPU.

This has ran all recent games like, Assetto Corsa Competizione in VR, Warzone (CoD), Red Read Redemption, Dirt Rally 2, etc.

Not sure what to ask, but thought about £250?

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For Sale – Seagate Barracuda 2TB mechanical drive.

Tony, this drive has just arrived, however upon opening it I have immediately discovered it is damaged.

I have not attempted to attach this to my pc yet so I have not confirmed if it’s operational or not.

I cannot accept it in this condition, if this is not how it was sent you will need to make a claim against the courier.

I am going to have to return this to you.

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For Sale – Cheap computer – i5 3330 – gtx 960 – 8gb ddr3 £140

Hi, i have built myself a new tower so the following is for sale, it is for sale as a complete unit only and priced for a quick sale.

Computer consists of…

Black Atx tower case with acrylic window.
Intel i5 3330, Quad core, 3rd gen, with new intel heatsink.
8gb Crucial Ballistix sport 1600mhz ddr3 memory.
Msi gtx 960 2gb graphics card.
120gb Afox ssd.
Asus P8H61-M motherboard.
Usb 3.0 card with x2 rear usb3.0 and x1 on the front of the case.
600w power supply.
2x 120mm corsair led fans…

Cheap computer – i5 3330 – gtx 960 – 8gb ddr3 £140

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