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Wanted – Ultrawide or 4k Monitor

If any interest then I can start my own thread . But looking for £550 for ultrawide X34a and £450 for the 4K screen .

Proof of purchase for both .

P.s any potential buyers need to arrange the own collection for monitors . I have sold a few on here already with no problems when buyers arranged there own collections.

They are not being used and they are both in there boxes . If I have to say which one is the best I would have to say the 4K as it’s spotless , no bleed , no dead pixels and just perfect .

The ultra wide is the newer of the 2 and still has the protecting wrapper on the feet still .

But it does have slight ips glow in right and left top corners ( just like them all as I’ve had 4 ultra wides all the same glow) . Can only be seen when switching it on and having no input . Soon as desktop comes on can’t be seen or can be seen slightly black none input backgrounds .(priced reasonable due to this)

It was only the other day I thought about building a new rig now the 1180 is imminent.

But if I can get money for both then why not .

Wanted – 2x 8gb DDR3 1600

If anyone has 2 8gb sticks of DDR3 1600mhz they are looking to shift please let me know.
I’ve currently got 2x 4gb in my old Asus P8 Z77 motherboard and want to see what difference doubling it up will make, so don’t need anything fancy, nor do I care what it looks like !
Many thanks.

Location: St Austell England

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Wanted – Cheap decent desktop or All in One

If the above doesnt work for you I have two units that might and I am local to you too so can drop off. Let me know and I can dig up the proper specs, pics and prices.

1) Lenovo 20″ All in one, i5 4/8GB ram. 500GB HD, Windows 10 + Optical drive
2) HP Prodesk 400, optical drive, i5, 4/8GB, 320GB HD Windows 8 + Optical drive.

As I said let me know if you would like further details.