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For Sale – Big Clearout, Bundle, Ram, SSD, Video Card.

Logitech G502 Hero £40 Inc

As above, boxed and never used.


3 of these that I had in raid 5, but have since upgraded, they seem to be around £50 each new, so would like to sell bundled all together for £105 Inc.
WD PC SN520 NVME SSD’s X 2(1 Sold so 1 left)

These are pulls from 2 system I purchased, so very little use.

Looking for £36 Each including shipping.


Team Group Inc

8GB DDR4 – 2133

Looking for £32 inc please.

Asus XGC100C (10GB Nic)

£60 Inc Please

Nice intro to 10GB Networking


Gigabyte Brix BXBT-2807 + 4GB Ram + 120GB SSD.

Ads above, no longer needed, comes with ram upgrade and SSD, Looking for £110 Inc please

Any questions please ask, will add more as I find it.




EVGA GTX 780 Classified —- Sold

Upgraded so no longer needed, looking for £65 inc please
Asus Prime Z270-A + I3 7100 —Sold

Looking for £120 Inc Please

Includes cooler for chip, the board is literally board only, don’t have the rear io plate.

Patriot DDR4 4GB *2 2400Mhz (8GB Set) —-Sold

Looking for £34 inc please.
Samsung EVO 850 250GB Sata ———-Sold

Used to be in one of my rigs, now not needed, looking for £32 inc please.


Adata SU800 128GB Sata – sold

Lightly used looking for £22 inc please.

Any questions please ask.

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