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The Napkin Disrupted: Meet Ink to Code, a Microsoft Garage Project – Microsoft Garage

Urban legend has it that some of the greatest ideas in history started with a napkin. The Gettysburg Address, the poem that gave way to the U.S. National Anthem, and the premise of the Harry Potter series—each were reportedly born into the world through the medium of sketches on scrap paper—and when app creators put pen to paper for their ideas, this is often a canvas of choice. While rapid prototyping with the napkin and the whiteboard holds its charms, less charming is the prospect of translating quick sketches into working code.

Last summer, a group of Garage interns tackled this problem by creating a prototype of their own: meet Ink to Code, a Microsoft Garage project, now available in the United States and Canada. Ink to Code is a Windows app that enables developers to draw wire frame sketches and export them into Visual Studio, expediting the process of prototyping Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and Android user interfaces.

The Garage Internship takes a unique, entrepreneurial spin on the traditional big tech model; rather than embedding with a full-time organization, students work in groups of 5-6 as a distinct team, building their own, standalone project. Microsoft product groups vie for intern teams to work on proposed projects by pitching opportunities to interns at the start of the internship. This summer at the Microsoft New England Research and Development facility (fondly known as NERD) located in Cambridge, MA, 6 interns found their passion in the pitch for Ink to Code and signed up to work with the Xamarin team sponsoring the idea. 5 more interns studying at MIT joined the Garage team to continue working on the project.

Building a Better Napkin

Ink to Code Guide Feature Screenshot
Ink to Code captures sketches of basic visual elements and translates them into the beginnings of an app in Visual Studio

The sponsoring team and interns were both motivated by a desire to modernize the brainstorming and prototyping process from using napkin and white board sketches, to an experience that is more automated and cohesive with the Visual Studio suite. “We’ve all been in that situation as developers,” notes Alex Corrado, a Senior Software Engineer on the Xamarin Designer team, and one of the originators of the project. “Getting your ideas for a new app or feature onto paper is one of the fastest, most natural parts of the brainstorming. But then, you ultimately need to turn that sketch into code and sooner than you know it, 10, 20, 30 iterations of a sketch really add up.” The team turned to the Smart Ink built into UWP to preserve the natural desire to sketch, while bridging the gap between analog and digital with a companion app for Visual Studio. In the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Smart Ink improves ink recognition with AI. The Ink to Code team leveraged this machine learning technology to save months on development time.

Ink to Code translates common design symbols into the beginnings of an app in Visual Studio. The first version supports basic app visual elements including labels, text fields, text paragraphs, images, and buttons. While Ink to Code can’t bring a full app vision to life, it significantly cuts down on creating the basic foundation of the app with the power of automation. Perhaps even more valuable is the way it enables developers and designers to collaborate differently. Ink to Code can be used as a more productive canvas in brainstorm meetings, or even more significantly, as a tool that can bridge the gap between collaborators with different levels of design or technical knowledge.

A Prototype for Prototypes

A core part of the Garage intern experience is conducting customer development and research, and the Ink to Code team worked with internal developers and designers to get feedback on their prototype. Today, the sponsoring Xamarin team releases the app to drastically expand the pool of feedback. Alex also shares, “Our goal is to hear from a wide variety of app creators, so we know what people like most and what we should add.”

“Developers are crazy diverse, and no experience could serve them 100% on day 1, but their feedback can help us get closer, faster,” adds George Matthews a Senior Program Manager in the Garage as well as a key originator of Ink to Code. The gut reaction of any app creator is to make sure your project is polished and perfect before shipping it, especially when releasing to an audience of your developer peers. The Ink to Code team is embracing the mindset of getting feedback early, and developing with the customer and for the customers.  George continues, “The feedback from our first customers will really help us stack rank our backlog.”

To check out Ink to Code and feed into the future direction of the project, download it at the Microsoft Store and share your thoughts via in-app feedback or UserVoice. Ink to Code is best with Visual Studio 2017.

Tyler Oakley uses the new Skype to catch up with his squad | Skype Blogs

Tyler Oakley is a social media megastar, vlogging legend, and member of an extremely enviable squad. It’s not always easy for him to keep tabs on everyone with his travel, tours, and other commitments, so we wanted to know how he catches up with his crew.

Tyler Oakley catches up with a friend using the new Skype.

Tyler’s been a friend of Skype for years now and we all feel like we know him personally. The big laugh, zany antics, and lovable quality make us feel like we’re part of his friend circle ourselves. So obviously we were excited to partner with him again to see how a post-trip debrief with his clique went down. (But first, sending out a Skype Highlight to let his fans know he’s back homewhat a thoughtful celeb!)

He caught up with Nathan Zed (honestly, it’s not every day you’re wearing the t-shirt of the friend you’re talking with over Skype) and the musical duo Superfruit to plan the night ahead, since everyone is back in town. Korey Kuhl and Tyler plan their next vid (with some in-call reactions along the way), and a call with Mom and Dad ended in a quick chat with the Skyscanner bot to plan a trip for them to visit L.A.

[embedded content]

We don’t want to give it all away (watch the video to see!) but needless to say it was an epic catch-up sesh, and the new Skype features made it that much better. We rebuilt our platform from the ground up so that interactive and personalized conversations just like these can take place easily and more often, keeping all of you in touch with the people you love most.

You can do everything from sharing photos, messages, emoticons, and in real-time, to using bots to plan trips, buy tickers, or find recipes, as well as adding Skype Highlights to keep your friends up to date with anything and everything that’s going on in your world.

[embedded content]

Check out the full list of all the new features and download the latest version of Skype so you can start catching up with your squad, Tyler-style.