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Satya Nadella at Ignite: “We collectively have the opportunity to lead in this transformation” – News Center

These ingredients transcend product category definitions and business models.

Together, we are building a modern workplace, which starts with empowering everyone in an organization to be more creative and collaborative, and ultimately apply technology to help shape the culture of work. And importantly, secure your organization’s digital estate. It’s this cultural shift that’s top of mind for every leader and every organization, and that’s what we want to enable with Microsoft 365.

We aim to unlock the creativity in all of us, so that you can bring out the best in everyone in your organization.

Ford, for example, is not only breaking down organizational boundaries, but is simultaneously breaking down geographical boundaries as well by using the power of mixed reality to brainstorm, design and develop new vehicles.

This represents a sea change at Ford. In the past, designing a new car involved building a clay model that weighed 5,000 pounds. This required moving it around in order for people to see it. But what if you could create a digital feedback loop where everyone is collaborating simultaneously? That’s the kind of innovation we’re unlocking with the modern workplace. And when you add mixed reality, the very nature of collaboration changes.

Microsoft is transforming the data and intelligence that powers the modern workplace, and the Microsoft graph is perhaps one of the most important data assets — core to thinking about how customers unlock value.

Today, we’re announcing the first phase of integration between the LinkedIn graph and the Microsoft graph. With this rich platform and rich data graph you can start building AI-first applications. You can bring the power of AI, the power of natural language, the power of deep learning to the enterprise and unlock it.

As we aim to empower people within an organization, Microsoft is taking it a step further, to ensure we’re also transforming the processes and functions surrounding them. Bing for Business combines data from the enterprise with public Web results to produce a seamless experience that’s intelligent, personal and contextual.