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For Sale – 3D Gaming PC

3D Gaming PC

i7-950 3.06 GHz CPU fan could do with replacing, I had to reapply new thermal paste to the CPU and I broke some of the pins when putting the fan back on, is held in place for now though.

Gigabyte X-58 USB motherboard

24GB Crucial Ballistix 6x4gb DDR3

Msi Nvidia 970 4gb Gaming Edition

2x1TB HDDs

Windows 10 home

Asus 3D 24” 1080p monitor with 3D Vision Glasses and receiver, monitor has a thunder bug under the screen from the summer, looks like dead pixels but it’s not, had a few of them under the screen crawling about one day, switched the monitor off but one passed away under there, was thinking maybe a blast of air might dislodge it?

Novatech case with a blue ray drive and DVD burner, I bought the PC from new about 7 years from Novatech, a few years ago I upgraded the GPU to the 970 and upgraded the RAM.

Was playing The Division on highest settings and also could handle the Division 2, not into it myself but I’m sure it would run Fortnight or the like, would run PUBG fine.

No keyboard or mouse as I am using them with my new PC.

Not sure if I have priced it right or not, if so please let me know.

Looking for £350 collected from Gloucester area.

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