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For Sale – 27” mid 2011 iMac i7 / 16gb For spares its repair

I was using it, then it stopped. I spoke to Apple Support and the booked me into Cambridge Store Genius. They ran a diagnostic and it passed all their tests and he suspected that it was a hard drive fail. It is classed as vintage and he says Apple would not repair it. I have already replaced with a new one so want this one gone. The guy in Apple removes the hard drive for me and that us not included. As for condition I can see no marks but he warned me that there may now be dust between glass and screen. Can take pictures if needed. It is boxed and comes with mouse only.

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For Sale – Dell XPS8900

Hi Andy, I spoke to him yesterday and he is interested.
His old PC is running Windows 7 and needs to be updated to 10 so now would be a good time to look at some more up to date hardware.

Just wanted to check, this is running Win 10 Home (not Pro)? I help him out with remote support via RDP, so Pro would be useful, but not a deal breaker

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Brad Smith takes his call for a Digital Geneva Convention to the United Nations – Microsoft on the Issues

On Thursday, Microsoft President Brad Smith spoke in Geneva, Switzerland, at an event hosted by the United Nations on the growing nature of nation-state cyberattacks and the urgent need for the world to work together to address this growing challenge.

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