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Agile Networks and Microsoft announce agreement to deliver broadband internet access to rural communities in Ohio – Stories

The agreement will leverage underutilized infrastructure in counties across the state, bringing high-speed internet access to 110,000 people in rural areas without broadband

CANTON, OH (AUGUST 8, 2018) – Today, Agile Networks, a leading provider of telecommunications solutions, and Microsoft Corp. announced a new agreement to bring broadband internet access to rural areas in Ohio, reaching 110,000 currently unserved people and greatly expanding access in underserved rural areas. The partnership is part of the Microsoft Airband Initiative, which is focused on closing the broadband gap by extending broadband access to 2 million unserved people in rural America by 2022.

This partnership leverages Agile’s robust network of telecommunications infrastructure throughout the state and cutting-edge technology, including TV white spaces, to provide more people living in rural Ohio with access to broadband internet over the next four years.

“People across the state, no matter where they choose to live, work and send their children to school, should have the same access to strong, reliable broadband service,” said Kyle Quillen, Agile Networks Founder and CEO. “This partnership will have an impact on more than 900,000 people across the state of Ohio, of whom 110,000 completely lack access to broadband. We’re excited to partner with Microsoft as part of this national initiative to ensure everyone has access to the information they need, when they need it.”

“In today’s digital economy, broadband access has become a necessity across industries including healthcare, agriculture, business and education,” said Shelley McKinley, Microsoft’s head of Technology and Corporate Responsibility. “Our partnership with Agile will help deliver broadband internet access to rural communities across Ohio so that they can take advantage of today’s and tomorrow’s opportunities and the latest cloud technologies.”

Across Ohio, there are critical functions in need of reliable, high-speed connectivity, including medical clinics and rural hospitals, schools, oil and gas wells, agriculture operations, and households. By equipping its towers with innovative TV white spaces equipment, Agile’s efforts, in partnership with Microsoft, will enhance public safety interoperability across the state of Ohio, while providing competitive, affordable broadband access options to rural consumers and businesses, as well as turnkey solution sets tailored to fixed and mobile wireless carriers. As a result, this project will serve as a catalyst for economic development and rural broadband deployment in Ohio.

The Microsoft Airband Initiative is focused on bringing broadband coverage to rural Americans through commercial partnerships and investment in digital skills training for people in the newly connected communities. Proceeds from Airband connectivity projects will be reinvested into the program to expand broadband to more rural areas.

About Agile Networks

Agile Networks is the premier provider of hybrid fiber wireless broadband data networks, supplying connectivity to empower individuals and transform organizations. Agile Networks’ hybrid network – The Agile Network – utilizes vertical infrastructure along with the latest in fiber-optic and wireless technologies to provide world-class data solutions. Engineered to the stringent specifications required to support public safety, The Agile Network boasts carrier grade performance and military-grade security. Agile’s Last-Mile Agility makes delivering solutions to rural areas just as feasible as major cities

About Microsoft

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

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Transformational leadership needed to pursue data-driven ethos

Brendan Aldrich, chief data officer at California State University, isn’t just a data governance or data quality leader. He also leads the university system’s business intelligence and data warehousing programs. And he’s a prime example of how the role of the chief data officer is changing.

According to Gartner’s most recent survey of high-ranking data professionals, 85% of respondents said they are defining the organization’s data and analytics strategy, tackling responsibilities such as data management and even data science.

Prior to being hired by CSU, Aldrich was the chief data officer at Ivy Tech, where he transformed how Indiana’s community college system accessed and interacted with data. There, he helped spearhead data-driven initiatives such as Project Early Success, which uses data to find students at risk of failing their courses early enough to intervene. Now as the chief data officer at the largest four-year education system in the country, he’s hoping to pursue a similar mission and develop data-driven initiatives that help students succeed.

A featured speaker at the Real Business Intelligence conference, Aldrich sat down with SearchCIO to talk about what transformational leadership is and how he’s found ways to bring about change.

Editor’s note: This interview was edited for brevity and clarity.

At the Real Business Intelligence conference, you’re talking about transformational leadership. Can you define what that phrase means and why we need that kind of leadership today?

Brendan Aldrich, CDO, California State UniversityBrendan Aldrich

Brendan Aldrich: Transformational leadership is about being a game changer — being that person who, rather than do your job, is going to redesign your job both for the benefit of your organization as well as, potentially, for your industry.

There are three things that I tend to say: We need to make data intuitive, relevant and interactive. As I’ve grown in my career, I’ve been in IT 20 some-odd years, I began to realize that for much of the last 30 to 35 years, across all industries, we’re using data the same way today that we did 35 years ago, which seems silly because in so many areas our technologies are advancing and evolving.

In my work, especially in the last six years in higher education, what I’ve been focused on is how do we change the rules of the game? How can we start to leverage advances in technologies to be able to advance our capabilities around information? How do we do things that are better than what we’ve done for 35 years — and do them less expensively and with less people to either build or support it?

A lot of that comes down to asking some initial questions: Why am I doing what I’m doing? Is there a better way to do this? How do we start to address some of these challenges with data that we’ve accepted for 30 years rather than solved?

There’s so much to unpack in that response, specifically this idea of transforming how companies use data. You’ve been a champion of making data available to the masses at Ivy Tech and now at CSU. Why is this so critical?

Aldrich: The three words I mentioned earlier — intuitive, relevant and interactive. If you can do those three things well, then you can open up data to thousands of employees across your organization for them to use intelligently and accurately to test an idea or prove out a theory, which could revolutionize the way your organization operates.

Your job description, which includes developing a big data strategy and building a data lake, is a pretty tall order. Where do you get started when taking on such an expansive role?

Aldrich: As a chief data officer, I often say that my job comes in two phases. Phase one is getting my arms around what exists and what we’re doing today. The tools I need to help the organization capitalize on data typically don’t exist when I first arrive. So the first phase of my job is figuring out what we have and what tools we need so that we can start to bring our data together to capitalize on it. That’s what I’m doing now.

What is such an interesting challenge here at CSU, because we have 23 independent campuses, is my approach has to not only ensure statewide consistency on a variety of metrics, but it also has to support and enhance local campus diversity — the ability for individual campuses to iterate on this data, to create new measures and dimensions that maybe aren’t in use at the chancellor’s office but are critical to a campus.

Once we do that, and that’s usually the first year of the role, then I switch to becoming much more consultative. I’ll be spending time with different teams — the registrars, the advisers, the faculty members — and asking what they need.

At Ivy Tech, that’s where some of the initiatives such as Project Early Success came from. With 77% accuracy, Project Early Success predicted which students were likely to fail which courses and why in the first two weeks of the term using behavior-based models.

Let’s dig into Project Early Success a little. How did it work and what did you learn?

Aldrich: Project Early Success utilized technology and data to find students who were just starting to struggle early enough that you could intervene with the right piece of advice and change that trajectory.

When we did Project Early Success at Ivy Tech, we captured a lot of information. The first term we did it, we had about 60,000 enrolled students, and we predicted 16,247 of them were likely to fail one or more classes.

During weeks three and four of the term, I helped to coordinate over 100 faculty, staff and administrators to make 20,053 phone calls to those students. We eventually reached 31.5% of them, and we captured information about those conversations so that we could study them later.

In 11 cases, we found the reason the student’s behavior changed was because their heat had been turned off. Now, when your heat is turned off, you don’t call your college. You might call your parents, you might call your friends, you might sell your television set, but you don’t call your school.

As it turned out, Ivy Tech had an emergency funds program to do things like help students get their heat turned back on so that they could focus on studying. And I think a lot of colleges in this country have a whole range of services for students that they don’t know about. Being able to use data is sometimes just a matter of helping to find students who need those programs and make that connection between the two.

I think for us here at CSU, as we get our data together and we start putting these platforms into place, that will be one of our first focuses: how we help ensure that our students are able to succeed.

What do you see as the biggest data challenge at CSU and how are you planning to tackle it?

Aldrich: This is not just CSU, it’s not even higher education, but I’d say the biggest problem facing companies today when it comes to data is addressing the cult of opinion. There are things that sound logical and reasonable, so we all believe them. When we started to do Project Early Success at Ivy Tech, one of the things we heard over and over again is that students don’t want us to call them, that we call them too much, that they hate hearing from us.

So what we did is when we called students, every caller filled out a form about the call. One of the things we asked callers to measure was did the student seem happy to hear from you. Overwhelmingly, responses to the calls were in the neutral to very positive range — almost 98% of the data captured.

In fact, that very first term we kept hearing over and over, ‘I can’t believe Ivy Tech called me. I mean, Ivy Tech is such a large organization, but yet they called me to see how my term started.’ That’s the kind of power that, when you’re utilizing data correctly, can make a difference.

State of Decay 2 Celebrates 3 Million Players with Today’s Release of the Independence Pack – Xbox Wire

In advance of the 4th of July holiday, we are celebrating that the State of Decay 2 community now exceeds three million players. This, along with the recent news that fans made State of Decay 2 the best-selling game of May, puts us in a festive mood. To celebrate, we are revealing our first post-launch content, the Independence Pack. This pack gives you the opportunity to take on the zombie horde with style, grace and most importantly, colorful gunpowder. Available today on both Xbox One and Windows 10, the pack unlocks an array of fiery new versions of vehicles, weapons and gear for your community. State of Decay 2 wants you to show off with explosive awesomeness to the three million player strong community. Heck, even the zeds are dressed for the occasion in this pack, and there are few things as satisfying as taking out a Revolutionary War-themed zombie during a supply run. It’s like history that you can blow up…with fireworks!

What do you get in this firework-filled content? Glad you asked, patriot. The Independence Pack features three zombie-ready vehicles, access to a supply drop containing three new patriotic melee weapons, two unique ranged weapons and piles of single-use fireworks that are perfect for causing general havoc (or making blood plague elimination a much more festive occasion):

  • Take the Pyrohawk, Burninator or Meatwagon out for a spin. With names like these, you know driving will be more entertaining.
  • Step up to your station at the BBQ with The Freedom Ringer, Grillmeister and BBQ Fork – new hand-held zed-slaying solutions.
  • Subtlety not your thing? Well we have the Pyro Launcher and Starshank Launcher so you can blast zombies with fiery explosives.
  • Just like loud noises with pretty colors? You’re in luck! The Block Rocker, Reign o’ Fire, Bouncing Boris and XL Firework Shell offer even more options to turn a mission into a celebration.

If that’s still not enough boom, you can also use the new Fireworks Crafting Station facility mod to craft additional fireworks or ammunition for your fancy new fireworks launchers. Also keep an eye out for a new wandering trader hosting a fire sale on these explosive new goodies. That’s right, a good ole traditional fireworks sale.

Grab the Independence Pack today for $4.99 USD (or for free if you purchased State of Decay 2: Ultimate Edition); Xbox Game Pass members also receive a 10 percent discount on the Independence Pack. If that isn’t enough to get you jazzed, the team also added to the existing game with a new update that focuses on non-firework content. In Update 2.0, get ready for 20 FREE new missions, nearly 10 new weapons, a “Rare Books” trader for new skills and plenty of improved gameplay in honor of the Independence Pack for ALL players. Did we mention it’s free? To read more on that, please visit StateofDecay.com for the full patch notes and other things that aren’t fireworks.

But wait, there’s more! After wiping out the blood plague and celebrating your legacy with this festive pack, get ready for completely separate shenanigans in the upcoming Daybreak Pack this September. That all-new content lets you take the fight to the zombies, featuring an exciting new mode where you play as a well-equipped Red Talon soldier. You’ll work to complete a challenging objective while protecting your fortified position against waves of zombies and freaks to earn new rewards and weapons. The Daybreak Pack is also included in State of Decay 2’s Ultimate Edition.

If you haven’t joined the community just yet, now’s a great time to get in on all the action! In addition to playing it with an Xbox Game Pass membership, you can purchase the Standard Edition for $29.99 and the Ultimate Edition for $49.99., which includes both the Independence Pack and Daybreak Pack. As an Xbox Play Anywhere game, one digital purchase gets you both the Xbox One and the Windows 10 version of the game

Video forState of Decay 2 Celebrates 3 Million Players with Today’s Release of the Independence Pack

Take a handful of fireworks, a new ride, some casual rocket launchers and ask yourself the one question that matters this 4th of July – How Will You Survive?

State of Decay 2 Exceeds 2 Million Players in Less Than Two Weeks – Xbox Wire

It has been incredible to see fans around the world supporting State of Decay 2 and we are excited to share that we have reached more than 2 million players in less than two weeks since our global launch on May 22.  On behalf of the team here and our incredibly talented partners at Undead Labs, we want to thank the millions of fans old and new who have helped build such a strong community of players united in the fight for survival.

With so many players enjoying the game, we’ve seen some interesting trends and data since our previous milestone of 1 million players. So far, survivors have eliminated close to 2 billion zombies! We’re also seeing lots of successful survivor stories. Last week, players tended to survive about three days on average, and as of note, we’ve seen players complete over 121,000 community stories and start brand new communities with a new map that includes extra bonuses to help kickstart their new survival challenge. This shows an incredible commitment to the game and we’re excited so many of you are enjoying the rich survival experience that State of Decay 2 offers.

The entire team has been working hard to bring all 2 million players lots of key fixes, gameplay tune-ups, and quality of life improvements with our latest game patch released last Friday. We are always listening to our fans to improve the game experience, and we will continue to bring updates and additional content as you explore all that State of Decay 2 has to offer. For further details on what’s changed see the full patch notes here.

The sequel to the original smash hit, State of Decay 2 puts players in small-town America, one year from the end of everything. The dead have risen and civilization has fallen. Not even the military could stop the zombies, and now it’s up to you to gather survivors and build a community in a post-apocalyptic world – a world where every decision matters, and where you define what it means to survive. The game builds upon the unique blend of open-world exploration, third-person action, and survival-fantasy role-playing pioneered in the original game. There is an overarching story told in the form of structured mainline and optional sidequests, but the world itself is shaped by your actions with dynamically generated content based on your choices and the ever-increasing zombie threat.

If you haven’t joined the community just yet, now’s a great time to get in on all the action! In addition to playing it with an Xbox Game Pass membership, you can purchase the Standard Edition for $29.99 and the Ultimate Edition for $49.99. As an Xbox Play Anywhere game, one digital purchase gets you both the Xbox One and the Windows 10 version of the game.

We look forward to welcoming even more players into the world of State of Decay 2 and continuing to support our growing community with further content updates and downloadable content in the future.

Again, on behalf of Microsoft Studios and Undead Labs, we’re excited and humbled to see more survival stories in State of Decay 2. How will you survive?

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