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Toolkits, Toolkits, Toolkits!

As a UWP developer, you have many options to help build your application quickly and reliably. In fact, there are so many options that you may feel like you can choose only one. Luckily, that’s not the case, and many toolkits complement each other in various ways.

Today, we’ll talk about two open source toolkits:

Both are open source, but each has different strengths. These two particular toolkits can bring tools and controls for a variety of application scenarios. Let’s start by introducing the toolkits and how they can help.

UWP Community Toolkit

The UWP Community Toolkit is the ultimate collaboration between Microsoft and the UWP developer community. With dozens of features such as helper functions, custom UI components, animations and app services, the UWP Community toolkit is a great time saver and can bring your application to the next level.

The toolkit has had 12 releases so far and is currently on v 1.4 (released on April 3, 2017). It has more than 80 contributors, with thousands of commits, and the community is constantly working on improvements. Conveniently, it’s broken up into several nuget packages so you can pick and choose exactly what you need.

Examples of this toolkit’s power can be found in the Services namespace, where you can easily interact with social media services with as little as two lines of code.

Here’s an example of getting a Twitter user’s timeline:

TwitterService.Instance.Initialize("consumer-key", "consumer-secret", "callback-uri");
ListView.ItemsSource = await TwitterService.Instance.GetUserTimeLineAsync("user-screenname", 50);

You can find a full demo application here in the source code or here in the Windows Store. Go here to see a full list of the available features (controls, helpers, etc.) and go here to find the documentation.

Telerik UI for UWP

Telerik UI for UWP, from Progress Software, is a recently open sourced toolkit that contains an amazing set of Line of Business (LOB) controls with which you can create native, business-focused, UWP applications. With controls such as DataGrid and RadListView, the Telerik UI provides the powerful sorting, grouping and editing experiences you might expect from a desktop application, as well as rich data visualization experiences with controls such as Charts, Gauges and BulletGraphs.

We recommend you check out the Customer Database Example application here on GitHub to see the DataGrid in action, as well as the SDK Examples app here. You can see a full list of available controls here and find the documentation here (if you’re looking for a little extra help, Progress Software also offers professional support in the premium package).

An example of this toolkit’s power is the RadDataGrid. With one line of code you get a bunch of out-of-the-box features like grouping, sorting and filtering.

You can install UI for UWP in your application using the nuget package or build from the source directly. If you would like to read more about why Progress Software open sourced Telerik UI for UWP, we recommend you check out this great article.


If you’re a developer who likes contributing to GitHub repos and giving back to the community, or if you have ideas to make things better for other developers, both toolkits accept pull requests and each has its own contribution guidelines (here for UWP community toolkit and here for Telerik UI for UWP).

Wrapping up

Both toolkits complement each other. You can use them side by side in your application to bring the user a delightful, yet powerful, experience in your UWP application. With dozens of UI controls, helpers, services and more, you can get your UWP app to market faster and with more confidence than ever. We look forward to seeing your UWP Community Toolkit and UI for UWP powered applications in the Windows Store!


ICYMI – Your weekly TL;DR

What a week!

In addition to the Windows Developer Day – Creators Update that took over our feeds on Wednesday, we also released a new Insider Preview, Docs.Microsoft.com, and the Project Rome Android SDK. That’s not even all! Take a look below to see a few of the many updates from this past week.

Catch up on Windows Developer Day

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15031 for PC

Here’s what’s new in this Build:

  • The new Compact Overlay window
  • Dynamic Lock
  • New Share icon
  • Windows Game Bar improved full-screen support
  • Fixes and updates

Open Source UWP Controls from Telerik

We are pleased to announce that one of Microsoft’s top partners, Telerik, (now a part of Progress) has released their UI for UWP suite of offerings as an Open Source project under Apache license through the .NET foundation. This makes 20+ high-quality controls, including premier Line of Business (LOB) controls like ChartsGrid and DataForm available immediately for free and open source for UWP development.

The New & Improved Microsoft Docs

Docs.Microsoft.com is the one place for Microsoft’s technical documentation.  As part of this release, we’ve also included the docs for the UWP APIsMicrosoft Edge, and Cortana.

The New Project Rome Android SDK

Project Rome is a platform for creating experiences that transcend a single device and driving up user engagement – empowering a developer to create human-centric scenarios that move with the user and blur the lines between their devices regardless of form factor or platform.

SQLite Databases in UWP Apps

Since the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Build 14393), SQLite has also shipped as part of the Windows SDK. This means that when you are building your Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app that runs across the different Windows device form factors, you can take advantage of the SDK version of SQLite for local data storage. This comes with some advantages…

Download Visual Studio to get started.

The Windows team would love to hear your feedback. Please keep the feedback coming using our Windows Developer UserVoice site. If you have a direct bug, please use the Windows Feedback tool built directly into Windows 10.

Enterprise/LOB controls for UWP from Telerik are now Open Source

The Microsoft community and ecosystem has long been a great support system for our enterprise and .NET developers. Partners such as Telerik, SyncFusion, DevExpress, Infragistics, ComponentOne, ActiPro and many more have been great partners over the years, augmenting Windows and .NET technologies with custom controls and services.

We are pleased to announce that one of Microsoft’s top partners, Telerik, (now a part of Progress) has released their UI for UWP suite of offerings as an Open Source project under Apache license through the .NET foundation. This makes 20+ high-quality controls, including premier Line of Business (LOB) controls like Charts, Grid and DataForm available immediately for free and open source for UWP development.

Other interesting controls that were released include:

  • Gauge
  • BulletGraph
  • Expander
  • NumericBox
  • RadialMenu
  • HexView
  • SideDrawer
  • HubTile, and several more.

You can now access and include these controls from Telerik, which are already Visual Studio 2017 RC compatible, in your UWP app by installing the Telerik UI for Universal Windows Platform nuget package.

You can install the package via two options:

  1. In Visual Studio, right-click on your UWP project. Select “Manage NuGet Packages.” Search for and install ”Telerik.UI.for.UniversalWindowsPlatform” package
  2. Use the Package Manager Console with command : Install-Package  Telerik.UI.for.UniversalWindowsPlatform

On Windows Dev Center, you can take a look at the UWP sample app, Customer order database, for pointers on how to access and incorporate these controls in your UWP project.  It has been updated to use Telerik’s advanced Grid control.