Hyper-V symbols for debugging

Having access to debugging symbols can be very handy, for example when you are

  • A partner building solutions leveraging Hyper-V,
  • Trying to debug a specific issue, or
  • Searching for bugs to participate in the Microsoft Hyper-V Bounty Program.

Starting with symbols for Windows Server 2016 with an installed April 2018 cumulative update, we are now providing access to most Hyper-V-related symbols through the public symbol servers. Here are some of the symbols that are available right now:

SYMCHK: vmbuspipe.dll [10.0.14393.2007 ] PASSED - PDB: vmbuspipe.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmbuspiper.dll [10.0.14393.2007 ] PASSED - PDB: vmbuspiper.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmbusvdev.dll [10.0.14393.2007 ] PASSED - PDB: vmbusvdev.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmchipset.dll [10.0.14393.2007 ] PASSED - PDB: VmChipset.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmcompute.dll [10.0.14393.2214 ] PASSED - PDB: vmcompute.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmcompute.exe [10.0.14393.2214 ] PASSED - PDB: vmcompute.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmconnect.exe [10.0.14393.0 ] PASSED - PDB: vmconnect.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmdebug.dll [10.0.14393.2097 ] PASSED - PDB: vmdebug.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmdynmem.dll [10.0.14393.2007 ] PASSED - PDB: vmdynmem.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmemulateddevices.dll [10.0.14393.2007 ] PASSED - PDB: VmEmulatedDevices.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: VmEmulatedNic.dll [10.0.14393.2007 ] PASSED - PDB: VmEmulatedNic.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: VmEmulatedStorage.dll [10.0.14393.2214 ] PASSED - PDB: VmEmulatedStorage.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmicrdv.dll [10.0.14393.2007 ] PASSED - PDB: vmicrdv.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmictimeprovider.dll [10.0.14393.2007 ] PASSED - PDB: vmictimeprovider.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmicvdev.dll [10.0.14393.2214 ] PASSED - PDB: vmicvdev.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmms.exe [10.0.14393.2214 ] PASSED - PDB: vmms.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmrdvcore.dll [10.0.14393.2214 ] PASSED - PDB: vmrdvcore.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmserial.dll [10.0.14393.2007 ] PASSED - PDB: vmserial.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmsif.dll [10.0.14393.2214 ] PASSED - PDB: vmsif.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmsifproxystub.dll [10.0.14393.82 ] PASSED - PDB: vmsifproxystub.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmsmb.dll [10.0.14393.2007 ] PASSED - PDB: vmsmb.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmsp.exe [10.0.14393.2214 ] PASSED - PDB: vmsp.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmsynthfcvdev.dll [10.0.14393.2007 ] PASSED - PDB: VmSynthFcVdev.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: VmSynthNic.dll [10.0.14393.2007 ] PASSED - PDB: VmSynthNic.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmsynthstor.dll [10.0.14393.2007 ] PASSED - PDB: VmSynthStor.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmtpm.dll [10.0.14393.2007 ] PASSED - PDB: vmtpm.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmuidevices.dll [10.0.14393.2007 ] PASSED - PDB: VmUiDevices.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmusrv.dll [10.0.14393.2007 ] PASSED - PDB: vmusrv.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmwp.exe [10.0.14393.2214 ] PASSED - PDB: vmwp.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vmwpctrl.dll [10.0.14393.2007 ] PASSED - PDB: vmwpctrl.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: hvhostsvc.dll [10.0.14393.2007 ] PASSED - PDB: hvhostsvc.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vpcivsp.sys [10.0.14393.2214 ] PASSED - PDB: vpcivsp.pdb DBG:
SYMCHK: vhdmp.sys [10.0.14393.2097 ] PASSED - PDB: vhdmp.pdb DBG:

There is a limited set of virtualization-related symbols that are currently not available: vmprox.pdb, vid.pdb, storvsp.pdb, vhdparser.pdb, passthroughparser.pdb, hvax64.pdb, hvix64.pdb, and hvloader.pdb.

If you have a scenario where you need access to any of these symbols, please let us know in the comments below or through the Feedback Hub app. Please include some detail on the specific scenario which you are looking at. With newer releases, we are evaluating whether we can make even more symbols available.

Alles Gute,

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